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November 26, 2013

Travel check list:

1. Secret service? Check!

2. Bo the dog? Check! (Gets his own plane)

3. Hecklers? Check!

There's nothing like giving a speech when the hecklers are part of your party.

The event was in San Francisco where Obama was reading his teleprompter to a crowd of enthusiasts when -- out of NOWHERE! -- a group of rowdies disrupted his speech.

The hecklers demanded that all deportations of illegal aliens be stopped. Immediately.

Obama, nice guy that his is, lauded the hecklers' passion and instructed security to allow them to remain in the room. Obviously, he sensed no security risk.

Why would he? They're his people!

What's the point?

The media ploy was designed to make Obama look like the moderate in the immigration debate. There are those rowdies on the right (me) who want illegal aliens to obey the law and there are those rowdies on the left (hecklers) who want all illegal aliens to stay, and there is the level headed, moderate Obama in the center -- who is no extremist and certainly not an idealist -- who just wants what's best for everyone!

And who is dumb enough to buy into the deception?

President Obama interrupted by hecklers during San Francisco immigration speech


President Obama stopped the ejection of hecklers who interrupted his speech on immigration reform in San Francisco Monday, then he gave them a short civics lesson.

Obama was mostly thorough in his call for the House of Representatives to act on a comprehensive immigration passed by the Senate, when several crowd members began shouting.

"Stop deportation," a man partly visible behind Obama yelled. "You have a power to stop all deportations."

"Actually, I don't," Obama responded.

Turning toward the man, Obama told security officers making their way toward the hecklers to stop.

"These guys don't need to go," he said. "Let me finish."

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