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Why are "feminists" in Sweden
afraid to speak out?

January 27, 2014

Liberal Democrats believe diversity is our strength as it applies to their voter base. That is, diversity strengthens the Democratic party's liberal agenda because all non-white ethnic groups support liberal Democratic candidate by wide margins.

The more diverse our culture becomes, the stronger the Democratic Party becomes.

That's not to merely suggest that liberal Democrats exploit non-white immigrant to their advantage, it is expressly accuse them of such. They are patently racists.

Liberal Democrats favor amnesty for illegal immigrants because the overwhelming majority of those who gain citizenship will support the Democratic party and its liberal agenda. Be assured that if illegal aliens overwhelmingly supported Republican candidate -- as is the case with asylum seekers from Cuba -- Democrats would be at the forefront of opposing amnesty. And that is where Republicans, including John Boehner, should be.

By Newsmax Wires

House Republicans led by Speaker John Boehner are preparing to unveil a major immigration initiative this week that many hope could trigger movement on an issue that has troubled the nation for decades.

The brief outline of immigration principles Boehner will unveil at a three-day Republican leadership retreat in Cambridge, Md., will include strengthening border security and creating new visas for foreign workers, and offer a path to legalization – though not necessarily citizenship – for the nation’s 11 million to 12 million undocumented immigrants, according to people briefed on the deliberations who spoke to The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Coming on the week of President Barack Obama's "State of the Union" address, which will be given Tuesday night, some Democrats are expressing hope that new momentum could yield results after months in which the issue languished in the House.

On Sunday, speaking on NBC's "Meet the Press," Sen. Rand Paul said there is some room for compromise on immigration with the Obama administration.

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  1. From where did this idiot boehner spring from? When he first became speaker I knew we were in trouble when he was constantly crying. For God sakes what a loser! This new plan he is presenting is just another nail in the republican party's coffin.


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