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November 27, 2013

Here sit I in Gnaw Bone, Indiana staring at my phone awaiting the call from MSNBC informing me that I have been chosen to replace uber-liberal Alec Baldwin.

Point being?

Someone accused the mountain climber of being a klutz; asked him how he could slip and fall from the summit. His response was classic: "First, you have to reach the summit."

Point being?

Those who smirk as they hurl insults at Alec could, themselves, never achieve what he has accomplished. That's not to excuse his hubris nor his left-wing ramblings; it's to say that none is so arrogant as the critic who finds fault in that which he could never do himself.

Point being?

Ahhh. Never mind. Here's the article...

Alec Baldwin: "Public Life Is Horrible, It's Awful"

Yesterday we spoke with Alec Baldwin about his MSNBC show's cancellation, and during our interview the future of his podcast—Here's The

Thing—came up. The podcast was broadcast on WNYC, and featured a wide array of guests, including Thom Yorke, David Brooks, Lena Dunham, and Dick Cavett. Baldwin also spoke a bit about GLAAD, the word "cocksucker," and the stresses of public life, particularly while living in New York City.

Are you still going to do your podcast? I can't imagine I would now. Listen, this is a business where once the doors close they almost never reopen. Do the podcast where now?

You can't just do it on WNYC, you can't continue it? WNYC was a situation where in the first year, and I mean this literally, the show was underwritten by 30 Rock. And I didn't need any money because I had this other job I was doing, I could do the podcast as a hobby. But the television show I was doing ended, I said I can't afford to do it for the amount of money I did it for, which I split three ways with my other producers—I said I didn't want to be paid more than them. This wasn't some million dollar number.

I said let's just not do it anymore. I couldn't afford to do it as a hobby, I gotta go to work, I have to make a living. There's no point in them stressing about it, so it ended.

And you won't bring it back? At this point no, I couldn't even imagine where I would go with it. We get phone calls from non-traditional sources putting out feelers to me.

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