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January 29, 2014

Mob of black thugs attack a white
middle-schooler in Philadelphia.
The media reserves racial profiling for the
very few encounters it can spin as
white-on-black violence.
Prediction: Within a few weeks some black moron will declare the term 'knockout game' to be the racist equivalent as saying the 'n' word.

Meanwhile, innocent white people are being beaten while the mainstream Marxist media reserves racial profiling for the very few physical encounters they can spin as white racism.

Only the parents and grandparents of victims of racist hate mobs seem to understand that objecting to black-on-white racist violence is not racism.

In most black-on-white attacks, the attack isn't video recorded and uploaded to the Internet. Most go unreported by the media.

Below is one exception...

2 arrested in possible knockout game attack in NE Phila.

by  Action News / Philadelphia

A Northeast Philadelphia middle school student was the victim of a random attack - video of which was later posted online.

Police now say two suspects have been arrested and investigators are looking for a third. They also say this definitely appears to be a part of the so-called knockout game.

The video is disturbing. After randomly punching the juvenile victim, two of the suspects proceed to further pummel him while a friend films and laughs.

Police say the attack happened Tuesday near Large Street and Cottman Avenue.
Initially there was no report of the incident, since the victim did not notify police after the attack. However, after the video was posted to Facebook, word of the incident spread, prompting calls to authorities.

Police say they quickly identified the suspects through social media and help from the school district.
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It is my goal to be fair and balanced. If you can find one news story of a mob of white racist thugs randomly attacking a black middle-schooler in the past ten years while recording themselves laughing at their victim's pain and suffering, please let me know so I can post the story on this web site.

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  1. Pointing out the fact that all of the victims are white,and the attackers are black means your an evil nazi who wants to kill six million jews.

    1. This seems to be the narrative that the media has been pushing for decades. I really wish white people would wake up already.

  2. And Bruce wins the prize for "ability to prophecy their BS". Congrats.

  3. This IS a racial crime and should be prosecuted as such. Show us stats on whites on blacks playing this type of game. More reason to legally pack your own form of justice.


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