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September 16, 2013

This "George Zimmerman" won't get off so easy. He was immediately arrested and incarcerated. 

When this story first broke it had the form and feel of media spin.

Why would trained cops fire on an injured accident victim who was seeking help?

I've encountered enough spin over the years from both history and media revisionists to develop a sixth sense of distortion (eg, lying) that conforms to the multicultural Marxist agenda.

This story has that form and feel.

The media's version goes like this:
Was Officer Randall Kerrick unjustly charged
with voluntary manslaughter in the shooting of Jonathan Ferrell?
A large black male wrecked his car and was frantically going through the neighborhood pounding on doors seeking help for his injuries. A concerned homeowner called the cops. When the police arrived the injured man approached them for help. Rather than extending a hand of support, the cops gunned down the poor guy in cold blood. For their crimes the cops were suspended and one was jailed. And, by the way, the victim was a beloved former football player. And he was unarmed.

Here's a realistic, though unconfirmed, version:

A large black male was high on drugs and, not surprisingly, crashed his vehicle. He didn't use his cell phone to dial 911 because he wasn't injured. With his mental faculties fogged by "controlled substances," he set out to force his way into a nearby residence.

The startled homeowner called the cops. Police arrived and discovered the person of interest as described. The trained officers applied routine police procedure to secure the circumstances lest they or a bystander suffer serious injury or death.

Not knowing if the large black male was armed, they ordered him to raise his hands. He refused their order. The police were forced to assume he was armed and to react accordingly. They would have instructed him to lie on the ground but, instead, the individual showed aggressive behavior characteristic of one high on narcotics and charged them. The police defended themselves resulting in the death of the aggressor.

Without the slightest bit of hard evidence to support their contention, the media reported with story with the suggestion that the aggressor was an accident victim who was merely seeking medical attention. Consequently the mindset of Americans was sympathetic towards the black aggressor. Rather than face the wrath of Al Sharpton and a storm of Trayvon-vs-Zimmerman media attention, authorities deemed it prudent to incarcerate at least one white cop. Justice was no consideration.

We saw the images of the angel-faced Trayvon. We watched with bewilderment as thousands rallied in support of the Jena Six. We wondered how police could be incarcerated for subduing Rodney King. We've read dozens -- if not hundreds -- of accounts of white-hating black racist thugs being recast as innocent victims of irrational, uncaring, privileged white people. Now we're watching the narrative played out again in real time before our very eyes.

What is the truth? We don't know at this juncture; we may never know.

What we do know is that both the media and historians have a long record of revisionism; of intentionally distorting reality to conform to the cultural Marxist narrative in which white people are always the aggressors and blacks are always the victims.

Is this one such distortion? Again, we don't know. Sometimes police actually do behave "stupidly". (Recall Waco, Ruby Ridge, or a personal encounter.) But we must read every such news story with a sense of mental reserve. And we must always view Hollywood productions as hardcore propaganda of a 1984 vintage.

My guess is -- and I could be wrong -- that Officer Randall Kerrick was unjustly charged with voluntary manslaughter in the shooting of Jonathan Ferrell that, in reality he was, like George Zimmerman, defending himself from the aggression of a drug-crazed black male.

Oh. Did I mention that hat Ferrell was a former football player? And that he was unarmed?

source... | Charlotte, NC

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  1. With the extreme militarization of the police and rampant egregious and unpunished beatings and killings inflicted on the public, I see this differently. The media and race hustlers jumped all over Zimmerman because a private citizen they presumed white defended himself against a black thug. That is impermissible. In this case, a hyper militarized cop, none too bright by the look of him, perhaps even mentally handicapped, shoots an unarmed black man. The Sharpton's and Jackson's of the world are silent because we must submit to the hyper militarized goons and, regardless, this particular goon is jailed.

    1. I couldn't agree more.

      The police are more dangerous than those they supposedly "protect" us from.. when they decide to show up and aren't too inconvenienced from their ticket writing.

      The police do not discriminate in their abuse, the only colors they see are blue and green.... If you aren't a cop and you aren't giving them "donations," you are the enemy. You are a quota and overtime filling commodity to them.

      If they can shoot you, or your pets and get away with it - you add the TARGET to their appreciation of you.

      If guns are too dangerous for American Citizens to possess, surely the same goes for our oppressors, rather "protectors."