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November 28, 2013

And we thought the knock-out 'game' was bad.

Anyone besides me notice there has been a rash of blacks setting white people on fire? This thought came to mind as I was reading the story of a young Knoxville, Tennessee teacher who was set afire in her class this week when she momentarily turned her back.

Imagine the media outrage if white people were setting black folks on fire.

Teacher Gabriela Penalba's shirt and hair were lit when she turned her back

Today we come across a story of a teen who used a lighter to set his 23-year-old teacher's shirt and hair afire when she momentarily turned her back on the class; no national news coverage. Gabriela Penalba is a teacher in Knoxville, Tennessee. And liberals wonder why self-centered white people don't care about the plight of young urbanites. Was the teen black? Your guess is as good as mine and my guess is...

Here's a rather benign news report:

Knoxville West High School teen arrested for trying to set teacher on fire

KNOXVILLE (WATE) - A 15-year-old West High School student was arrested Monday morning for assaulting a teacher by using a lighter to ignite her hair and shirt.

School resource officers responded to a classroom around 10:45 a.m. According to the victim and witnesses, when teacher Gabriela Penalba, 23, turned her back to the classroom, a male student lit her hair and shirt on fire.

Other students quickly helped put out the fire.

The suspect then tossed the lighter out the window while Penalba was getting help.

The suspect fled from officers, but was quickly caught after a foot chase. He admitted to the assault during a police interview.

The fire was put out before Penalba received burns to her skin.

The 15-year-old suspect was charged with aggravated assault and evading arrest. He was taken to the juvenile detention facility.

Gabriela Penalba is just one of many such victims. Below is a partial list of whites who have been set afire by blacks. Again, imagine the outrage if...

Luke Fleischman was set afire as he slept on a San Francisco bus

A few days ago a black teen in California sent a slumbering bus passenger to the emergency room with severe second- and third-degree burns. 16-year-old Richard Thomas was just being playful when he set fire to the clothing of a fellow passenger sleeping on a city bus, according to family members.

News reports stopped short of detailing the family structure of the teen, but quoted his mother as saying, "I am very sorry for my son's actions. I did not raise him that way. My son is not a hateful person. He's a kid. Kids joke around." The media likes invoke the word "family" when referring to black thugs even when the family structure is virtually non-existent. It cushions the harsh blow of reality.

The parents of his 18-year-old white victim were outraged to learn their son had been set afire as he slept. Luke Fleischman suffered severe second- and third-degree burns to his lower body and is recovering from surgery at a San Francisco burn center. [source]

Michael Brewer was doused in a flammable by school bullies and set afire

A Florida Middle School student refused to attend school because of intense bullying by black classmates (hence, segregated schools in the intolerant Old South). The teen's fears were confirmed when he was doused with a flammable liquid and lit. He was severely burned and scarred for life. Arrested is a 17-year-old black boy. Had this been a white-on-black crime it would have been Trayvonized for weeks on end.

According to attorneys, the black teen reasons like a child. The average intelligence disparity between whites and blacks has been largely discredited by knowledgeable pundits who comment on such things without bothering to cite the entire body of evidence. Their views reverse when a horrendous crime is committed as they adopt the hateful bigoted views of 'racists' and declare the accused a blooming idiot who is so dumb as to not be reasonably held accountable for his actions. IQs drop after crimes are committed? [source]

• It seems that black thugs are particularly fond of setting old white people afire.

The following are all elderly and are also noted in my post, Why Do Blacks Attack Old White People.

This homeless woman was doused and lit as she slept on a park bench.

A few  months ago a black guy torched an elderly homeless woman as she slept on a bench outside a bus station, also in California. Witnesses say 24-year-old Dennis Petillo, a black male, doused a 67-year-old homeless woman with a flammable liquid, then tossed a match on her. The woman was sleeping on a bus stop bench at the time of the attack. Police say the attacker didn't know his victim and there was no motivation, such as a dispute, that triggered the attack. Neighbors say the woman was a local fixture who rejected the offers of living assistance. Petillo was charged with attempted murder as his victim lay in a hospital's critical care unit. [source]

Yoko Cullen was kidnapped, stuffed in her car's trunk, and burned alive. 

There was also the news account of a group of black people who kidnapped an elderly East Asian woman, Yoko Cullen, locked her in the trunk of her own car, and set it on fire. The coroner said the woman burned to death. [source]

Jimmy Sanders was trying to help stranded motorist who set his truck afire; him in it.

Another news account missed by the national media involved an older guy who answered the door of his country getaway to two stranded black males. He gave the two a lift in his truck. The next day police found the white guy's truck still smoldering with the victim's body inside.

Mississippi Burning would be an appropriate title were a movie made of the life and tragic death of Jimmy Sanders. The 65-year-old's body was found in his pick-up truck, set afire by two black males who robbed him. His truck was found still burning after 24 hours. Sanders lived in wooded, rural area and left his home to assist Erik Ellis, 28, and Malcolm Melton, 22, who claimed to have care trouble. The two young black men were charged with Sanders' murder. [source]

We wonder why Sanders left his home to assist two young black males. Did he not know that, according to the Department of Justice, 52.2 percent of all homicides are committed by blacks; nearly all by black males aged 18-49 who comprise a mere 3 percent of the population? Was he driven by white guilt fostered upon him by the liberal media? Was he shamed into believing that failure to assist black males was silly, bigoted racism?

The thieves made off with $6.

