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Republican candidate kicked off Twitter
after criticizing hate-group member, Ilhan Omar

November 29, 2013

My hat is made of 100% wool and imported directly from Ireland.

Should this story prove to be true I will consume said hat and do so on video for all to see.

Last week Pastor David Manning asserted that the woman slain in a shootout with cops last month was assassinated because she was bearing Obama's love child. Manning's video is beginning to gain some tractions.

One news report says the family of the slain woman is requesting Eric Holder open an investigation of the shooting.(see below)

Pastor Manning interviews the sister of Miriam Carey.

He says Carey was not mentally ill and and was not a threat. A search of her vehicle turned up nothing, according to an affidavit.

Her sister, a retired police sergeant, did not state that the Carey's child was not Obama's child. The sister, according to Manning, wants a petition to demand a paternity test be done to determine whose child it is.

"She went there," Manning says, "to confront the father of her child."

Manning wants to know why Al Sharpton is not defending the deceased woman who held a leadership role in Sharpton's organization, National Action Network. Manning calls her an executive in the organization.

The pastor complains that the police released information regarding the death to the public before informing the family.

The police were trained, he notes, that the threat was very low and that women present a lower threat than women. The inclusion of a child in the car reduces the threat further.

Manning says the family doesn't know how many times Carey was shot.

After Eric Sanders, attorney for Carey, refused to 'sell out' prompting the powers that be to incarcerate the lawyer regarding a 2005 case in which he was a represented and not a principle, said Manning. The authorities would not give him due process, according to Pastor Manning, holding him for six days.

The "murderers" were given a four-minute standing ovation by their peers, Manning said.

Someone was prepared to start an altercation. he said.

My thoughts:

• If the feds were to knock someone off, they would do its so discretely as to avoid media attention. Not even Nixon would be dumb enough to gun someone down on the streets of Washington.

• The daughter of the Carey will have to contend with Manning's allegations for the rest of her life. That is a burden no one should have to bear.

Miriam Carey's family asks feds to investigate Washington, D.C, shooting

John Nickerson / NewsTimes.com

STAMFORD -- The lawyer for the family of Miriam Carey has asked U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to look into Carey's fatal shooting in Washington, D.C., in early October.

According to a letter written by lawyer Eric Sanders, the case of Carey, 34, who had her 14-month-old daughter with her when she tried to breach a White House barrier on Oct. 3 and then led police on a chase before she was shot and killed, should be looked into by federal authorities.

He said basic common sense says things should have been done much differently with Carey, who was unarmed, by law enforcement officers.

Sanders, a former New York Police Department officer, said just about every major police agency in the country, including the District of Columbia, prohibits discharging service weapons toward moving vehicles for a number of reasons, and moving cars are not defined as "deadly weapons" under department Use of Force guidelines.

"These law enforcement officials completely mishandled at best a simple `suspicious vehicle' car stop," Sanders said.

Such car stops are handled professionally by law enforcement all over the world every day without incident, including in other cities with so-called "high-value targets," he said.

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