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September 23, 2013

[ CLICK HERE for recent updates ► ] -- Have you ever wondered why the predatory left reminds us endlessly of lynchings of a bygone era, but ignores the most heinous hate crimes that occurred this year?

Why are we falsely condemned as 'racists' when we inform others of vile and violent hate crimes that occurred this month? This week?

We are reminded that all people of all races commit crimes. We agree. But the predatory left insists on exaggerating white-on-black crimes while wholly ignoring black-on-white crimes.

Why can't we expose all hate crimes?

And why has the mainstream media made us familiar with the names Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown?

Both are presented as icons of white racism. Both are represented as victims although they were killed in self defense.

You also know of Matthew Shephard and, perhaps, James Byrd. Furthermore we are reminded that George Stinney and Emmett Till were young black males whose lives were lost due to inexcusable white racism.

But are you familiar with these names: Eric Mollet, Rupert Anderson, and Jennifer Anderson?

Probably not.

The above are the names of white victims of homicides committed by blacks. They are ignored by the national media because their demise fit neither the agenda of the predatory left nor the narrative necessary to advance cultural Marxism.

They are, however, the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

FBI and Dept. of Justice statistics make it impossible for cultural Marxism to continue its denial of black-on-white crime. The advent of the Internet makes racist crime statistics readily accessible through web sites such as

Consequently, the predatory left was compelled to invent an innovative and convincing excuse to dismiss black-on-white crime. The solution is the myth of white privilege, a neologistic form of the Stockholm Syndrome in which the victim is psychologically compelled to accept blame for and identify with criminals.

Below is a partial list of the hundreds of white victims of black criminal violence recently reported by local media. Virtually all have been ignored by the national media.

(Dates may indicate day of crime, day of arrest, or some other significant milestone.)

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*Indicates crime may not have been black-on-white

