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November 24, 2013

A single local newspaper reported a series of race-related crimes in recent days.

• DUDLEY - An 11-year-old boy was attacked and robbed as he awaited for a bus on his way home from school.

News reports say he was surrounded by three men and one woman. The woman snatched his iPhone.

The media profiled the woman by age (late teens), height (5ft 7ins), and hair (collar length, dark and frizzy). She was not, however, profiled by skin tone. A photo taken by a security camera reveals she is black.  [source]

• OLDBURY - A 33-year-old computer programmer was attacked without apparent cause or provocation by a mob of Asian males. Arabs and other middle-easterners are referred to as Asians in Britain. Apparently the gang was looking for someone to ambush. When the victim pulled his car up at a gym, the thugs opened the vehicle door and beat him with at least one bat. The attack was severe enough to "shatter" the victim's hand while leaving multiple cuts and bruises. [source]

• CRADLEY HEATH -  Two elderly men were kicked a beaten by a gang of teens. The ethnicity of the victims and attacker was not mentioned. The headline, however, referred to the attacks as "racist."

• CRADLEY HEATH -  Five teens were arrested nearby after they surrounded a car occupied by a 52-year-old man. The teens damaged the vehicle by kicking it. The report revealed that the attack occurred near a mosque. [source]

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