What moved young black males to rob and kill the elderly Jimmy Sanders? Could it be they watched the real film, Mississippi Burning and determined their hatred was justified? Could we conclude that such propaganda films produced by Hollywood are complicit in the crime and violence committed against elderly white people?

Nancy Harris was doused and lit as she worked as a clerk by a robber. She died days later.

Nancy Harris was a clerk at a convenient store where she was doused with a flammable fluid and set on fire by a black male who took cash from the store's register. Nancy died from her attack after suffering in agonizing pain in a hospital. Her accused attacker, Matthew Lee Johnson, was facing the death penalty as of January, 2013. [source]

Raymond Vasholz's house was set afire with him in it by a home invader. 

In Nebraska a black male hired to shovel snow returned to rob and beat the elderly couple who hired him, according to news reports. He then set their house an fire, but told authorities he was just trying to help.

30-year-old Terrance Hale is accused of breaking into the home of an elderly couple who had hired him earlier to shovel snow at their residence. 83-year-old Raymond Vasholz was killed during the ordeal and his elderly wife was injured. Hale, who is accused of setting fire to the home, says he was just trying to help. The tragedy occurred in February, 2013 and the accused went to trial the following October. As of this writing a verdict has not been reached. The defense claims that no one saw the attack and that constitutes reasonable doubt. [source]

Richard Michael Carter was shot and his SUV torched with him still in it. 

An elderly white man was shot in his SUV which was torched by the two black males, allegedly. It isn't known if the man was deceased before or after the fire engulfed his vehicle.

It is a familiar story of an intelligent and responsible white man being murdered by black thugs. Richard Michael Carter, 61, rented a trailer to one of the black males arrested for his murder. Carter, a loan officer for 37 years, was found shot to death in his 2002 Toyota Land Cruiser which had been set afire. One of the arrested suspects, Leroy Glover, 25, is also accused of setting fire to the mobile home he rented from Carter. Also arrested for Carter's murder was Jason Glover, 23.

The federal government's equal housing laws force white landlords to accept black tenants. A news reports stated that "Leroy Glover indicates he served time in state prison for felony burglary, grand larceny and receiving stolen goods in 2006." Glover was sentenced to seven years, but served five years and three months. Carter was a graduate of the University of South Carolina. The murder occurred in October, 2013 in South Carolina. [source][source]

Kathryn “Kit” Grazioli's murdered body was discarded in a trash bin and burned.

87-year-old Kathryn “Kit” Grazioli was killed in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Arrested and charged with murder was a 21-year-old black male who was on probation for second-degree burglary at the time of the killing. Police declined to state the cause of death, but reported the killer had dumped the victim's body at a remote location where he set it afire. Arrested was Marcus Smith who police believe may have attempted to burglarize his victim's home. Grazioli was remembered as an active businesswoman who was tech savvy and kept abreast of the latest gadgets. She had been a deaconess at her church and was the mother of three sons and five grandchildren. The murder occurred in November, 2011. [source]

Kenneth Athey survived a  home invasion in which he was set afire.

An 82-year-old white man was attacked by a hammer-wielding black teenager in 2008. The victim, now 87, sat in court last month as his young attacker was sentenced. In his statement to the court, the elderly Kenneth Athey read aloud, "Even after four years it’s still difficult to imagine the reason for the accused stabbing me ... and torching my body."

The young-black-on-elderly-white attack took place during a home invasion. [source]

Having searched the Internet with Google and my mind by memory, I find no instance in American history when a white teen invaded the home of an elderly black man, beat him with  a hammer, stabbed him repeatedly then set him afire. Granted, the media and scholars remind us of unnamed, hooded white people who scoured the countryside on horseback in search of innocent Negros to terrorize. They have some difficulty, however, providing exact names of innocent black victims.

Why did Ronald Cherry attack Athey? I wonder if he was acting out years of indoctrination that portrays blacks as victims of white privilege.

And those are just the few that come to mind.

Can you think of even one innocent black person who was torched by whites?

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  1. 'Free labor' turned out to be the most expensive mistake in our nations history!

  2. where blacks are in any real numbers, disaster always follows. Blacks love to think whites somehow want that but the truth is we WISH they had the crime rates of whites and Asians.

  3. This is the best compilation of cases negroes setting fire to their white victims. You've documented several that I've never seen before.

    Those of us who understand what is happening around us, appreciate your work greatly.

  4. around blacks, never relax...they are wild animals and should be treated as such.

  5. I wonder if the "unarmed" Trayvon had a lighter on him?

  6. Always treat blacks as you would any other feral animal. Keep your distance, never take your eyes off them, and prepare to defend yourself.

    I fully expect to see the next step at any time. In their homeland, blacks enjoy burning people alive. Sometimes they consume the victim. Watch for that here.

    Obama's dead pal Mandela was renowned for 'necklacing,' or placing a tire over one's head and lighting it on fire. Blacks are not people, they are animals.

  7. yeah kenn is aware like most of us are:(
    he is a light in the darkness.

  8. Thanks for compiling this. You probably have another black-on-white immolation in Wichita that happened this week. You might or might not count the blowtorch torture murder of Jonathan Foster by Mona Nelson; and you might include the Allen Goins (mother's surname is Coon I think) immolation in Kansas City, MO. That one's a bit sketchy, so excluding it may be the right call.

    You may want to enlist the help of all of us out here to help you keep your list current; either ask people to post here, or set up a special page for us to post black-on-white immolation stories.


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