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November 30, 2013

Knock-out hoaxes:
Satirical tales of older women gunning
down knock-out attackers are diluting the truth. 
There is an effort to defuse the impact the Knock-Out 'Game' is having on our culture by branding it an 'urban legend."

To accomplish this objective there are those who are concocting hoax stories of knock-out attacks that didn't really occur.

It's a process I call information dilution. By diluting true stories with a number of fake stories the entire series of attacks become questionable.

One such fake story is that of Beulah Montgomery, a sixty or sixty-one year old woman. According to this fictional account Montgomery defended herself against a mob of seven black thugs by shooting two of them.

It didn't happen.

In the future apologists for multiculturalism will attempt to discredit factual accounts of black-on-white crime by citing such fictional accounts.

Below is one accounting of the fake story about Beulah Montgomery:

Police are still trying to piece together the events of Monday night after a woman was attacked and then fired shots into the crowd of teens that assulted her.

Beulah Montgomery, who just turned 60 yesterday, says she was walking home after purchasing lottery tickets when she says a group of teens, 7 of them, approached her. Montgomery initally thought they were going to attempt to steal her purse but says she was instead hit by one of the individuals as a second attempted to hit her. That's when
she grabbed her gun.

"All I could feel was pain and I said to myself I had made it to 60 and I wanted to at least see 61," she recalled. "Then I started praying and I asked the Lord to guide my hands" Montgomery says she then reached into her purse and and shot in the direction of the teens and they started to flee. However two of them didn't make without being hit.

Beulah who is a member of her local neighborhood watch said she has always carried a gun after being mugged once before. "Its a shame you can't walk through your own neighborhood where you are supposed to feel safe without being assulted and mistreated," she continues. "I purchased the gun hoping I would never have to use it, but I'm glad to still be in the land of the living."

The same cannot be said for her two victims, Montgomery fired 5 times hitting one of the teens in the chest and the other in the stomach. Because of their age police are not releasing the names at this time, but are saying the teens died as a result of the gun shot wounds. Police are still looking for the others teens who were apart of the group. Witnesses say they ran off after the gun shots were fired.

Police have not yet charged Montgomery, who has no prior arrests, but she was detained and later released.

This is the latest story in what seems to be a string of similar incidents happening over the US where teens are playing something called the "knockout game" where they approach strangers and attempt to knock them out with one punch.

Another knock-out hoax story involves the mythical 93-year-old Gladis Bennett.
The story about an elderly St. Louis woman killing a “Knock-Out” game suspect is a hoax

by Dan Gray /

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) — A story is bouncing around the internet about a 93-year-old St. Louis woman who shot and killed a man who was playing the knockout game.

The “Knockout Game” is when people randomly assault strangers in an attempt to knock them out with one punch.  It has happened in St. Louis and other cities, sometimes leading to death.

The story looks legitimate, but it’s false.  The headline says “93 Year Old Granny Kills Knockout Game Thug.”  There’s a picture of a smiling woman holding a revolver.  The cut-line under the photo says Gladis Bennett is showing the gun to reporters.

The story claims that the woman was approached by a group of men as she waited for a bus and was punched from behind and knocked to the ground.  But she reached in her purse pulled out a gun and shot and killed the main aggressor and the rest of the bad guys took off.  

The story appears on the National Report website, a website that carries a disclaimer that says, “The National Report is an online portal for “citizen journalists”. The views expressed by writers on this site are theirs alone.”

The story also appeared on which also carries a disclaimer from editor in chief of the world: Paul Horner.

The disclaimer says, This entire site is pretty much just a resume containing a collection of my writings and such for the off chance that someone like The Onion or The Daily Show ever happens to stop by.”

It’s interesting to note that a St. Louis police detective named, Paul Horner, appears in the in the phony story. The St. Louis Police Department says it has no record of a Gladis Bennett as a crime victim and the department says it has no employees by the name of Paul Horner.

We have contacted both websites and are still waiting for a reply.
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