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November 26, 2013

Remember the Salem Witch trials when naughty little girls accused innocent people of witchism just so they would watch them burn?

Well, one of those naughty little girls is still at it. Racism has displaced witchism as the sin du jour.

Entertainer Katy Perry was arrested, tried, and hung out to dry by a short-and-sour memo-type article on Cosmopolitan's web site.

Perry is racist because her performance at the American Music Awards was East Asian themed.

More annoying to the left-wing lynch mob was their inability to detect if Perry's performance was an affront to Chinese or Japanese. Liberals prefer specificity so they can know which ethnic group to saddle with victimization.

The first of Ten Commandments in the Holy Book of Stuff Liberals Can't Tolerate reads: "Thou shalt not perform as another ethnicity, unless you are non-white and then you may only perform as a white person."

In reality the writer of the article was probably just jealous of Perry's good looks and singing talent. Think of the gawdy-looking feminists who demonstrate outside Hooters.

Someday soon I plan to hold a convention at which every liberal in the world will attend. I will then approach the podium and speak these words: "You people are idiots." End of convention.

Was Katy Perry's AMAs Performance Racist?

By Amy Odell / Cosmopolitan

Katy Perry opened the American Music Awards with an Asian-themed spectacle that seemed mightily confused about which nationality it meant to culturally reappropriate. Her Japanese-inspired kimono-esque robe came with a Chinese-inspired collar. Her dancers also carried fans typical of a Chinese fan dance while her microphone was decorated with cherry blossoms. And all the while, litter was falling from the sky!!! Thank god for that parasol.
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