Date    Alleged Crime    Alleged Victim    Image
2015-03-19 Kidnapped from bus, forced to commit vile crimes Two unnamed teens (UK)
2015-03-19 Shot dead while walking dog by young teens James Stuhlman, 51
2015-03-19 Baby cut from womb Michelle Wilkins, 26
2015-03-18 Robbed at home by caregiver Evelyn Nicholson, 85 (UK)
2015-03-18 Stabbed to death for spilling coffee Antonio Muralle, 52*
2015-03-18 Assault attempted robbery Doug Jandebeur, 84
2051-03-18 Kidnapped, murdered, dumped in trash bin Eliza Delacruz, 3wks*
2015-03-17 Stabbed to death during home invasion Jakes van Deventer, 35 (SA)
2015-03-16 Homicide Sharon Moody, 52
2015-03-15 Beaten to death Stephen Dillard, 55
2015-03-15 Shot to death at convenience store Pamela-Ann Kynazher, 19
2015-03-15 Beaten on Indianapolis playground Unnamed boy, 5
2015-03-15 Beaten on Indianapolis playground Unnamed girl, 14
2015-03-14 Shot dead during home invasion Karter Alderman, 17
2015-03-13 Dragged from bus stop and raped Unnamed woman, 18 (UK)
2015-03-13 Throat slit at random by stranger Unnamed man, 24
2015-03-12 Dragged off bus, beaten, robbed Unnamed man*
2015-03-12 Shot dead in Kroger's parking lot Josh Richey, 38
2015-03-12 Shot dead Casey Lindley, 27
2015-03-12 Shot to death in broad daylight while sitting in car Matthew Hagerty, 24
2015-03-12 Attacked and robbed by three thugs Brittany Leasure, 18
2015-03-10 Beaten by teen mob Nicholas Abrahamsen, 15
2015-03-10 Shot dead in home Jason Stovall, 33
2015-03-10 Stabbed to death by random Jason Pau, 22
2015-03-10 Tortured during home burglary Doulina Slabbert (SA)
2015-03-09 Beaten at Chuck E. Cheese restaurant Unnamed store manager
2015-03-07 Shot dead during home invasion John Lyons, 55
2015-03-06 Stabbed to death while riding bicycle Unnamed boy, 15 (UK)
2015-03-06 Shot during robbery U.S. District Judge Terrence Berg, 55
2015-03-06 Beaten to death Thomas Oakland, 75
2015-03-05 Attacked by migrants on Manchester bus Louise Pare (UK)
2015-03-04 Cab driver murdered James Wells
2015-03-03 Attacked in Wal-Mart parking lot Unnamed woman, 71
2015-03-02 Stabbed to death Christian Wood
2015-03-01 Shot dead during home invasion Eva Carmichael, 94
2015-02-28 Shot dead during burglary; house set afire Bonnie Freeman, 54
2015-02-28 Shot dead during burglary; house set afire Dallas Freeman, 33
2015-02-28 Home invasion, robbery; beating Peter Edmonds, 68 (UK)
2015-02-28 Robbed after giving suspects a ride Unidentified woman
2015-02-28 Shot dead during hom invasion Pastor Jack Moriarty, 53
2015-02-27 Beaten in broad daylight for sport Eric Pastrick, 39
2015-02-27 Shot to death during home invasion Mirjana Puhar, 19
2015-02-25 Attacked on NYC subway unnamed woman, 25
2015-02-25 Carjacked old lady and her grandchildren Unnamed elderly woman
2015-02-25 Skull fractured during robbery Ann Wilson, 64 (UK)
2015-02-25 Shot dead during neighbor's home invasion Dennis Wayne Williams, 57
2015-02-25 Robbed and murdered Dan Long Belvin, 95
2015-02-25 Asphyxiated during home invasion Earl Herbert Loomis, 79
2015-02-25 Asphyxiated during home invasion Mary Ann Loomis, 76
2015-02-22 Shot dead during home invasion Alexandra Engler, 42
2015-02-22 Shot multiple times during home invasion Unnamed girl, 9
2015-02-21 Stabbed to death delivering pizzas Alexander Burkart, 22
2015-02-18 Shot to death by Fiancé Mandi Kaiser, 37
2015-02-18 Kicked to death by four 'teens' (sentencing) Scott Simerson, 24
2015-02-18 Attacked by mob of Muslim street thugs Unidentified couple (UK)
2015-02-17 Shot to death in his driveway Josh Tucker, 31
2015-02-18 Punched in face by rapper Unidentified young woman
2015-02-16 Shot dead while playing in front yard John Swoveland Jr., 2
2015-02-16 Beaten and robbed of £5 Unnamed man, 92 (UK)
2015-02-16 Beaten by passerby Richard Sandon, 52 (UK)
2015-02-14 Home invasion David Platts, wife, & daughter
2015-02-13 Physically abused in nursing home (settlement) Eryeta Mayberry, 96
2015-02-13 Scull fractured by attacker's fist Adam Turner, 19 (UK)
2015-02-12 Stabbed to death by live-in boyfriend Monique Carly Rakowski, 19 (UK)
2015-02-12 Executed by shot in the head Frank Steinsiek, 56
2015-02-11 Shot dead during kidnapping Cady Harris, 5
2015-02-10 Stabbed to death David Messerschmitt, 30
2015-02-10 Shot dead during 'road rage' incident Kimberly Faith Kilgore, 21
2015-02-10 Beaten raped during gang attack Cynthia Bennett
2015-02-10 Beaten to death in random attack; cracked skull William Bennett
2015-02-09 Beat to death with sledgehammer Jeffrey Schobert, 56
2015-02-09 Beat to death with sledgehammer Margaret Schobert, 59
2015-02-09 Murdered, body discarded in trash bin Kelly Marelich
2015-02-09 Carjacked and robbed Unnamed woman, 88
2015-02-08 Home invasion; raped at knife point Unnamed woman
2015-02-08 Pizza delivery woman kidnapped, raped; robbed Unnamed woman
2015-02-07 Shot to death in murder-suicide Larry Tuttle, 40
2015-02-07 Robbed and murdered in his apartment Steven Arnold, 57
2015-02-07 Beaten to death; robbed Pastor Ron Browning, 68
2015-02-06 Beaten to death with a crock pot Cheryl Livy, 66
2015-02-06 Left quadriplegic after bank robbery; later died Marishia Scott, 26
2015-02-06 Murdered by teen who took 'selfie' with corpse Ryan Mangan, 16
2015-02-06 Paralyzed after skull crushed by daycare worker Cole Arata, toddler
2015-02-05 Assaulted by care-giver; recorded on nanny-cam Cathryn Dooly, 92
2015-02-05 Beaten to death; sentencing for attacker Delbert 'Shorty' Belton, 88
