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November 23, 2013

Godwin's law -- that every argument ends with a Hitler comparison -- has finally been displaced.

Unrestrained hubris compels me to call it Kenn's law, but you may call it what you will. The law states, "Every argument ends with an accusation of racism."

It's also known as a straight line, defined as the shortest distance between two points. It is to a conversation with a liberal what the letter omega is the Greek alphabet. Once stated there is nothing else to say. It is the end-all of every debate, the final say; the exclamation mark! Once the race card has been played, the game is over. The race card is the ace card that trumps all others, at least in the liberal mindset.

Relativity is not relative.

This was seen in a haranguing opinion voiced by MSNBC's own Melissa Harris-Perry. The object of Harris-Perry's jab was fellow-feminist writer Michelle Cottle whose audacious observation in Politico that Michelle Obama was a feminist nightmare was an affront to Harris-Perry's racial sensitivities, and so she lashed out. Harris-Perry came to Lady Obama's defense by declaring her to be -- note the race card -- "my black motherhood dream."

Harris-Perry drew a straight line from "sorry excuse for a feminist" to "black motherhood role models" even though the two are not related, at least not to rational-thinking people. Liberals, of course, are not rational people (otherwise they would not be liberals) and can quite handily pound a square peg into a round hole any day of the week. All they need is a big enough hammer.

Points 'a' and 'b' were connected by Harris-Perry by drawing a line straight through child obesity, angry black woman stereotypes, and Mammy. You can see the connection, can't you? If not, you're a racist!

You may read a summary or watch a video of the tiff here.

Kenn's law was also seen in a masterpiece of opinion from Timothy Egan. Egan could not help but notice the obvious: The rejection of ObamaCare by Southern States is essentially the same as slavery. The straight line is laid and race card played. End of conversation.

You may read Egan's musings in the New York Times here.
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