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January 31, 2014

The Daily Mail headlined this video as 'shocking.'

I often wonder why people are shocked when they view videos like this.

When I was in high school 45 years ago it was not all that uncommon to see black girls pummeling each other. I would see one or more fights like this almost every week and sometimes several per day; and that doesn't count many others I didn't see.

People are shocked, I suppose, because the Internet is introducing them to a segment of American society with which they are unfamiliar. The giddy reaction of the other black students seen in the video who laughed and egged on the fight is also not unusual.

The only difference between this fight and those I witnessed in high school is the cell phone video.

Complicating matters is the recent letter sent to school districts from the Departments of Justice and Education effectively informing government school administrators that punishing black students more frequently or severely than white students constitutes a violation of federal civil rights laws.

Attorney General Eric Holder, we should note, attended the prestigious Stuyvesant High School for intellectually gifted students in New York City. The school was effectively an all white school. The hour-and-a-half commute from the Holder household to the school distanced him from the realities that plague inner-city black schools. In a word, the man is clueless to the daily challenges faced by educators like the teacher in the video.

Prey in the blackboard jungle: Shocking video shows teacher stuck in the middle of a violent classroom fight as the rest of her students do NOTHING to help
• Cell phone footage that was shared on Facebook shows two girls arguing in a Florida classroom as their teacher stands between them
• As other students egg them on, the two girls launch into a fight - pushing the teacher out of the way and dragging each other by their hair
• The teacher calls for help and other staff arrive 4 minutes into the fight
• Staff said they were shocked by the lack of respect for the teacher and the children involved now face punishment

A shocking video shows a teacher helplessly stuck in the middle of a classroom fight - with no one coming to her aid.
The footage, recorded by a teenage boy in the class at Gibbs High School in St Petersburg, Florida, shows two young girls exchanging a war of words with their classmates egging them on.
The female teacher initially stands between the girls, trying to get them to calm down, but then the students start lashing out at each other - and she can do nothing but stand back and watch.
Other students clear tables to make way for the fight, while they encourage the girls to scrap.
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No help for Gibbs teacher caught in classroom fight ►

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  1. Feral savages cannot be domesticated (even if they attend a White educational institution).

    NOTE: GibsMeDat High School LOL


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