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January 24, 2014

Maquel Morris was one of two black males arrested for the beating of a tiny, 91-year-old white woman in 2010.

He was arrested again this week for attacking the driver of a Greyhound bus causing it to crash.

According to reports Morris and his partner, Dillon Williams, knocked on the door of Nan Crum in January, 2010. When the little old white lady opened the door, Williams began a blitz attack, punching the woman and knocking her to the floor. Morris stepped over her and enter the home behind Williams.

"Nan remembers them hitting and kicking her.  They caused permanent damage to her facial nerves, breaking bones, and crippling her arm.  This horrendous attack consigned Nan to constant pain where they kicked and stomped her prone body," the report says

As they left, the two didn't "even bother to step over poor Nan, but stomped on her foot."

Why was Maquel Morris not in prison? Why was he free to attack a bus driver just days ago that caused a Greyhound bus to crash, injuring dozens of passengers?

The answer maybe in the cultural Marxist concept called disparate impact. The agenda of leftists to to assure that the prison population reflects the demography of the nation as a whole. Thirteen percent of American citizens are black; therefore, only thirteen percent of the prison population must be black. Consequently, persons like Maquel Morris are free to cause more harm.

Pasquealeen [Nan] Crum stands about 4'10".

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