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November 29, 2013

Which is it:

Joblessness causes lawlessness? Or Lawlessness causes joblessness?

NYC Councilman Charles Barron -- the same guy who said he wanted to slap white people -- recently blamed the knockout 'game' on the lack of jobs available to black folks.

There were times in my adult life when I was stressed financially. At no time did I vent my frustration by popping random people in the head.

The councilman is shoring up the culture of victimization that has prevailed in the black community for generations. In so doing he is perpetuating, not resolving, the problem.

• Same soul song put to rap

It's the same song we heard back in 1967 after negro hordes rioted in virtually every major city in the United States. The problem, they said, was lack of opportunity and exclusion by white people.

Lyndon Johnson responded with the Great Society welfare programs. Nearly fifty years later black Americans still fall far behind.

We continue to blame racism.

Even entertainer Kanye West echoed that theme in recent days when he told a radio audience that white folks and Jews were in control. Black people (like Kanye and Oprah, I suppose) are left with no viable economic opportunities.

Oprah, in turn, shored up her strained ties with the Obamas by inferring that opponents to his signature welfare program were racists.

• Ignoring reality

Of 317-million Americans nearly 40-million are black. Why has this community fallen behind virtually every other ethnic group in spite of government efforts to provide education, hiring quotas, safety-net welfare, and open-ended opportunities? Can it really be blamed on white people or an ongoing clique of Jewish conspirators?

Truth is blacks do suffer economically and, as one who has lived for years below the official poverty level, I can empathize with the frustration of facing minimum living costs and no means to meet the expense.

However, we're addressing a plight that is consistent within a major community; not a few individuals.

The apparent economic disparity that exist between blacks and other ethnic groups is, in fact, the effect of a greater cause: an intelligence disparity.

• Irreducible complexity

A 17-year-old black boy with an IQ between 70 and 80 who can  neither speak, read, nor write proper English is at a decided disadvantage. If this black youth is typical he also lacks support from a traditional family. If, in addition to lacking intelligence, his conception was due to another boy just like him who banged his mom seventeen years and nine months ago, he almost certainly was raised in a government subsidized environment where his family consisted of a mother whose primary assets were an uncontrollable temper, a personal lexicon populated with profanity, and a waistline beyond marginal. His father never cared about his existence, let alone his welfare. His family structure is comprised of a peer group of teens who share his intellectual and environmental incapacities. A few are blood relatives; half-siblings and cousins. He was abused and neglected throughout his life. He not only lacks a sense of direction, he is genetically incapable of adopting one.

• What nature hath wrought

There is no economic disparity between blacks and whites as Councilman Barron supposes. There is no Jewish conspiracy prohibiting black teens from bagging groceries and forcing them to shoplift, traffic drugs, shoot each other and sucker-punch random pedestrians.

There is an intellectual disparity. Blaming whites and Jews for genetic deficiencies won't raise anyone's IQ even a fraction of  a point.

The solution to joblessness in the black community can be realized in one or two generations: If blacks with IQs below 100 make fewer babies and those with IQs above 100 make more babies the problem of black crime will disappear along with the knock-out 'game.'

Blaming other ethnic groups for genetic deficiencies is nothing more than a calloused, cowardly, and disingenuous maneuver to manipulate black folks and gullible white people for political gain. It solves nothing and exasperates hopes for solutions.

Barron, West, and Winfrey should be ashamed of themselves for enabling failure among blacks by displacing real solutions with lame excuses and blame.

Community leaders in East New York blame lack of jobs for ‘knockout’ game violence 
BROOKLYN - Community leaders in East New York say that jobs are the answer to ending the so-called "knockout" game.

Councilman Charles Barron and other local activists spoke publicly for a second time about a rash of assaults involving young people punching unsuspecting victims. Barron says the root of the problem is that young people need jobs to help keep them out of trouble.

In recent weeks, at least half a dozen people have been randomly assaulted in Brooklyn. Officials say suspects are participating in a dangerous nationwide trend that allegedly involves attempting to knock out victims with a single punch.
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