2015-02-05 Attempted robbery while walking in park Unnamed man, 67
2015-02-04 Savagely beaten during home invasion Wimpie Oosterhuis [SA]
2015-02-03 In critical condition after being shot during robbery Brian Hanrahan, 30
2015-02-03 Punched for being racially insensitive Unnamed teacher
2015-02-03 Stabbed and beaten by mob Stu Williams, 45 (UK)
2015-02-02 Home invasion, attacked with claw hammer Carl Streg, 55
2015-01-31 Shot dead during home invasion, robbery Debbie London, 61
2015-01-31 Shot dead during home invasion, robbery Doug London, 63
2015-01-31 Attacked by mob in St. Paul skyway Thomas Klein, 23
2015-01-29 Burned alive by Muslims in Germany Maria P.
2015-01-29 Home invasion Sable Nehme
2015-01-31 Home invasion; he and his wife scalded with steam iron Hannes van der Merwe, elderly [SA}
2015-01-25 SHOT DEAD DURRING STORE ROBBERY Trisha Dawn Stull, 30
2015-01-24 HACKED TO DEATH WITH MACHETE (UK) Zac Evans, 19*
2015-01-22 SHOT TO DEATH Grant Ronnebeck, 21*
2015-01-22 SUFFOCATED TO DEATH Garrett Phillips, 12
2015-01-20 SHOT TO DEATH William “Billy” Doyle, 24
2015-01-20 SHOT TO DEATH Gerald Hail, 70
2015-01-20 SHOT TO DEATH James Ryan Burch, 31
2015-01-20 STABBED TO DEATH Jason Paul, 22
2015-01-19 Beaten to death Albert Joseph Jamison, Jr., 61
2015-01-17 Shot to death in front of her children during home invasion Misty Mashburn, 30
2015-01-17 Beaten unconscious by husband Shirley Myers
2015-01-16 SHOT TO DEATH; HOME INVASION Deborah Royal, 51
2015-01-16 SHOT TO DEATH; HOME INVASION Patricia Moran, 72
2015-01-14 THROAT SLIT; ROBBED Kiersten Shidel, 23
2015-01-14 BEATEN TO DEATH Nicholas Grant, 16
2015-01-12 Beaten to death Winston Smith, 73
2015-01-12 Tortured, raped, and murdered during home invasion Rienie Swanepoel, 70 [SA]
2015-01-12 Tortured and murdered during home invasion Toon Swanepoel, 71 [SA]
2015-01-11 EXECUTED DURING ROBBERY Bobby Christman, 19
2015-01-10 BEATEN AND ROBBED Joyce Perry, 61
2015-01-08 'Thrill-kill' murder during carjacking Stephanie Waters, 21
2015-01-08 SHOT TO DEATH DURING ROBBERY Jeanila Adams Weber, 44
2015-01-08 SHOT TO DEATH DURING ROBBERY Donald Ray Matthews, 52
2015-01-07 SHOT DEAD; CARJACKED Khrista Ibarolle, 31
2015-01-06 SHOT DEAD DURING PURSE SNATCHING Carolyn Temple, 69
2015-01-03 STABBED TO DEATH; RAPED Kathy Shines, 54
2015-01-03 STABBED TO DEATH Steven Horkovy, 29
2015-01-02 SHOT TO DEATH Michael Harris, 34
2015-01-02 SHOT DEAD DURRING STORE ROBBERY Paruchuri Balagopal, 43*
2015-01-02 BEATEN BY MOB Cheyanne Willis, 19
2015-01-01 One of a series of elderly women attacked by thugs Unnamed woman, 76
2014-12-28 Set on fire while sleeping Lynn Fuller
2014-12-31 BEATEN,ROBBED Jimmy Lanford, 67
2014-12-27 BEATEN IN BROAD DAYLIGHT William King, 67
2014-12-24 SHOT TO DEATH Michael Mikulske, 44
2014-12-24 BEATEN WITH CHAINS (Denmark) Young couple
2014-12-24 SHOT TO DEATH Amber Caudill, 19
2014-12-23 BOUND, BEATEN TO DEATH WITH HAMMER, BURNED Vicki Ann Garner, 38
2014-12-22 SHOT TO DEATH Paige Stalker, 16
2014-12-22 ASSAULT, ATTEMPTED ROBBERY Aaron Barberian
2014-12-21 SHOT TO DEATH Najeh Masaeid, 63*
2014-12-21 MOB ATTACK unnamed, 20
2014-12-21 SHOT TO DEATH Charles "Charlie K" Kondek, 45
2014-12-20 BEATEN DURING HOME INVASION Telise Maquair
2014-12-20 MURDERED Christina Ann Sargent, 36
2014-12-20 MURDERED Destiny Sargent, 8
2014-12-20 MURDERED Duwayne Coke, 10
2014-12-20 SHOT TO DEATH James Czajkowski, 59
2014-12-20 SHOT TO DEATH Stephen Herold, 58
2014-12-20 SHOT TO DEATH Martha Zuluaga, 53
2014-12-19 SHOT TO DEATH ROBBERY Richard Anders, 63
2014-12-19 SHOT TO DEATH; ROBBERY Anthony Gamache, 19
2014-12-19 ROBBERY; MURDERED Irma Martinez, 49*
2014-12-19 ROBBERY; SHOT TO DEATH Angelina Romero-Alvarez, 50*
2014-12-16 HOUSE TORCHED Joanie Yount, 24
2014-12-15 HOME INVASION, MURDER Nicole Mathewson, 32
2014-12-15 HOME INVASION, MURDER Nicole Mathewson, 32
2014-12-13 Beaten after asking a black male not to urinate in public Cheryl Christensen
2014-12-14 SHOT IN FACE DURING STORE ROBBERY Nathan Grey, 24
2014-12-14 SHOT DEAD IN HEAD Mary Quillen
2014-12-14 SHOT DEAD IN HEAD Lucinda Farmer
2014-12-12 SHOT TO DEATH Karen Pearce, 42
2014-12-12 RAPED, ASSAULTED, KIDNAPPED Unnamed victim (photo only)
2015-12-08 Critical condition after stabbings Dusten Fischer*
2014-12-12 ASSAULT Jason Haynes
2014-12-11 SUCKER PUNCHED FROM BEHIND Andrew Capul
2014-12-11 TORCHED Dovile Krivickaite, 23
2014-12-11 HOME INVASION; RAPE Unnamed elderly woman (1)*
2014-12-10 HOME INVASION; RAPE Unnamed elderly woman (2)*
2014-12-09 MURDER BY BLUNT HEAD TRAUMA Sharlene Steadman
2014-12-09 ATTACKED; ROBBED Marion McNeely, 57
2014-12-09 HOME INVASION, MURDER Ethalya Jones, 80
2014-12-08 ROBBED, KIDNAPPED; BEATEN TO DEATH Paul Birdsall, 71
2014-12-07 SHOT TO DEATH William Kelley, 42
2014-12-06 SHOT TO DEATH DURING HOME INVASION Brian Whitfield, 45
2014-12-06 STORE ROBBED AT GUNPOINT Shirley Cornett
2014-12-06 SHOT DEAD Michael Devin Dempsey, 19
2014-12-05 BEATEN TO DEATH; HOME TORCHED Robin Aldridge, 58
2014-12-05 BEATEN TO DEATH; HOME TORCHED Mani Aldridge, 17
2014-12-05 SHOT DEAD J Leslie Louise Griffin, 31
2014-12-05 SHOT DEAD Johnny Allen
2014-12-05 DRAGGED FROM CAR; BEATEN Unnamed Bosnian woman, 26
2014-12-04 SHOT DEAD Katrina Miller, 23
2014-12-03 SHOT DEAD Ashley Scott
2014-12-03 MURDERED Danielle Michaels, 18
2014-12-01 STABBED TO DEATH Toney Ann Johnson, 34
2014-12-01 SHOT DEAD Diana Lawrence, 63
