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January 21, 2014

I've never republished a comment as a post, but I thought this one worth repeating:

I've been clinics and hospitals in the US where the office directory already resembles a seating chart at the UN. It's happening here now due to a liberal visa system, and it will only get worse once the most talented US born doctors no longer pursue medical careers because they aren't going to be properly compensated for their hard work and the expense of their many years of education. Single-payer systems and Obama care will level the quality of the medical care in the Western World until we reach parity with emerging nations.
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During my three-week stay at a hospital for brain surgery I was treated by a number of professionals of various ethnic backgrounds and nationalities. Nearly all were competent and I appreciate their service. (And I don't say that because I still owe some of them money.)

The only abusive professional I encountered was a Somalian immigrant male nurse who seemed to delight in inflicting pain on the old white guy. Fortunately, my complaint was heard and the head nurse dealt with the circumstance, not on terms of race or national origin, but as dealing with an incompetent idiot.

The Somalian nurse was a literal discredit to his race and nationality. That is, other blacks and Somalians could be dealt with suspicion -- or worse; and who could blame them?

Dr. Jerry Falwell once quipped that when one needs brain surgery he doesn't seek out the best Sunday School teacher. Rather, he wants the best brain surgeon. The same principle applies to every profession and if Somalian nurses feel the pain of being passed over for jobs, they have no one to blame but themselves.  

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