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November 27, 2013

Credit Sarah Palin -- not with 'death panels' -- but with coining the term.

At the time Palin was hounded for her indiscretion. Now liberals are admitting that death panels will be inevitable under ObamaCare.

There is one liberal refusing to admit the obvious.

Economic realities will force rationing of health care service. Patients requiring the most expensive procedures will be cut from the list. Those patients will, necessarily, include the oldest who require the most care.

Someone will make the decision: Who to cut and who to keep on the list. Those decision makers will constitute the death panel.

Anyone besides me see the wide-opened invitation to corruption and cronyism?

The rich guy who contributed millions to the campaign fund of the party in power will go to the front of the line as payback for his/her support.

Why is that concept so hard for liberals to understand?

Well, in reality, it isn't hard and liberals are beginning to admit it. They have no choice.

There is one notable exception. Last night I was watching The Five on Fox News. The topic of discussion was death panels. The normal friendly bantering turned to the most heated exchange I've ever seen on the show as the group's resident left-winger, Bob Beckel, became unhinged in his adamancy that 'death panels' were a concocted concept.

The Five Blows Up Over ‘Bullsh*t’ Obamacare ‘Death Panels’

by Matt Wilstein /

The Five used TIME writer Mark Halperin’‘s recent appearance on The Hugh Hewitt Show to bring up one of the oldest narratives in the conservative playbook about Obamacare: “death panels.” Now that a liberal reporter like Halperin was embracing the term, that must mean it was true all along, host Eric Bolling reasoned. Because of that, he said, the “liberal royalty” owes Sarah Palin an apology.

“If she’s waiting for an apology from me she will wait a long time,” Bob Beckel said, before calling the whole discussion “ridiculous” and asking how Halperin all of a sudden became such a trusted source for his co-hosts.

Beckel continued to mock the notion the one panel will bring together the names of every American and decide who gets to live or die. “You can you go to a lot of places, but this is really the bottom of barrel,” he said. “Have we not beat up Obamacare enough? Why don’t we just say they have these death camps they will send people to and let them go die?” Bolling’s response? “Well, yes.”

The rest of the show’s hosts were eager to agree with Bolling that Americans should be afraid of the so-called “death panels.” Andrea Tantaros asked, “If you don’t believe Mark Halperin,” why not listen to what President Barack Obama himself has said?” She quoted, “‘The chronically ill and those towards the end of their lives account for potentially 80% of the total health care bill. We have to have a very difficult conversation about this.’”
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  1. "Why don’t we just say they have these death camps they will send people to and let them go die?”

    He is trying to be cleverly dismissive, but what he is describing are hospices, euphemistically called "end of life care centers". They are now being openly advertised on conservative talk radio, and they will be a growth industry if Obamacare or single-payer socialized medicine gets enacted.