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January 24, 2014

Two black males involved in crimes.
The media overtly profiled the race of one
but wholly ignored the racial profile of the other.
What criteria does the media use when
deciding to apply racial profiling?
Does it matter that he was black?

I get that question occasionally from readers.

My response: Does it matter that he was a male?

Why is race taboo?

The media has no qualms when profiling criminals by age, gender, height, hair color, clothing, and other physical distinctions.

Race, however, if off the table. Again, I ask: why?

Playing the race card is endemic to the cultural Marxism. The transfer of wealth requires that we ignore the reality that the economic disparity between blacks and whites is the disparate impact of genetics more than social construct.

There are times when the media profile race in crime stories. Consider, for example, the murder of James Byrd in 1998. The media made much ado of the fact that the accused killers were white and their victim was black.

In that event the media not only profiled the race of the attackers and their victim, they overemphasized it!

The same it true in the Trayvon Martin episode.

Note that the media overemphasize racial profiles in some stories -- those that fit the cultural Marxist narrative that blacks are the perennial victims of violent white racism -- and howl in contempt if race is even mentioned in other stories.

We see a pattern emerge. Racial profiling is acceptable when whites are accused of violent crime and blacks their victims. Racial profiling is taboo when the opposite is true.

We are left with the impression that violent racist crimes tend to be white-on-black.

My policy is to defeat the cultural Marxist agenda by mentioning race as frequently as gender. The media doesn't mind mentioning gender because it reinforces their narrative that the privileged males who dominate society are evil.

Granted, readers may get the impression that blacks commit more violent crime than whites. They may also get the impression that males commit more violent crime than females. Those impressions are correct. Why avoid them merely to accommodate the cultural Marxist agenda?

Statistics provided by the U.S. Department of Justice reveal that 52.2% of all homicides are committed by blacks. Nearly all are committed by males between the ages of 18 and 49. When we consider that about half of all violent crimes are committed by a demographic that comprises about three percent of our population, it is not out of line to make mention of that.

Note, also, that the media profile race in other circumstances.

The race of a missing child, for example, will be noted because it is useful for identification. The race of a suspect on the loose is also useful, but frequently ignored by the media as being insensitive.

The race of notable persons is frequently mentioned, providing they are non-white. How often have you heard the media mention the race of Barack Obama? How frequently did you hear the media mention the race of George W. Bush? The race of Obama is profiled frequently and always with a positive spin. The race of Bush was mentioned infrequently and always in derogatory terms.

Cultural Marxism touts the importance of equality. Obviously, they don't apply their own standards.

Our intent is not to be racist by mentioning ethnicity any more than being sexist by noting gender. The design is to be honest; a nose thumbing to the political correctness of mainstream Marxist media and cultural Marxism in particular.

-- Kenn

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