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November 23, 2013

Representatives from six nations -- Great Britain, France, Germany, China, Russia, and the United States -- completed talks with Iranian representatives today in which they agreed to talk later to finalize a deal regarding Iran's nuclear weapons program.

The objective of the interim deal to delay Iran's nuclear weapons program which Iran says doesn't exist.

Early word of the agreement came via Twitter.

Israel has threatened in the past to use military force to disrupt Iran's nuclear weapon capability.

World powers reach deal over Iran nuclear program

By Oren Dorell / USA TODAY

Six world powers and Iran have reached an interim agreement with Iran on its disputed nuclear program after four days of talks in Geneva.

The spokesman for the European Union's representative Catherine Ashton tweeted "We have a reached agreement between E3+3 and Iran," referring to the United Kingdom, France, Germany, USA, Russia and China.

U.S. negotiators and their counterparts from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia and China had been meeting with the Iranians since Wednesday in an effort to strike an interim deal to delay Iran's nuclear program while a larger deal is worked out that would prevent the Islamic republic from obtaining nuclear weapons.

The interim agreement was applauded as a substantial step by some nuclear and national security analysts.

"This first phase agreement ensures that we will continue to negotiate a complete end to Iran's nuclear program and should reassure U.S. allies in the region that Iran cannot make a dash for the bomb," said Joe Cirincione, president of the Ploughshares Fund, a group focused on nuclear non-proliferation.

Dave Solimini, a spokesman for Democratic-leaning Truman Project, a Washington-based national security group, said the interim agreement proves that years of sanctions against Iran have worked.

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