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January 23, 2014

You did read To Kill A Mockingbird? Right?

In the real life version Robert Hayes, 36, is charged with murdering his white neighbor.

Petra Rohrbaugh, 52, moved to Old Bridge, New Jersey a few months earlier to be near her family. When Rohrbaugh's daughter stopped by drop off her children for grandma to babysit, she found her mom's body.

Hayes is charged with murder, felony murder, aggravated sexual assault, burglary, arson, desecration of human remains, hindering his own apprehension or prosecution and hindering the investigation into the death of Rohrbaugh.

The crime, committed in April, 2010, goes to trial this week (January, 2014).

In the Mockingbird narrative, it's all just a big misunderstanding.

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