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December 28, 2013

The memorial for black Civil War soldiers
depicts the servicemen bearing weapons.
To my knowledge there is no memorial respecting the thousands black soldiers who fought for Confederacy during the Civil War.

There is, however, a memorial in Washington, D.C. dedicated to black Americans who served the North. That memorial was damaged by gunfire overnight in a city where guns are "controlled" by restrictive laws.

The memorial for black Civil War soldiers depicts the servicemen bearing weapons. In reality, Frederick Douglass complained endlessly because black troops were denied the privilege to carry weapons even though their black Confederate counterparts were armed.

Frederick Douglas famously noted, “There are at the present moment many Colored men in the Confederate Army doing duty not only as cooks, servants and laborers, but real soldiers, having musket on their shoulders, and bullets in their pockets, ready to shoot down any loyal troops and do all that soldiers may do to destroy the Federal government and build up that of the… rebels.” [Source]
Douglas was frustrated that black Confederate soldiers were treated with more dignity than their black counterparts serving in the Union army. Specifically, Douglas seemed concerned that black Confederate soldiers were allowed to carry firearms as combatants while black Union soldiers were consigned to menial, non-combatant tasks.
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There was no protest over the shooting that defaced an important aspect of black American history. The reason, we suppose, it because it is assumed the shots were fired by black thugs. Had white persons defaced the memorial, there would have been substantial expression of outrage.

The memorial serves as a contrast between the reality of black crime in the nation's capital and the deference revisionists desire to bestow on the black community.

Here's is a link to markers commemorating black Confederate soldiers ►

Shooting Damages African American Civil War Memorial

Overnight gunfire damaged D.C.'s African American Civil War Memorial Friday.

Police say as many as seven shots were fired between two people just outside the entrance of the U Street Metro station around 5 a.m. While there were no known injuries, Councilman Jim Graham said one of the walls of the memorial, which is located nearby, was damaged.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting are not known at this time.

The memorial features a sculpture of uniformed solders and a sailor with a family carved into the backside of the statue. The sculpture is surrounded on three sides by a Wall of Honor, bearing the names of over 200,000 United States Colored Troops, according to the website for the African American Civil War Memorial and Museum.

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  1. Probably being reported as a federal hate crime when in actuality it was probably hit by a misfire/drive-by shooting by the usual folks.


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