2014-12-01 SHOT DEAD Robert Caudill, 26
2014-12-01 STABBED IN FACE (HATE CRIME) Female college student
2014-11-29 BEATEN TO DEATH BY MOB WITH HAMMERS Zemir Begic, 32
2014-11-26 SHOT DEAD Amanda Douglas, 26
2014-11-26 SHOT DEAD Jennifer Lynn Sudar, 37
2014-11-26 SHOT IN BACK Colton Baker-Durst, 20
2014-11-25 BEATEN; ROBBED AT ATM unnamed man, 48
2014-11-25 MURDER: SHOT IN HEAD Keith Passmore, 12
2014-11-25 BEATEN, SLASHED Unidentified boy, 8*
2014-11-25 SHOT DEAD David Ruenzel, 60
2014-11-25 HARRASSED; BEATEN Unidentified teen boy
2014-11-25 STABBED TO DEATH Caitlin Faulkenberry, 25
2014-11-24 MURDER, THEFT; HOME INVASION Jerrod Stanford, 33
2014-11-24 MOB ATTACK Unidentified victim
2014-11-23 MOB ROCK ATTACK Matt Pearce, Reporter
2014-11-23 ATTEMPTED KIDNAPPING San Diego State student
2014-11-21 CLASSROOM RAPE Unidentified teacher*
2014-11-20 SHOES STOLEN OFF FEET Anthony Cupp, 13
2014-11-19 GANG RAPE Unidentified girl, 16
2014-11-18 MUGGED Oliver Friedfeld
2014-11-18 RAPE; HOME INVASION Unidentified woman; 101*
2014-11-18 ROBBED Donald Harshbarger, 94
2014-11-18 HOME INVASION, MURDER John Kohler, 42
2014-11-18 HOME INVASION, MURDER Ashley Carpenter, 18
2014-11-18 HOME INVASION, MURDER David Kohler-Carpenter, 14
2014-11-18 MUGGED Rabbi Haim
2014-11-18 HOME INVASION; THEFT Harry Lodholm
2014-11-18 SHOT; ATTEMPTED MURDER Officer Ryan Burns,
2014-11-16 SHOVED IN FRONT OF TRAIN Wai Kuen Kwok, 61*
2014-11-15 SHOT DEAD Justin Winebrenner, 32
2014-11-13 BEATEN TO DEATH Eduardo Alberto, 40
2014-11-11 SHOT DEAD Andrew Shane Herlong, 41
2014-11-10 HOME INVASION; MURDER Florene Duke, 73
2014-11-10 SHOT DEAD Brenden Wilson, 16
2014-11-8 SHOT DEAD; ROBBED Ryan Lara, 15
2014-11-8 BEATEN, ROBBED Pat White, 73
2014-11-8 SHOT IN HIP Temple University student*
2014-11-05 DRIVE-BY SHOOTING; MURDER Michael Stubbs
2014-10-22 Attacked by mob of about 20 while walking from store Danny Bond, 17
2014-10-08 STABBED TO DEATH; CARJACKED Nancy Jo McClellan, 72
2014-10-05 KIDNAPPED Unnamed girl, 14
2014-10-03 RAPED Unnamed man, 69*
2014-10-03 SHOT DEAD, HOME INVASION Whitney Butler, 35
2014-10-03 SHOT DEAD, HOME INVASION Sgt. David Dunlap, 37
2014-10-01 RAPE; ROBBERY Unidentified woman, 91*
2014-10-01 DUPED, TIED; ROBBED Paul Aronson, 84
2014-09-29 SHOT DEAD Daniel Muscarella, 54
2014-09-26 SHOT DEAD, ROBBER Mark Boyd II, 32
2014-09-26 BEHEADED Colleen Hufford, 54
2014-09-24 SHOT DEAD William Reilly, 30
2014-09-22 SHOT DEAD; ROBBED Donald Carter, 82
2014-09-21 SHOT DEAD; ROBBED Scott Maxie, 61
2014-09-20 CHOKED, RAPED Unidentified teacher*
2014-09-20 ROBBED, SHOT TO DEATH Brandy Turner Guined, 33
2014-09-19 MURDERED IN BALI Sheila von Wiese-Mack, 62
2014-09-18 STABBED TO DEATH; HOME INVASION Jill Halliburton Su, 59
2014-09-16 SHOT DEAD, ROBBED Jerrod Stanford, 33
2014-09-16 STABBED TO DEATH; HOME INVASION Terri Moulton, 54
2014-09-15 MURDER Shannon Brunelle, 25
2014-09-15 SHOT DEAD; ROBBED James Minshall, Sr
2014-09-16 STABBED TO DEATH; HOME INVASION Stacey Moulton, 30
2014-09-17 BEATEN TO DEATH; HOME INVASION Richard Pepper, 60 (Canada)
2014-09-15 STABBED TO DEATH; HOME INVASION Kelli O’Laughlin, 14
2014-09-13 BEATEN, KICKED, ROBBED Unidentified male, 16
2014-09-12 BEATEN, BOUND, ROBBED, CARJACKED Carol Sleeth, 80
2014-09-12 SHOT TO DEATH; ROBBED Daniel John Zeitz, 28
2014-09-12 STABBED TO DEATH Zachary John Richards, 27
2014-09-12 KIDNAPPING, MURDER Terry Froman, 41
2014-09-12 MURDER Michael “Eli” Mohney, 17
2014-09-12 HOME INVASION, THEFT, MURDER Bernice Schaufele, 84
2014-09-09 BEATEN TO DEATH Ann Taylor, 86
2014-09-09 BEATEN TO DEATH George Taylor, 80
2014-09-06 MOB ATTACK Unidentified man, 25
2014-09-06 MOB ATTACK Kroger employees (2)
2014-09-04 STABBED Unidentified girl, 15
2014-09-04 STABBED TO DEATH Crystal Sue Adair, 41
2014-09-04 STABBED TO DEATH Charles Edward Lee, 23
2014-09-04 MURDER BY BEHEADING (UK) Palmira Silva, 82
2014-09-03 SHOT DEAD Officer Daryl Pierson
2014-09-03 ROBBED; MURDERED Bilal Berreni, 23
2014-09-02 ROBBED; MURDERED Lorene Hurst, 88
2014-09-02 ROBBED; MURDERED Darrel Hurst, 63
2014-09-02 ROBBED; MURDERED Susan Choucroun, 69
2014-09-01 BEATEN, CARJACKED Michelle Wing
2014-08-30 ROBBED, CAPITAL MURDER Ballard Reynolds, 27
2014-08-29 CARJACKED, ROBBED; ATTACKED Therese Lefebvre, 82
2014-08-29 CARJACKED, ROBBED Unnamed woman, 20s
2014-08-28 BEATEN, ROBBED Roy Hinsch, 49
2014-08-27 KIDNAPPING, MURDER Katelyn Beard, 17
2014-08-27 BEATEN TO DEATH Caleb Woosley, 17
2014-08-26 SHOT, ASSAULTED, ATTEMPTED ROBBERY Arthur M. Lewis, 89
2014-08-25 MOB BEATING, ROBBERY Timothy McNerney, 21
2014-08-23 MOB BEATING Ralph Weems IV, 32
2014-08-22 MOB BEATING Meredith Cole
2014-08-22 MOB BEATING Unidentified male
2014-08-21 FACE SLASHED Baltimore man, 25
2014-08-20 SHOT TO DEATH Katelynn Gourley, 22
2014-08-20 MALL MOB ATTACK Unidentified shoppers
2014-08-19 MOB ATTACK Unnamed MAN
2014-08-17 BEATEN, ROBBED Charlotte Dunaway, 74
2014-08-17 SHOT WITH PELLET Unnamed woman, 36, others
2014-08-15 HOME INVASION, ATTACK Foster Coker, 50 & family
2014-08-11 SHOT TO DEATH Dillon Taylor, 20
2014-08-10 BEATEN TO DEATH Scott Simerson, 24
2014-08-06 MURDER; HOME INVASION Adam Schrier, 37
2014-08-07 KIDNAPPED, ROBBED Unnamed woman, 24
2014-08-06 HOME INVASION, MURDER Michael Connor Verkerke, 9
2014-08-03 MURDER Maggie Daniels, 31
2014-07-30 SHOT ROBBED Sherry, 'grandmother'
2014-07-18 MURDER Cpl. Jimmie Norman, 53
2014-07-18 MURDER Terry Taylor
2014-07-14 ROBBED Unidentified girl, 8
