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January 29, 2014

High tech failures in East Asia point to a dependence
on Western innovation; something akin
to a sophisticated cargo cult.
Sometimes I think of China as a high-tech cargo cult.

Let me explain.

My casual observation is that East Asians are brilliant people who have a knack for adapting and reverse engineering Western inventions.

There seems to be a shortage, however, of brain power when it comes to innovation. Consider that the recent advancements in China are almost exclusively adaptations of Western inventions. Everything from electric lights to automobiles to health care technology are primarily adopted from the West.

Note also that China's government sends spies to the West to steal our technology secrets, not vice verse.

Cargo cults imitated Western technology by making
airplanes out of sticks and leaves.
The question follows: Is this due to innate inability? Or is it the after effect of years of totalitarian rule? Is it nature or nurture?

Cargo cults tried to make airplanes out of bamboo sticks and leaves. Some even made entire airports, complete with runways and air control towers, all composed of rudimentary materials found in the jungle. The Chinese seem to be doing something similar, but more sophisticated.

When Western culture is displaced through cultural and economic Marxism, the world will be ruled by default by the Chinese. When that happens, will they know how to turn the lights on?

If technological failure in China is due to societal impact, then they may eventually emerge, picking up where Western culture left off. However, if the failure is innate, then we can expect the post-Western world to something like the moon rover.

China’s moon rover may be beyond repair

BY ASHLEY YEAGER / ScienceNews.org

China’s lunar rover, Jade Rabbit, may have bit the lunar dust.

Chinese state media first reported a problem with the rover on January 25. Several other Chinese sources have since speculated that one of Jade Rabbit’s solar panels did not fold in properly to protect the rover’s electronics from a “night” on the moon.

A lunar night lasts a little more than two weeks, and temperatures can drop as low as -180 degrees Celsius. If the electronics are exposed to such cold temperatures, they will break, leaving the rover inoperable.

Scientists will be able to confirm the rover's status in roughly two weeks

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