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November 30, 2013

Video cameras captured two women brawling in a Philadelphia shopping mall on Black Friday.

One of the contestants used a stun gun.

See video below jump.

Just when you thought Black Friday brawls couldn't get any more shocking! Watch woman use a 'STUN GUN' during fight in day of violence across America


• The rush for Black Friday bargains has resulted in outbreaks of violence as shoppers clash over reduced price goods

• Police in Virginia have reporting a stabbing incident after two men got into a fight in the car park over a space

• In Las Vegas, thief shot shopper in his leg and stole his television, while cops in Chicago shot a man as he scuffled with a police officer

• Shoppers cutting in line sparked a Black Friday Brawl at another Walmart

• Several clips have already appeared on YouTube of the carnage at various Walmart stores

• Some retailers opened their doors as early as 6am on Thanksgiving Day

A woman has apparently used a stun gun on a fellow shopper during a brutal punch up in the latest incident of Black Friday violence.

Video footage taken by a bystander shows the women exchanging blows inside the Franklin Mills Mall in Philadelphia at around 2.30am today - with not a single police officer in sight.

As they scrap on the floor, one of the women apparently uses a device that flashes blue and buzzes, apparently giving her nemesis a sharp shock.

Bewildered shoppers yell, 'No, stop!' before the woman's friend and other bystanders help pull her away from her attacker. It is not clear what caused the fight.

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