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Republican candidate kicked off Twitter
after criticizing hate-group member, Ilhan Omar

December 28, 2013

Phil Robertson's battle against soft, non-government
 censorship is the latest in a string of battles against
political correctness. There are more come. 
Social media is abuzz with snide sarcasm as some are posting questions wondering why were are obsessed with Phil Robertson and his ouster from and reinstatement to a reality TV show.

"Don't we have more serious issues?" they ask.

Actually, no. We don't

• Free speech

What the sarcastic crowd fails to realize is that their right to make snide remarks on the Internet has been reinforced by the outcry of conservatives protesting in support of the spirit of the First Amendment being compromised.

There were also those who failed to realize that the issue was broader than a government ban on free speech. A&E, obviously, is not a government agency. Therefore the First Amendment prohibition against governmental interference with free speech was never an issue, they point out.

There is, however, a practical principle to consider: The spirit of the First Amendment.

• Soft censorship

Some have taken to calling it soft censorship. It occurs when unwritten laws of political correctness are enforced by liberals who command a dictatorship-like control on most of the media. When the cultural Marxist narrative is compromised, the judges make swift pronouncements. The is no arrest, no due process, no trial, and, of course, no jury. The offenders -- be it Don Imus chiding nappy-headed hoes, Richard Michaels exploding in frustration at black hecklers, Andrew Dice Clay making light of homosexual, or Phil Robertson respectfully expressing deep religious beliefs on the matter -- all have been condemned to severe punishment by those who wish to corral our thinking in their preferred direction.

Enough is enough. That is the message heard from a united voice of decent Americans who largely utilized the Internet to win the most recent battle against liberals and the soft censorship.

There will be more battles as the war against cultural Marxism is an ongoing battle.

We will be ready. Will you?

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