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January 27, 2014

The black male who murdered a white woman told police he was engaged in a race war and that he regretted not being able to kill more white people.

Phillip Grant stabbed Concetta “Connie” Russo-Carriero in a White Plains, New York parking garage. A lawyer for the victim's family recently filed a lawsuit against the city claiming the garage was not adequately secured.

The murder occurred in 2005.

A lawyer for the family of a woman who was stabbed to death in White Plains because she was white argued Thursday that the city failed to adequately secure a parking garage near the Galleria where the crime occurred.

The lawyer spoke during the opening of a civil trial in the case, pressed by the family of Concetta “Connie” Russo-Carriero of White Plains, who was stabbed by Phillip Grant on June 29, 2005, at the parking garage.

Grant, who is serving a sentence of 25 years to life in state prison, told police shortly after his arrest that he was waging a race war and only regretted not being able to kill more whites that day.

Russo-Carriero’s family sued a variety of entities after the murder, culminating in Thursday’s trial, which is expected to last through next week.
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In addition to the high cost of black-on-white violent crime in lives, injuries, and property damages, there is also a financial price to pay. The media frequently reports when non-whites file discrimination suits as a ploy to intimidate other organizations into complying with cultural Marxism. Such organizations must realize there is also a price to pay for failure to protect white people against violent racist crime.

If white people were to file legal action against municipalities every time a crime is committed against them while on the entity's property, there may be a renewed effort to provide a more secure environment to prevent such crimes.

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Below is a news report after the murder in 2005 ▼

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  1. White Plains is a popular dumping ground for NYC's undertow populations via Section 8 voucher. I suspect this population transfer will only accelerate if stop-and-frisk is no longer practiced.


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