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November 27, 2013

Harbinger is defined as one who foretells coming events.

In this case it's not a person but an event.

As America undergoes a cultural shift, the media portrays a picture of a multicultural rainbow where we all form a gorgeous arch in perfect harmony and unity.

I wish it were true.

One of the colors of the rainbow seems to be having a problem with violence.

Gunmen sprayed an Oakland neighborhood with bullets forcing residents to run for cover. The shooters seemed to have no concern for potential victims. They could have killed or injured the elderly or little children. They just didn't care.

As it turns out, all seven victims were men. Does that help?

Of the seven victims, two were wounded critically.

Yes, it happens in all neighborhoods regardless of color -- but when they spray in my neighborhood they are killing mosquitoes, not people.

The harbinger report is: Expect more of the same in increasing frequency as the rainbow changes colors and our culture shifts away from its Eurocentric moorings.

Seven men shot near East Oakland park Monday evening

Staff writers

OAKLAND -- Seven men were shot in a hail of gunfire that extended across three blocks of East Oakland on Monday night, police said.

Officers responded to reports of a shooting between 96th Avenue and Olive Street about 6:10 p.m. and cordoned off a second scene shortly after at 94th Avenue and Sunnyside Street, authorities said.

Seven men -- all between the ages of 23 and 31 -- were shot between the two crime scenes, officials said. Two of the men were in critical condition Monday night; five others were expected to survive.

It was unknown if any of the men were related or what motivated the shooting.

Some of the victims were taken to Highland Hospital while others were transported to Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley, officials said.

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