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November 25, 2013

Convicted mass murdered Charlie Manson is getting married, according to his 25-year-old girl friend.

Anders Breivik, whose name is less known because it's harder to pronounce, is heading off to college.

"Heading off" may be the wrong term, but the man convicted of murdering 77 Norwegians on a murder spree in 2011 has enrolled in the University of Oslo to study political science.

He'll conduct his studies via extension in his prison cell.

Breivik is 39 years old and is serving a 21 year sentence, shamefully light by American standards. He will be sixty when he once again sees the day of light outside of prison. His line of study will include indoctrination in multiculturalism, the very thing that the killer claims prompted his killing spree.

Breivik's atrocities were likely counter-productive. He did, however, force a nitch in the history books that will inform future generations that there was opposition to the displacement of Western culture. That's assuming, of course, that future generations will have reading devices.

Anders Breivik starts studying at the University of Oslo

HEATHER SAUL  / The Independent

Anders Breivik, the far-right extremist who murdered 77 people during an attack in Norway, has been enrolled at the University of Oslo to study political science.

The 34-year-old is currently serving a 21 year sentence for detonating a bomb in Oslo's government district, before travelling to the Norwegian Labour Party's summer youth camp on the island of Utoya and shooting 69 people, mostly teenagers.

During his trial he described himself as a "militant nationalist" who killed to fight multi-culturalism in Norway.

Breivik has not been admitted to the degree-granting programme and will instead study modules whilst at the high security Skien prison where he is currently being detained, after carrying out his attack on 22 July 2011.

In an article written for The Guardian, the university argued that as an inmate in Norwegian law, he is entitled to pursue higher education on the basis of merit, as all Norwegian citizens are.

The university rector Ole Petter Ottersen said: "Having been admitted to study political science, Breivik will have to read about democracy and justice, and about how pluralism and respect for individual human rights, protection of minorities and fundamental freedoms have been instrumental for the historical development of modern Europe.

"Under no circumstances will Breivik be admitted to campus. But in his cell he will be given ample possibilities to reflect on his atrocities and misconceptions."

Mr Ottersen added that by sticking to the rules of admission they demonstrate to Breivik and the public that "our values are fundamentally different to his".

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