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September 9, 2013

How mainstream Marxist policies are destroying non-whites.


What does Elephant Butte Reservoir have to do with white racism?

Read on...

Elephant Butte Reservoir in New Mexico has effectively dried up. The state's largest water source currently contains about three percent of the water that washed its shores in the 1980s and 1990s.

What will happen when the residents of New Mexico use up all their water sources?

Water-front property, anyone?
Conserving necessary resources
is the essence of
conservative thought.
Liberally wasting necessary
resources is the essence
of liberal thought.

For the answer, let's turn out attention to Detroit where New Mexico's water drought is akin to the Motor City's financial dearth. The same principle applies: If you abuse your resources, they will disappear. As New Mexico is running out of water, Detroit ran out of chain grocery stores. The denizens of that city didn't stop to consider that shoplifting and armed robbery would dry up their food supply. After all, food stamps are as worthless as waterless fishing holes if there is nowhere to spend them.

America's black and Hispanic communities have a reservoir that they are running dry. The reservoir is called "productive white people," or the White Reservoir.

Let's compare.

As the population of New Mexico grew, more people were sipping, showering and washing their low-rides with water from Elephant Butte. Yes. I, too, smile every time I say it.

As the non-white population of America grows, the fewer resources will be available from white Americans. Eventually the water will dry up. There will be no more money to underwrite social welfare programs and the theft from non-government entities -- be it theft through shoplifting or theft via Affirmative Action -- will close grocery stores and virtually every other free market enterprise.

Had you glanced at the headline on on September 9, you would have learned that half of America's births are covered by Medicaid. The White Reservoir is being overtaxed and, in time, will be as dry as an Elephant's Butte.
Picked clean out of business
by shoplifters.
Detroit's White Reservoir
has dried up.

In New York City, for example, 75 percent of Hispanic births were paid by Medicaid. 70 percent of black births were paid by Medicaid. Only 32 percent of white births were paid by Medicaid. As non-white populations grow, the White Reservoir decreases. Eventually it will run dry. Hispanics and blacks will have no Medicaid.

• Welfare spending under the Obama administration has grown by 32 percent.
• 80 low-income assistance programs reached $746 billion in 2011.
• State spending added $1.03 trillion to those same programs.
• Welfare is the largest federal expense; outspending Social Security and defense.

We're draining the White Reservoir and there's no rain in the forecast.

Compassion, complained Sen. Jeff Sessions, was being measured in spent government dollars. Sessions is a conservative who objects to such irresponsible abuse of dwindling resources.

White people who encourage the growth of these non-white population groups are contributing to their demise. It's akin to encouraging more Hispanics to move to New Mexico and use more resources until they die of thirst.

What insanity occupied the minds of black Detroiters who pilfered groceries out of their city? What folly occupies the minds of New Mexico residents who water their lawns from diminishing supplies? What blatant idiocy possesses white liberals who expound the need for more welfare water sucking?

What's wrong with these white people? Are they truly so inept that they fail to comprehend the law of diminishing resources? Or are they closet racists who fully understand that the shallowing of the White Reservoir will eventually lead to the pain of poverty for non-whites?

White liberal racists
Do white liberals actually think that social justice was accomplished by the draining of the racist Elephant Butte Reservoir? Are they convinced that white-owned groceries deserved to have their shelves picked clean by black victims of white racist store owners? Are they so dense that they believe social justice is accomplished through social welfare handouts, funded by taxing innately racist white people?

Some actually are that stupid. Most are not.

White liberals understand depletion caused by the over taxing of resources will ultimately hurt those who depend on those resources. They don't care. Why? Because white liberals are ultimately white racists.

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  1. We are headed toward the "end game" which won't be pretty. The real problem is neither blacks nor Hispanics. The real problem is white liberals, those, for example, who would never read this article even though their lives could depend upon it.

  2. So Richard, what do we have to fear when the plan is playing out beautifully? While we sit safely in the Pacific Northwest, Upper Midwest, and New England far from the dark races, you will be forced to eliminate them for your own survival. We made it easy for you. We herded them into the decaying cities with our handouts that you financed. We've sowed the seeds and they hate you, not us. You offered them equality and self respect while we gave them trinkets and shiny toys; did you think you had a chance?