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November 25, 2013

Something went awry.

By electing a black president, black folks were supposed feel included -- as opposed to 'disenfranchised.'

It was our warm-and-fuzzy way of relieving our heavy burden of white guilt and giving a big hug to the black community that has suffered for generations in the dark shadow of white innovation and technology.

Black Americans, however, aren't feeling the warmth. Rather, they are lashing out at white Americans with what appears to be a renewed vigor or, at least, not diminished vigor.

Cut to the short: Black people hate us and will continue to hate us no matter what concessions are made. There are notable exceptions, of course, but the high visibility of knock-out attacks confirms what thinking people knew all along: Hateful people hate because they are hateful. Neither inclusion, reparations, nor electing black officials will remedy that flaw of human nature. Concessions do nothing more than inflame their hatred, instill in them a sense of empowerment, and give them license to excel their hateful aggression toward us.

The fact that first black president is proving to be a bumbling idiot isn't helping the matter. Many black Americans are starting to get this picture:

1. We elect a black president. 2. He turns out to be the worst president in American history. 3. That reflects on every black person. If Obama is the best blacks have to offer -- they assume whites are thinking -- then all blacks must be bumbling idiots. 4. Many internalize and personalize the shame of being black like Obama. 5. They vent that frustration on white folks with sucker punches.

Annie. Get your gun. And your video camera.

One hate-filled racist bigot whose disdain for white people appears to be encouraged by Obama's failures was caught on video attempting to knock out white people. It turns out those he chose were a bit too hard-headed for his flimsy fists.

BUSTED: Woman snaps shot of knockout attacker [VIDEO]

The “knockout game” hasn’t been such a knockout for one suspected Philadelphia man who failed to knock two victims unconscious over the past two weeks, and was photographed and videotaped in the acts.

Philadelphia SEPTA police interviewed a person of interest last week in the two suspected knockout game assaults that occurred at the Erie station on the Broad Street Line and at the Broad and Arch Street intersection on Nov. 15 and Nov. 20.

The first assault was caught on a security camera:

The woman in the second failed attack snapped the following picture of the assailant with her phone after he struck her from behind:

“We believe based on the photo that you have made available online that this is the same person,” SEPTA representative Jerri Williams told Philadelphia Magazine last week. “We had officers and detectives out looking, and they found somebody fitting the description sitting at Broad and Ontario on street level around 1 p.m.”

Police have yet to report if the suspect questioned was arrested or charged.

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