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November 28, 2013

32 percent of Americans polled said Ronald Reagan was the best president in the past 100 years. Franklin Roosevelt rated second with 31 percent.

The worst president?

According the poll that dishonor went to the current Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama.

Obviously Americans have not been reading their Common Core curriculum. History revisionists have their work cut out for them.

To his credit Obama doesn't seem to care. He is driven by an agenda empowered by Marxist idealism. Any selfish ambitions that would deter that objective has been cast aside.

That's not to say Obama is destined to suffer significantly due to his ineptness. After all, the man will leave the White House a multi-millionaire with the world's best retirement package ... and a presidential library to boot.

It is to say that like every good member of the Marxist cult, the guy in the White House is agenda driven.

Presidential poll: Ronald Reagan's the greatest, Obama the worst

BY PAUL BEDARD / Washington Examiner

Former President Ronald Reagan has edged out Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy as the nation's greatest president in over a century, and President Obama was rated the biggest failure by a sizable margin over George W. Bush, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter, according to a new poll.

The YouGov/Economist rankings just released found that more adults, 32 percent, put "the Gipper" in the “great” category. Of the 1,000 polled, FDR followed at 31 percent and JFK at 30 percent. Just 14 percent rated Obama as great.

Instead, 37 percent graded Obama a “failure,” more than Bush at 32 percent, Nixon at 30 percent and Jimmy Carter at 22 percent.

The survey looked at presidents since Theodore Roosevelt, the first of the 20th century. Those surveyed were asked to rate each president in six categories: great, near great, average, below average, failure, and don’t know.
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