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September 22, 2013

Marlon Brown was a convicted felon with a rap sheet as long as a roll of toilet paper.

When a cop noticed Brown driving without his seat belt one night, the curiser's lights flashed as the officer expected a routine traffic stop. Instead, Brown floored it prompting the policeman to call for backup.

A life-threatening late-night police chase ensued in DeLand, Florida and ended when Brown bolted from his car and made a dash for it through somebody's back yard.
No one cried 'racism'
when Officer Rod Bradway
was summeraliy executed
by a black man
in Indianapolis.

Officer James Harris's dash cam recorded his headlights following Brown as the felon ran through a carefully tended vegetable garden. It was there Brown is seen slipping and, in a split second, being run over by Harris's car

Marlon Brown died that night.

Black apologists raged. They claim the black man was summarily executed without the benefit of a trial or jury of his peers (12 felons?). The video reveals an accident. Nonetheless Harris was fired, he and his dependents punished because he failed to follow proper procedure. A law suit followed awarding Brown's wife with a retirement-sized settlement and the entire episode is added to the pages of American history as another example of white racism.

Last week a white police officer was shot dead by a black male while responding to a domestic dispute. Such incidents occur frequently across America without so much as a head turn from the mainstream Marxist media.

No one in the media (or political realm) dared cry 'racism' when a black male summerily executed Officer Rod Bradway. To do so would violate the unwritten ethics of America's sociopathic, neurotic national mindset that can only assume white racism whenever violence is black and white. Think Trayvon or the Jena Six.

What's next?

As the lights dim on Liberty Island and the tide rises drowning America's Western Culture in a sea of White guilt, privilege, and non-white immigration, such stories will simmer to the surface with never-ending residual tales of unjust racist violence against non-whites. License to destroy Western exceptionalism that has enhanced the lives of all humanity will come to your neighborhood and your home. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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