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January 29, 2014

Distraught parents must deal with the impact of
Eric Holder's doctrine of disparate impact.in which
schools are not allowed to punish black bullies.
The parents of a 7-year-old black girl seem confused. And who can blame them?

Each morning the little girl's mom drops her daughter off at Thomas Claggett Elementary School in District Heights, Maryland. She believes her child is in good hands; that professional government school agents -- the same who are pushing CORE curriculum on Americans -- will be responsible surrogate parents.

Then came the call. The little girl was beaten unconscious by four boys in physical education class. The beating resulted in a mild concussion. The parents were shocked. Apparently they didn't know -- as most parents don't know -- that each year about 90,000 government school students are injured severely enough to require emergency-room treatment.

Government schools function with the efficiency of any other government agencies. Empowered by over-reaching unions and with a few notable exceptions, teachers warehouse kids in an asylum atmosphere while enrolling their own children in private schools.

In this screen shot,  a parent complains
of bullying at the school. 
The little girl's dad said such brutality is not uncommon. He recalls his daughter once came home with a split lip. The two visible physical injuries are likely the tip of the iceberg. Chances are the couple's daughter is emotionally and physically humiliated every day at school, and the wardens who oversee the institution show little concern. What happens to their daughter happens to others. Many others.

"Smyers and Holland are concerned about what not only seems to be a lack of supervision, but the fact that school officials haven't disciplined the boys involved or informed other parents of what happened," the source report said.

Apparently the couple is also unaware that Eric Holder's Department of Justice in conjunction with the Department of Education sent a letter earlier this month to virtually every school district in the nation warning them of violating federal civil rights laws if they punish black students in such a manner that could result in 'disparate impact'. In other words, schools violate federal law if they punish black kids more frequently than white kids, even when the black students beat little girls unconscious while white students are well behaved.

How tragic it is that little girls must suffer extreme emotional and physical indignities before parents take action. Government school agents, we suspect, never will.

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Thomas Claggett, born October 2, 1743,was the first bishop of the
newly formed American 
Episcopal Church
to be consecrated on American soil
and the first bishop of the
Episcopal Diocese of Maryland.

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