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December 27, 2013

A soldier's snapshot of Toby Keith while visiting
American troops in Iraq.
Country music superstar Toby Keith opened a new restaurant with an unfriendly welcome sign in gun-friendly Virginia: "No guns permitted."

Patrons saw no problem. That's not surprising, considering that gun owners are going elsewhere for dinner.

Then, again, who knows how many customers were carrying weapons that were concealed and out of sight?

No guns policy at new Toby Keith restaurant in Woodbridge

By John Henrehan / FOX 5 Reporter

WOODBRIDGE, Va. - A big country star opened a huge, new restaurant last week in Woodbridge, Va. But a house rule for the new establishment is roiling some Virginians: no guns are allowed inside.

Toby Keith is not only a hugely successful country star (and actor), he also has personally opened a couple of restaurants, and through other companies, has now expanded those establishments into about a dozen cities.

The latest Toby Keith restaurant opened in Woodbridge. Prominently displayed on the front door is a sign saying: “NO GUNS PERMITTED.”

Virginia happens to be a gun-friendly state, where it’s quite permissible for citizens to strap on a weapon and go into a bar or restaurant, as long as the weapon is clearly visible. State law is silent on the issue of drinking while openly carrying a gun. (State law does prohibit most citizens who are legally carrying a concealed weapon from consuming alcohol, but they, too, are allowed to go into a bar or restaurant.)

The owners have the right to say "no" to firearms, and that's the rule at Keith's Woodbridge restaurant.

Facebook has erupted over the issue, with one patron saying she's "disappointed" and believes the no guns policy announces to criminals that "anyone leaving your establishment is likely completely defenseless and easy pickin's for a robbery." That poster said she will not patronize the new Toby Keith restaurant.

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  1. As far as carrying guns goes, there are three kinds of places:

    1. Places where there are no rules against carrying guns.

    2. Those where there is a rule, but nothing much is done to prevent rulebreakers from entering with a gun.

    3. Those where there is a rule, and also a secure entrance with a metal detector and armed guards to actually enforce the rule, and prevent someone from entering who is carrying a gun.

    Place 2 is the most dangerous of the three.


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