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November 29, 2013

Sharkeisha uses body language called
'fist dialogue' to communicate her
disagreement with another black person.
If blacks don't mind pounding each other
they won't mind assaulting non blacks.

Here's one for anthropologists who care to think outside the politically-correct box: What is it that causes black communities to be oppressed with constant violence? Is it nature, nurture, or a combination of both?

A second question emerges: Why is it that -- after multiple generations of exposure to white culture -- violent dialogue persistently dominates in black environments? Is it a reaction to white racism and exclusion? Or is it a genetic predisposition?

In this video Sharkeisha punctuates a point in her conversation with a right hook. Her female victim falls to the ground where the attacker continues the conversation with painful kicks and punches.

Hot tempers and fist dialogue account for much of the reason that black communities fail all over the world. An increasing number of non-blacks are becoming aware of that reality. The advent of the Internet gives those who have not experienced black culture an insight they would never otherwise witness sequestered in whitopia.

Sharkeisha's rage -- caught on video -- is one of thousands of examples.

Sharkeisha punctuates her conversation
with an exclamation-mark kick to the head.
Government programs such as Affirmative
Action, forced integration, and fair housing
have had no impact on Sharkeisha's DNA.

Granted, some white people continue to close their eyes to stark reality, but Americans are snapping out of their delusional white guilt in increasing numbers and assigning black rascality where it belongs: Genetic predisposition.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries scientists attempted to avert our current dilemma through eugenics. That process -- effectively affecting human behavior through breeding -- has been abandoned by the scientific community as immoral and, therefore, discredited.  The cultural Marxist model that presumes black rascality is a reaction to white oppression has also failed. Its myriad of social programs, government handouts, and Affirmative Action initiatives have proved ineffective in altering the DNA of Sharkeisha and those like her.

Not all black people have low IQs and hot tempers, nor are all violent idiots black. But the prevalence of violence in black communities far outstrips anything seen within other ethnic groups and account, in part, for black failure worldwide.

Dr. Richard Lynn recognized that (a) most violence is caused by individuals with IQs ranging for 70 to 90 and (b) intelligence levels are inherited traits. He suggested a voluntary program in which persons in that intelligence range be paid not to bear children. If blacks with IQs over 100 made babies and while those with low IQs made very few babies the violence epidemic among blacks would decipitate precipitously. [source]

Note that low intelligence is often used as a defense for blacks being tried for violent crime.

If sociologists were serious about tempering the suffering from violence in black communities, they would abandon their disregard for eugenics and develop an ethics-based system, such as suggested by Dr. Lynn, that would allow the black community to move forward and prosper rather than endure the indignities of poverty and violence. That, however, doesn't fit the agenda of cultural Marxists and liberal Democrats who benefit by exploiting blacks with low intellects.

Cultural Marxists who exploit black failure by consigning it to blowback from white racism should be repudiated. Racially segregated neighborhoods don't exist because white people are somehow offended by the melanin content of their neighbor's skin, rather white's have historically segregated themselves from unnecessary exposure to black rascality.


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  1. Why am i not surprised, the real reason whites choose to live in neighborhoods that are without blacks is because what kind of a cruel parent would let their white child become an outlet for black hatred and anger? We are not the same and never will be, so why pretend when the truth is not what the t.v. shows us?