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November 25, 2013

Hate crime? All crime is a  hate crime.

What they really mean is, the motive was clearly race related.

Amrit Marajh, 28, was charged with a hate crime after he allegedly belted a local Jew.

The attorney of the accused said his client was unfamiliar with the knock-out "game" phenomenon.

I don't believe him, but it doesn't matter. Black thugs have been randomly attacking whites for fun and sport for generations. The fact the media ignored the epidemic for nearly 200 years only reflects their ineptness and bias.

The fact keeping up with the increased number of news reports of black-on-white crime is virtually impossible.

New Yorker charged with hate crime for 'knockout game' attack

by RT.com

Police in Brooklyn have arrested a man and charged him with committing a hate crime after he allegedly assaulted a Jewish person on the streets of Brooklyn early Friday amid a rash of similar attacks being considered part of a growing “knockout” game.

Amrit Marajh, 28, was arrested and charged with assault as a hate crime and aggravated harassment as a hate crime following a Friday morning incident that left a Jewish man four years his junior badly bruised.

Defense attorney James Kirshner told reporters in the aftermath that his client never heard of the recent phenomena surrounding the so-called game, “knockout,” in which groups of predominantly young men have been accused of surrounding unsuspected targets and then unleashing on them with the intent of knocking them out.

According to the victim, however, that's not the case. A local NBC affiliate reported that the 24-year-old victim heard his assailant talk about the knockout game among his friends at around 2:45 a.m. Friday morning, before the man allegedlly approached his target and took him down. Three other men were initially brought in for questioning by the New York Police Department but were released.

As RT reported previously, a wave of these assaults has emerged across Brooklyn in recent weeks, and in many cases the victims were all described as Jewish. Earlier this month, New York Police Department Commissioner Ray Kelly said he knew of at least eight instances since the middle of September that authorities were concerning as anti-Semitic, including similar rounds of “knockout,” which have reported to injure victims ranging from a 12-year-old boy dressed in traditional Jewish clothing to a 78-year-old woman.

"Who would do that? Who would attack a 78-year-old woman?" State Assemblyman Dov Hikind asked earlier this month after news surfaced of that assault. “This is just hitting someone, attacking someone, it could be my mother, your mother. It's just scary and crazy.”

“It’s ‘knockout,’ and it happens to be a Jew in each and every case,” Hikind added.

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  1. If they could move the game players down to Wall Sreet then it might do some good.


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