2014-07-14 STABBED TO DEATH Cindy Raygoza, 45
2014-07-11 SHOT DEAD Luis Aguiar, 91
2014-07-11 SHOT DEAD Maria Teresa Aguiar, 59
2014-07-10 MURDER *Brittney Lynn Simpson, 24
2014-07-06 MURDER Sarah Goode, 21
2014-07-06 SHOT TO DEATH Jeffrey Westerfield, 47
2014-07-05 SHOT TO DEATH Rachelle Louise Hayes
2014-07-04 SHOT TO DEATH Perry Renn
2014-07-04 BEATING Lauri Kennedy
2014-07-03 SHOT TO DEATH Eric Mollet, 47
2014-07-03 BEATEN TO DEATH Unnamed man, 56
2014-07-02 BEATEN TO DEATH; HOME INVADED Rupert Anderson, 97
2014-07-02 BEATEN; HOME INVADED Harriet Anderson, 94
2014-07-02 STABBED TO DEATH Jennifer “Jessica” Kingeter, 26
2014-06-30 SHOT TO DEATH Jim Brennan, 61
2014-06-30 KNOCK-OUT PUNCH Jacob Cooter, 77
2014-06-29 SHOT TO DEATH Paul Shepherd, 40
2014-06-29 KNOCK-OUT ATTACK Unnamed man, 79
2014-06-27 BEATEN, ROBBED Inga Evans, 73
2014-06-27 MOB ATTACK Unnamed girl, 15
2014-06-27 STABBING Shirley Barone
2014-06-27 STABBING Penelope Spencer
2014-06-26 SHOT TO DEATH Jake Rameau, 26
2014-06-25 SHOT DEAD Deputy Allen Bares, Jr., 51
2014-06-25 TORTURED, STABBED TO DEATH Gina Burger, 16
2014-06-24 ROBBERY, MURDER Nathan Dasher, 27
2014-06-22 ARMED CARJACKING Nancy Fredrickson, 70
2014-06-22 SHOT TO DEATH Jonathan Price, 26
2014-06-20 DEATH BY BEATING, KICKING John Whitmore, 65 (victim was black)*
2014-06-19 BEATING, ROBBERY "Grandma," 83
2014-06-18 ASSAULT; ROBBERY Jessica Smith, 35
2014-06-18 SHOT TO DEATH John Yingling, 38
2014-06-17 SHOT TO DEATH Allyn William Reeve, Jr., 27
2014-06-16 KNOCK-OUT ATTACK Edward Ewing, 53
2014-06-15 BASEBALL BAT ATTACK Ashlyne Rogers, 18
2014-06-15 DEATH BY BEATING Michael Beaver, 25
2014-06-15 KNOCK-OUT MOB ATTACK Unnamed victim
2014-06-11 MURDER Angela M. Cook, 39
2014-06-11 ASSAULT Danielle Fair, 10
2014-06-11 SHOT DEAD IN HEAD Nathan Hall, 18
2014-06-09 HOME INVASION; KIDNAPPING Unnamed family
2014-06-08 BEATING AFTER CAR CRASH Nathanial Szczerbinski
2014-06-07 SHOT DEAD; ROBBERY Harry Briggs, 45
2014-06-05 RAPE, BEATING Unnamed woman, 58
2014-06-05 BIT, SLASHED; STRANGLED TO DEATH Laura Bachman, 24
2014-06-02 MOB ATTACK, BEATEN TO DEATH Robert Mohler. 49
2014-06-01 MOB ATTACK; ROBBERY Gene Lyon, 60
2014-06-01 PUNCHED, SHOT DEAD William Porter Headlee, 25
2014-05-31 SHOOTING Burt Bender, 39
2014-05-31 STRANGULATION Russell McKinley, 29
2014-05-30 STRANGLED; ROBBED Richard Sprague, 47
2014-05-31 SHOT TO DEATH Herbert Goode, 66
2014-05-30 SHOT TO DEATH Joshua Tubbleville, 33
2014-05-28 KNOCK-OUT ATTACK Autistic teen, 17
2014-05-26 BEATING DEATH Julie Paskall, 53
2014-05-25 MOB ATTACK Jon Deters
2014-05-25 MOB ATTACK David Manz
2014-05-25 MOB ATTACK Unnamed, 2 young women
2014-05-24 SHOT DEAD Douglas Parker, 20
2014-05-24 SHOT DEAD Matthew Pech, 27
2014-05-23 MURDER; SHOT IN HEAD Vincent Darbenzio, 47
2014-05-23 HOME INVASION, RAPE; MURDER Nancy Strait, 84
2014-05-22 ROBBERY; MURDER Shelby Farah, 20
2014-05-22 HOME INVASION; MURDER Jeff Joyner, 46
2014-05-21 MURDER; ROBBERY Steven Finckbeiner, 63
2014-05-19 MURDER; DRIVE-BY SHOOTING Alex Mazzan, 20
2014-05-17 SHOT TO DEATH Jacqueline Darlene Beadle, 24
2014-05-17 SHOT TO DEATH Karyl Ann Cox, 26
2014-05-15 MURDER Alan "Sunshine" Marcet, 28
2014-05-15 MURDER Christina Schwarz, 18
2014-05-15 COLD-CASE MURDER Lois Cox, 59
2014-05-13 HOUSE TORCHED Jennifer Chitwood
2014-05-12 HOME INVASION Jonathan Haith
2014-05-11 SHOT DEAD Billy Putnam, 87
2014-05-11 MOB ATTACK Family of 8
2014-05-9 SHOT TO DEATH Charles "Chuck" Dinwiddie, 47
2014-05-9 BEATEN TO DEATH Wen Hui Ruan, 68
2014-05-09 SHOT A.J. Hagner, 8
2014-05-08 STABBED TO DEATH, ROBBED Anita J. Grace, 52
2014-05-08 STABBED TO DEATH, ROBBED Nita J. Smith, 52
2014-05-07 SHOT TO DEATH Kye Boudreaux, 26
2014-05-06 KIDNAP, MURDER Julia Ann Mudgett, 77
2014-04-29 SCHOOL BUS BEATING Alec, teen
2014-04-29 SHOT TO DEATH Donald Kidd, 51
2014-04-28 MOB ATTACK Melissa Gilliland
2014-04-28 INJURED BREAKING UP FIGHT Kevin Coady
2014-04-23 SHOT TO DEATH; HOME INVADED Howard Arthur McKee, 66
2014-04-22 BEATEN TO DEATH Eric Anderson, 23
2014-04-17 STABBED TO DEATH Brandon Pickford, 36
2014-04-22 RAPED, STABBED TO DEATH Laura Hobbs, 8
2014-04-22 RAPED, STABBED TO DEATH Krystal Tobias, 9
2014-04-21 CAR JACKING Celeste Broussard
2014-04-21 RAPE, ABDUCTION 12-year-old girl
2014-04-21 BEATING Marc Magellan, 31
2014-04-15 BEATEN TO DEATH, HOME INVADED Donald G. Mariner, 72
2014-04-14 ROBBED, BEATEN, HOME INVADED Allene Durdin, 81
2014-04-14 ROBBED, BEATEN Caleigh Roelfs, 19
2014-04-11 BEATEN TO DEATH Philip Schulz, 63
2014-04-08 MURDER, HOME INVASION Marilyn Eversole, 80
2014-04-07 KIDNAPPED Frank Arthur Janssen, 63
2014-04-07 STABBED TO DEATH John R. Neff, 59
2014-04-07 SHOT TO DEATH Gerald Perry, 65
2014-04-07 SHOT TO DEATH Graydon Brown, 58
2014-04-04 KIDNAP ATTEMPT Savanna Norman, 6
2014-04-03 MOB ATTACK Steve Utash, 54
2014-04-01 ASSAULT AT SCHOOL David Egan, 16
2014-04-01 SHOT DEAD, HOME INVASION Dominic Everett, 27
2014-04-01 SHOT TO DEATH Nathan Trapuzzano, 24
2014-04-01 STABBED AND BEATEN Charles Clark, 83
2014-04-01 SHOT TO DEATH Nathan Trapuzzano, 24
2014-04-01 MURDER BY STRANGULATION Mary Greco, 82
2014-03-30 PUNCHED Elderly Judith Maroney, 70
2014-03-30 SUBWAY ASSAULT Elderly Judith Maroney, 70
2014-03-30 DEATH BY BEATING Michael Leger, 25
2014-03-29 GUNSHOT WOUND Unnamed motorist
2014-03-28 SHOT TO DEATH Basim “Basil” Sulaka, 51
2014-03-28 BEATEN TO DEATH Silas, 10 months
2014-03-27 SCHOOL BEATING David Egan, 16
