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January 27, 2014

All relatives of Jang Song-Thaek have been put to death, children included as dictators Kim Jong-Un and Barack Obama continue their purges of dissenters.

That is the report from the South Korea's Yonhap News Agency. It is the latest development in the purge by North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un as he seeks to remove opposition to his grip on the nation and send a message to others who would oppose him in the future.

Jang's children, brothers and grandchildren have been condemned to death, media reports said.

Jang, 67, was accused of plotting to overthrow the communist regime and executed last month.

Family of Kim Jong-Un's executed uncle are 'dragged out of their homes and shot' as North Korean dictator's purge continues

• Children, brothers and grandchildren of Jang Song-Thaek said to be dead
• South Korean news agency reporting 'purge of entire family'
• Executions mean 'no traces of Kim Jong-Un's uncle will be left'

By LIZZIE PARRY / Daily Mail

The direct relatives of the executed uncle of Kim Jong-Un have been put to death upon the orders of the North Korean leader, it has been reported.

Jang Song-Thaek's children, brothers and grandchildren have been condemned to death, according to media reports in South Korea.
Jang, 67, was executed last month, after being accused of plotting to overthrow the communist regime.

Sources told the Yonhap News Agency it is unclear exactly when the family members were killed, but they are believed to have been put to death after Jang's execution on December 12.

'Some relatives were shot to death by pistol in front of other people if they resisted while being dragged out of their apartment homes,' a source told Yonhap.

Among those allegedly executed were Jang's sister Jang Kye-Sun, her husband and Ambassador to Cuba Jon Yong-Jin and Jang's nephew and Ambassador to Malaysia Jang Yong-Chol, as well as his two sons.

The children and grandchildren of Jang's two brothers are also said to have been killed.

One source told the news agency, which is publicly funded and has close links to the South Korean government: 'All relatives of Jang have been put to death, including even children.'
Another source said: 'The executions of Jang's relatives mean that no traces of him should be left.

'The purge of the Jang Song-thaek people is under way on an extensive scale from relatives and low-level officials.'
The family were recalled to the Pyongyang area of the country by Ministry of State troops in early December before being killed, sources said.

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