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December 2, 2013

I challenge Oprah to provide proper documentation of even one random unprovoked white-on-black attack involving an elderly victim in the past 400 years.

I've identified seven accounts in the month of November relating to black-on-white violent crimes committed against elderly whites. About one such attack is documented every week. There are, no doubt, many others.

I know of no such white-on-black attacks, although I presume such exists.

Perhaps Oprah, with her extensive financial and human network reach can help identify them; or even one of them.

The attacks I documented that were reported in November range from a shoot out and robbery in which an elderly white woman plugged a hole in the gut of one of her black attackers before being shot dead to a random knock-out "game" in which a brood of "well-dressed" black teens rang a doorbell of an elderly white man then punched him in the face when he opened the door.

Oprah declared on BBC television that black people are targeted for the color of their skin and the problem will not be solved until old white people die. I would like to see documentation rather than absurd revisionist accounts.

Oprah said, "There's a whole generation ... older people who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism and they just have to die!"

Oprah seems to believe the cultural Marxist myth that blacks have historically been victims of violent white racism when, in reality, the opposite is true. That reality is made evident by the following accounts.

I challenge Oprah to provide proper documentation of even one random unprovoked white-on-black attack involving an elderly black person in the past 400 years; let alone in past four weeks.

Dorothy Hendrix, 76 - gunned down in robbery shoot out

Dorothy Hendrix, a 76-year-old bingo parlor employee, was accosted by a group of three blacks as she returned home from her place of employment. Her attackers were apparently aware that her employers entrusted her with carrying large sums of cash. She was the victim of an armed assault and managed to plug one of her attackers with two bullet holes in the gut during a shootout. Charged with murder are Steven Hagood, Tereba Geer, and Bradacious Galloway. The bingo parlor appears to have been an illegal operation. [source]

Unidentified woman, 78 - knock-out attack

State Assemblyman Dov Hikind wondered aloud, “This is just hitting someone, attacking someone, it could be my mother, your mother. It's just scary and crazy.” He was responding to the news that a 78-year-old woman was one of several Knock-Out "Game" victims in Brooklyn where Jews were among the frequent targets. The woman was attacked in November, 2013 [source]

Recent black-on-white crimes ► ]

Harry Hurvitz, 89 - slapped for amusement

A mob of well-dressed black teens showed up on the front porch of an elderly man in Lee County, Florida. One of the teens was holding a cell-phone camera as another teen punched him in the face. The black teens laughed and ran. Harry Hurvitz, 89, said he doesn't want to see the girl who hit him behind bars. He thinks she needs "help" instead. Fortunately Hurvitz's neighbors profiled the group of teens, noting they were out of place in their neighborhood. Their suspicion prompted neighbors to video record the group. Teens at the nearby high school weren't so concerned. "I'm not gonna say it's not right and it's not fun, because it is fun," a teen familiar with the 'game' told a news reporter. Arrested is Traveshia Blanks, charged with two counts of assaulting a person 65 years old or older. Blanks was video recorded kicking a 72-year-old white man as he was gardening (see photo). The attacks occurred in November, 2013. [source]

Tony Jeter, 65 - home invasion, stabbed to death; robber

65-year-old Tony Jeter was a beloved fixture among his black neighbors in Tyler, Texas. They appreciated the friendly and welcoming disposition of the mentally handicapped man. The last fifteen  years of his life were invested in volunteer service at the Salvation Army. One black male, John Alfred Grimes IV, 25, apparently didn't share his neighbor's love for Jeter. Police believe Grimes paid the special needs man a visit in November, 2013. He is accused of stabbing Jeter's three times in the throat and stealing his money and wallet. The victim's brother, who paid him daily visits, found him dead on the floor. [source]

Bessie Whyman, 84 - home invasion, robbed, raped, beaten, stabbed, murdered

Anthony Darnell Wade drank champagne and smoked a cigar as he left the crime scene. Now he's headed to death row to await execution. Wade broke into the home of an 84-year-old white widow, Elizabeth "Bessie" Mae Whyman. He beat, kicked, raped, and tortured her with a saw and kitchen knife, then stole the dead woman's purse and car. The murder took place in Anaheim, California and Wade was arrested in San Bernadino where grocery store employees held him when he attempted to use his victim's credit card. Wade's trial concluded in November, 2013 when he was given the death sentence for the heinous 2010 crime.

Evelyn Norell, 93 - murdered in bedroom, throat slit

A 67-year-old maintenance worker has been found guilty of murdering Eveyln Norell at the condominium complex where he was employed and his victim lived. The 93-year-old victim's throat was slashed so deeply that her spine was nearly severed, according to one report. There was also evidence that Elton Walters, the black male convicted of the murder, sexually assaulted the woman. She was killed in her bedroom. To my knowledge there is no instance in American history in which a trusted white maintenance worker slit the throat and raped a 93-year-old black woman. There is, however, a litany of white-guilt movies that perpetrate the myth of white racism. Such movies as 12 Years A Slave, The Butler, Lincoln, The Help, Precious, To Kill A Mockingbird, etc., should be considered enablers of violent black on white crime as they are complicit in inciting racist hate and violence as "social justice." Walters was convicted in November, 2013 for the crime committed in South Florida. [source]

Thomas M. Nedich, 63 - kidnapped from hotel room

Two young black adults were charged with kidnapping a white cancer patient from his hotel room. The victim, Thomas M. Nedich, 63, has brain cancer and is unable to walk. Marcus Pratt-Pegues, 24, is accused of throwing a chair through the window of the room where Nedich was staying. He and his accomplice, Eunique Cooper, 21, demanded money, reports say. Nedich refused. He was taken from his room, held overnight, then taken to his bank the following day. Pratt-Pegues and Cooper were arrested. Each were each charged with kidnapping and first-degree burglary and held on a $200,000 bond. [source]

Read more accounts of black-on-white racist attacks against the elderly ►

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  1. Oprah is obscenely rich because of old white people. Her popularity began in 1983 and the old white people she refers to were 30 years younger and made her a star. She conveniently forgets where all her money came from. Without old white viewers she would be an obscure old black lady without an audience to spout her racist garbage.

  2. Dear Ken,

    I would like to help you. I like you am outraged at the comments that Oprah made and she needs to be held accountable. Let me know how I can help, please.

  3. "Bessie Whyman, 84".... the article states.... "....Wade was arrested in San Bernadino where grocery store employees held him when he attempted to use his victim's credit card."
    Look at his face, I think the vigilant Anaheim residents and/or police must have "held" him pretty well!! Ha Ha!

  4. Maybe Oprah will become one of those "hundreds' of victims of White- on- Black crime.Yea Right .Though if she continues to spout this crap in Europe where people are beginning to wake up who knows maybe we will get lucky.

  5. Arrested development,dumb bitch still thinks she's being slighted because shes not God and sno-bros are to blame.