2014-04-27 MURDER; DISMEMBERMENT Jamie Lea Harmer, 32
2014-03-26 MURDER, ATTEMPTED ROBBERY Ciarán Conneely, 36
2014-03-26 BEATEN WITH ROCK Elderly deliveryman
2014-03-25 KNOCK-OUT GAME Unnamed British man, 65
2014-03-24 BEATEN, CONFINED Unnamed woman
2014-03-24 MOB ATTACK 5 children under 12
2014-03-24 MOB ATTACK Ron Carter
2014-03-24 MOB ATTACK Viola Loeffler
2014-03-24 BEATING Unnamed man, 61
2014-03-22 MURDER Craig Sheridan, 61
2014-03-21 BEAT WITH BRICK Unnamed woman, 19
2014-03-21 BEATING ON BUS Unnamed girl, 17
2014-03-21 BEATING Unnamed bus driver, 66
2014-03-21 KNOCK-OUT GAME Michael Caraway
2014-03-20 STONED, BEATEN, ROBBED Unnamed boy, 15
2014-03-20 SHOT DEAD Ralph Ameduri, 45
2014-03-19 STABBING DEATH Kate Dixon, 41
2014-03-15 BEATEN TO DEATH Frank Mott, 65
2014-03-13 STABBED TO DEATH Dimitrios Karaloukas, 62
2014-03-12 SHOT TO DEATH; ROBBED Robert Perry, 63
2014-03-07 DEATH BY GUNSHOT Brandon Samuels, 21
2014-03-07 DEATH BY GUNSHOT Graydon Brown, 58
2014-03-07 MURDER BY STRANGULATION; SET AFIRE Laurie Patton, 39
2014-03-07 GANG ATTACK Kyle Rogers, 23
2014-03-06 HOME INVASION Unnamed single woman
2014-03-05 MURDER Dylan McKelvey, 18
2014-03-05 HOME INVASION, ROBBERY Unnamed man; daughter
2014-03-05 MURDER, HOME INVASION Susan Wolfe, 44
2014-03-05 MURDER, HOME INVASION Sarah Wolfe, 38
2014-03-05 RANDOM BEATING Unnamed Woman, 36
2014-03-01 MURDERED, ROBBED James Stewart, 71
2014-03-01 MURDER; RANDOM DRIVE-BY Nicholas Kapusniak, 20
2014-02-28 BEATEN TO DEATH, ROBBED Frederic Cooper, 74
2014-02-27 BEATING Robert Weigelt
2014-02-25 MURDER; KNOCK-OUT PUNCH Andrew Young, 40
2014-02-24 BEATEN, SHOT Rickey Wagoner, 49
2014-02-24 KNOCK-OUT GAME Tony Behnke, 20
2014-02-24 KNOCK-OUT GAME Nathan Bond, 21
2014-02-24 KNOCK-OUT GAME U of Cincinnati students
2014-02-24 MOB BEATINGS U of Cincinnati students
2014-02-23 SHOT TO DEATH; ROBBED David Peterson, 54
2014-02-23 HOME INVASION, CONFINEMENT, RAPE; ROBBERY Unidentified couple
2014-02-22 MOB STABBING Ben Phillips, 14
2014-02-21 MOB "GROOMING" RAPE Unnamed teen girl
2014-02-20 GANG RAPE Unnamed woman, 25
2014-02-20 HAMMER ATTACK, ROBBERY David Woods, Sr., 46
2014-02-18 SHOT TO DEATH Douglas Pearce
2014-02-18 BEATEN BY 'GANG' Bronson Maisey, 39
2014-02-18 SHOT TO DEATH, ROBBED John Serpe, 44
2014-02-17 MOB BEATING, STABBING Emile Grosschutze
2014-02-17 RANDOM BEATING WITH BATS Unnamed bicyclist
2014-02-15 RANDOM HEAD PUNCH Unnamed male victim
2014-02-12 BEATEN, CARJACKED Charlesey Smedley, 77
2014-02-10 MURDER BY HEAD SHOT, STABBING Lawrence Bowman, 51
2014-02-10 MURDER BY MULTIPLE STAB WOUNDS Michael Hoots, 24
2014-02-10 MURDER BY MULTIPLE STAB WOUNDS Nicholas Bowman, 26
2014-02-09 MOB ATTACK Matthew Brookshire, 21
2014-02-07 MOB BEATING Matthew Robinson
2014-02-05 MOB ATTACK Multiple victims
2014-02-03 MOB ATTACK - BEATEN, KICKED 2 unidentified victims
2014-02-03 SHASHED, BEATEN, HOME INVASION Carroll Jordan, 86
2014-01-28 SHOT DEAD IN AMBUSH Kyle Jobin, 19
2014-01-28 HOME INVASION, MURDER Thomas Karl Sonnenberg, 69
2014-01-28 MOB ATTACK Unidentified middle-schooler
2014-01-28 STABBED TO DEATH Domenico Perruccio, 58
2014-01-27 STABBING Joseph Lozito
2014-01-26 VEHICULAR DEATH Bobby "Gene" DeMuth Jr., 42
2014-01-26 STABBED TO DEATH Joey Klett, 19
2014-01-24 STABBED TO DEATH Concetta “Connie” Russo-Carriero
2014-01-24 KIDNAPPED, RAPED, MURDERED Ann Harrison, 15
2014-01-21 RAPED, MURDERED Petra Rohrbaugh, 52
2014-01-21 COMOTOSE AFTER HEAD PUNCH Doug Potter, 54
2014-01-18 SHOT TO DEATH Bowie Richard, 21
2014-01-18 KILLED BY PUNCH TO THE HEAD Floyd Henry, 86
2014-01-15 HOME INVASION, THEFT, SHOT IN THE HEAD Elderly couple
2014-01-14 STABBED TO DEATH Sarajane Hakopian, 44
2014-01-10 MURDER BY GUNSHOT Edline Chun, 73
2014-01-10 MURDER BY GUNSHOT Michael Giddens, 25
2014-01-02 ASSAULT Pamela Thompson
2013-12-30 RAPE, ASSAULT Katie Schlinger, 26
2013-12-27 THEFT, ASSAULT Mark Andrew, 63
2013-12-17 HOME INVASION, MURDER, THEFT Ethalya "Faye" Jones, 80
2013-12-17 HOME INVASION, MURDER, THEFT Ann Marie Mull, 73
2013-12-14 RAPE Nun, 85
2013-12-12 BUS BEATING Pamela Thompson, 63
2013-12-10 SHOT TO DEATH John Dooley, 56
2013-12-06 STABBING DEATH Harris K. Teel, 82
2013-12-01 SHOT IN HEAD; BURGLARY Marcus Kauffman, 25
2013-12-01 SHOT TO DEATH Paul DeWolf, 25
2013-11-30 STABBED TO DEATH; ROBBED Tony Jeter, 65
2013-11-27 HOMICIDE Cami Umbarger, 29
2013-11-26 STABBING DEATH Gail Sandidge, 57
2013-11-26 SHOT TO DEATH, ROBBER Dorothy Hendrix, 76
2013-11-26 KNOCK-OUT GAME (KICKED) Unnamed elderly man
2013-11-25 MULTIPLE KNOCK OUT GAME Brooklyn Jews, Ages 12-78
2013-11-25 ATTEMPTED KNOCK OUT Unidentified woman
2013-11-24 MURDER ROBBERY Dr. Charles Mann, III, 60
2013-11-18 MURDER BY STABBING Barbara Beers, 66
2013-11-17 4-on-1 beating, robbery Unidentified man, 23
2013-11-08 BEATEN TO DEATH Ryan Wilson, 38
2013-11-07 MURDER, THROAT SLIT Evelyn Norell, 93
2013-11-07 KIDNAPPING, BURGLARY Thomas M. Nedich, 63
2013-11-06 HOMICIDE BY BEATING Layla Malone, 4
2013-11-04 SET AFIRE WHILE SLEEPING Luke Fleischman, 18
2013-10-30 HOME INVASION, BEATING DEATH Delor Cabral, 78
2013-10-30 HOME INVASION, STABBING Rachel Poole, 31
2013-10-29 MURDER; HOME INVASION Raymond Vasholz, 83
2013-10-28 PEPPER SPRAY ASSAULT Asst store manager
2013-10-25 HOMICIDE Amanda Stratford, 28
2013-10-24 HOMICIDE Jane Juergens, 55
2013-10-23 HOMICIDE Colleen Ritzer, 24
2013-10-18 BEATEN TO DEATH, ROBBED Lawrence E. 'Shine' Thornton, 87
2013-10-17 SHOT DEAD Charles Sperry, 80
