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November 29, 2013

Add Arik Einstein to the long list of people I'd never heard of until they died.

Einstein was a gifted musician and actor who made his mark on popular music in Israel.

Having briefly listened to one of his renditions on YouTube (out of curiosity), I would probably add him to the long list of musicians I'd never listen to. Willfully.

Considering the tiny music market that exists in small countries like Israel, I suppose anyone who could make a life-long career of singing and acting must have significant talent. Gene Simmons doesn't count as he made his mark based in the USA to the international market.

See news story below video.

Arik Einstein, 74: The voice of the good old Israel we still dream of

He was our Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Bruce Springsteen all rolled into one, a singer of ballads and anthems and especially love songs that seduced entire generations.

By Chemi Shalev / Haaretz

A part of Israel passed away on Tuesday night. A slice of its soul has departed. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis, possibly millions, have lost a close personal friend, an intimate lifelong companion. A voice of Israel – the voice of Israel, for many – will sing no more.

His name is Arik Einstein, and he died on Tuesday night at the age of 74. He may not have been very well known outside of Israel, but he was, in many ways, the most adored of Israeli singers, the most admired, the most iconic. He was our Frank Sinatra, our Elvis Presley, our Bruce Springsteen all rolled into one.

Einstein was the embodiment of the new, liberal, secular Israel that we once thought we would be. He was the quintessential, apolitical, fun-loving king of Tel Aviv decades before the city became so hot and trendy. A superstar by anyone’s standard, he remained shy, modest and unassuming until his very last day.

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