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afraid to speak out?

January 26, 2014

Amber Long was killed January 19 by a black thug.
National cable news networks kept silent as the
Obama administration seeks to hush websites
such as the one you are now reading.
The final second of Amber Long's life is captured forever on video.

The 26-year-old was walking at 10:30 p.m. with her mom on a Philadelphia street when they were accosted by two black males in Trayvon-like hoodies. The black thugs snatched the purses of the white women. Amber resisted. When she did, the thief pulled a handgun from his hoodie and shot her once in the chest, ending the young woman's life.

There was no media outcry, no shaming the black community for their racist hate, and no snitches coming forward to identify the black males video recorded. The newer model black Chevrolet Impala was also captured on video.

The media was, however, careful to protect the ethnic integrity of the two thugs by profiling their clothing and gender, but not their race.

Blacks killing a young white woman
is not racist, but referring to the
killer as a 'thug' is racist?
Charles Barkley, the retired NBAer who notoriously denounced calling thugs 'thugs' as racist had nothing to say. Al Sharpton was silent as was Jesse Jackson. There was no announcement from Barack Obama that began with the phrase, "If I had a son...," relating to the black male who is seen shooting Amber Long. Eric Holder failed to withdraw his notion that disparate impact must be avoided by not punishing black thugs. There were no endless interviews with Amber's  mom broadcast on cable news channels as was the case with Trayvon Martin's mom. Nancy Grace, as far as we can tell, didn't shed a tear nor even mention the audacious black-on-white murder.

The summation is that black thugs continue to murder white people at an epidemic rate while the white community punishes itself with feeling of white guilt, continues to embrace this silly notion of white privilete, and allows their minds to be turned to mush by immersing themselves in white-guilt movies and TV productions.

2014 will be another year with white people being murdered by blacks even as they sear their own consciences with revisionist tales of slavery from generations past.

When will it end? Who will end it?

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  1. The word "thug" is derived from the ancient "Thuggee" cult of ancient India which worshiped the goddess Kali.
    But I would gladly call Barkley the "N" word to his face none the less....

  2. When they are caught, just put a bullet in their heads like you would a rabid animal because that's what they are.

  3. This senseless murder is very similar to Jennifer Ross murder. They claimed she was shot for "resisting" too. These women were murdered by "thugs" because that was their intent. To kill whitey. The "thug" who murdered Jennifer Ross only received a 40 year sentence and I seriously doubt he will server that long.


  4. negroes are out of control just admit it and get prepared.


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