2013-10-16 ROBBED AT GUNPOINT Mary Hall, 83
2013-10-15 ASSAULTED ON SCHOOL VAN Dylan Fonner, 17
2013-10-14 MOB BEAT DOWN Ronald Russo, 30, and wife
2013-10-14 SHOOTING Martha Childress, 18
2013-10-14 SHOOTING DEATH James "Jimmy" Johnson, 56
2013-10-14 SHOOTING DEATH Stephanie Terlisner, 28, unborn baby
2013-10-12 SHOOTING DEATH Kim Kilgore, 21
2013-10-11 BEAT DOWN, ROBBERY Kathleen Jacobs
2013-10-11 HOME INVASION, STABBING, HOMICIDE Sandra Price, 67
2013-10-10 SHOOTING DEATH, ROBBERY J.P. Shelley, 42
2013-10-10 HOMICIDE Justin Ferrari
2013-10-10 KIDNAPPING, RAPE, MURDER Jennifer Kocsis, 37
2013-10-10 BEATING Ron Gandy, 48
2013-10-10 ATM ROBBERY, PISTOL WHIPPED Unnamed man, 65
2013-10-10 BEATING DEATH Gregory Gross, 52
2013-10-10 MOB ATTACK; THEFT Unnamed woman
2013-10-09 CAR THEFT AT GUNPOINT Brad Edmonds
2013-10-08 KIDNAPPING, MURDER William Alexander Apps, 25
2013-10-07 EXECUTION Jourdan Bobbish, 17
2013-10-07 EXECUTION Jake Kudla, 18
2013-10-06 3-ON-1 STABBING DEATH Tevin Geike, 20
2013-10-05 MOB ATTACK, STABBING HOMICDE Unnamed male soldier, 20
2013-10-03 ASSAULT Brendan O'Toole, 26
2013-10-02 BEAT DOWN, ROBBERY Unnamed man, 75
2013-10-01 STABBING 5 victims include 2-yr-old
2013-09-30 MURDER: SHOT & BURNED IN SUV Richard Michael "Mike" Carter
2013-09-29 BLACK BIKER MOB ATTACK Alexian Lien
2013-09-28 ASSAULT Woman walking baby stroller
2013-09-27 MOB ATTACK Unnamed, 64
2013-09-27 ASSAULT Matt Hogue
2013-09-27 FAMILY HOME ATTACKED Unnamed toddler shot
2013-09-25 KNOCK-OUT-GAME MURDER James Gifford, 70
2013-09-24 ASSAULT Safeway manager
2013-09-23 VIOLENT SEX OFFENSE unnamed girl, 17
(presumed white)
2013-09-21 ASSAULT WITH BRICK Andrew Billington, 37
2013-09-21 MOB BEATING DEATH Ralph Eric Santiago, 46
2013-09-20 HOMICIDE BY SHOOTING David Bouthillier, 26
2013-09-20 SHOT TO DEATH Officer Rod Bradway, 41
2013-09-17 HOME INVASION, ABDUCTION Ayvani Hope Perez, 13
2013-09-16 HOMICIDE, ROBBERY Spc. Taylor Hotzoglou, 22
2013-09-16 HOMICIDE (SHOOTING) Gabriel Martinez, 13
2013-09-14 ASSAULT News anchor Brian Carey
2013-09-10 KNOCK-OUT GAME MURDER Ralph Erick Santiago, 46
2013-09-10 MOB ATTACK Michael Stinnett, 27
2013-09-09 FACE SMASHED ON BUS Name withheld
2013-09-07 ASSAULT Female store clerk
2013-09-05 MACE ATTACK, BEATING, ROBBERY Unnamed man, 82
2013-09-04 ROBBERY, MURDER Lawrence Howse, 54
2013-09-04 KNOCK-OUT, MURDER Jeffrey Babbitt, 62
2013-09-03 MURDER, BURNED ALIVE IN TRUNK Yoko Cullen, 85
2013-09-02 MOB ATTACK, ROBBERY NYPC officer
2013-08-28 MOB ATTACK Ginger Slepski
2013-08-27 RAPE Amelia Rudolf, 97
2013-08-26 BURGLARY, MURDER Fannie Gumbinger, 99
2013-08-26 ASSAULT Andy Sweeney
2013-08-26 ASSAULT tiny toddler
2013-08-25 MURDER BY MOB Richard Daughenbaugh, 40
2013-08-24 MOB BEATING unnamed couple
2013-08-22 ASSAULT, ROBBERY 4 elderly women, 70, 63, 65, 93
2013-08-22 ASSAULT unnamed victim
2013-08-22 MURDER BY MOB Delbert Belton, 88
2013-08-22 KIDNAPPING unnamed young woman
2013-08-22 HAMMER ATTACK unnamed hot-dog vendor
2013-08-21 SHOT DEAD Miguel Pilotos, 71
2013-08-21 MOB ATTACK unknown victim
2013-08-20 MURDER Christopher Lane
2013-08-16 ROBBERY/MURDER Habib Hajimirzaei
2013-08-15 GUN CRIME unnamed victim
2013-08-15 MOB ATTACK unnamed man
2013-08-12 GUN SHOT WOUND Deloy Dupuis, 64
2013-08-12 RANDOM STABBING Laralynn Stock Caldwell, 20, 3 others
2013-08-12 MURDER David Santucci
2013-08-12 MOB ATTACK John Garland Redick (77)
2013-08-10 MOB ATTACK Ray Widstrand
2013-08-09 BEATEN TO DEATH Joseph Meyers, 53
2013-08-06 MURDER Alyssa Oakes
2013-08-06 BEATING/ROBBERY Gideon Hackett
2013-08-05 BEATING Unnamed
2013-08-05 TORTURE, MURDER Gary Nagy
2013-08-04 CARJACKING 2 women, 1 girl
2013-08-01 STABBING Natasha Martinez
2013-08-04 CARJACKING 2 women, 1 girl
2013-08-01 STABBING Natasha Martinez
2013-07-31 ASSAULT/ROBBERY VCarre Ramirez
2013-07-31 PURSE SNATCHED unnamed 90 year old
2013-07-31 MOB ATTACK unnamed man
2013-07-30 MOB ATTACK T.C. Maslin
2013-07-29 SCHOOL BUS ATTACK 13-yr-old boy
2013-07-29 ASSAULT cab driver
2013-07-29 ASSAULT young mother
2013-07-28 MOB ATTACK unnamed man
2013-07-28 MOB ATTACK 4 victims
2013-07-27 MOB ATTACK unnamed victim
2013-07-25 SHOOTING elderly trucker
2013-07-22 2 MOB ATTACKS Austin Grills (15)
2013-07-19 HOMICIDE Stacey Moulton
2013-07-19 HOMICIDE Terri Moulton
2013-07-19 ASSAULT Zack Finkelstein
2013-07-19 RAPE 5-yr-old girl
2013-07-15 ASSAULT Georgia [withheld]
2013-07-14 MOB ATTACK Christopher [withheld]
2013-07-14 MURDER, ROBBERY Matthew Bohannon
2013-07-14 MURDER, ROBBERY Andrew Bohannon
2013-07-14 MURDER Joseph Orlando
2013-07-14 ABDUCTION/MURDER Brenna Machus
2013-07-12 MURDER Lina Lim
2013-07-12 MURDER Khin Min
2013-07-12 MURDER Pat Mahaney
2013-07-10 SHOT Father, children
2013-07-10 ASSAULT/THEFT 3 victims
2013-07-06 ASSAULT/THEFT Unnamed mom & child
2013-07-04 ASSAULT, THEFT Joe Stapf
2013-07-02 MURDER Molly Conley
2013-07-02 MURDER Kelly L. Hunnewell
2013-07-02 KNIFE ASSAULT 2-Yr-Old
2013-07-01 MURDER Joshua Chellew
2013-07-01 ASSAULT Cassandra Struve
2013-06-30 MOB ATTACK young woman
2013-06-27 ASSAULT Hayley Aldridge
2013-06-26 HOMICIDE Amy Gibbins
2013-06-26 HOMICIDE Amy Gibbins' 5-yr-old son
2013-06-26 MOB ATTACK Unnamed Family
2013-06-26 MOB ATTACK unnamed boy
2013-06-21 SHOOTING RAMPAGE 4 victims near Walmart
2013-06-16 MOB ATTACK unidentified victim
2013-03-14 SHOT TO DEATH Eric Peterson, 32
2013-03-13 SHOT TO DEATH Lester Carter, 42
2013-03-13 SHOT TO DEATH Glendora Johnson, 54


  1. Replies
    1. No, now there's black privilege and preferential treatment in college and job hiring. MLK didn't want the scale to be tipped unfairly the other way.

    2. MLK didnt care, he was egomaniac cheater plagiarist. You need to let go of your brainwashing that MLK was somehow good.

    3. There is a HUMAN "privilege," but it is in the sense of being an innate benefit to humans, not in the sense of it being something conspiratorial against non-humans. Having a more highly-developed pre-frontal cortex which enables humans to envision and prepare for an uncertain future, as well as being able to conceptualize future consequences for present actions, is a "privilege" of sorts. Intelligent animals like humans and elephants can do this. Fish, turtles, mosquitoes, negroids ... ain't gonna happen.

    4. MLK was a COMMUNIST! His handlers were COMMUNIST

  2. irish were slaves for a 1500 years did we kill in the streets when kennedy was president.

    1. The Irish were never slaves. They were slavers and colonisers for most of the early Dark Ages. Then the Norman French invaded and the Irish spent the next 400 years fighting between themselves and betraying one another. When finally given their own Independent State. 1920s it took less then one generation to surrender it to the Marxists in charge of Europe.

      If only the British had known how cheap they were to buy .

    2. More Irish were enslaved than Blacks in USA from 1600-1700.
      Over 300,000 in fact.
      Irish Catholics had NO rights in Ireland-Couldnt Own land, lease land, inherit land, hold office, vote, practice law, own arms etc per Proclamation of 1625.
      Ireland never colonized any nation, nor owned any slaves, unlike England or the J E Ws who practiced slavery and controlled the trade.
      If you wish to see the slave auctions which advertised Irish for sale, see this blog and stop spreading horrible untruths and shilling lies.
      It makes you look dumber than you already appear to be.

      The Irish hardly fought against themselves (Catholics & Prots allied in 1798 against England), The fighting later was against the Prots (English proxy) brought in by England (per Crypto Jew Crowell) to sew discord, but the Irish spirit never waned, they waged war against occupation and England for 800 years, killing as many as 9xs the Brits, and resulting in the eventual evacuation of English troops.
      They also took out London Stock Exchange, Heathrow airport, Missed PM John Major and Thatcher by 1 room along with their entire cabinet and avoided civilian casualties. Englands own Generals admitted the IRA would nor could ever ben defeated. 400 brave IRA defeated the English!

      For now, the EU controls Ireland through debt, same as England and Europe but that too may soon change. They appear to be more J EW wise than the others, and may follow Iceland.

    3. Did you know that IRA has been said to mean "Immigrants Readily Accepted" now as Gerry Adams has publicly literally embraced "New Irish" as some MSM pundits call them ? Some "New Irish"

  3. White Victims of Black Crime

  4. These links will help put faces to the Black Cancer turned loose on America by the Jews.

    "the tsunami of violent crime, squalor, and bankruptcy in our cities, schools, and society gives tremendous credibility to those who first opposed integration."

  5. Two black thugs kill white guy and steal his truck.

  6. blacks who beat to death an Iraq war vet received a 20 year sentence today.

  7. Get a gun, get training, get a ccw. If one of these unevolved subhuman ape ni66ers even so much as looks at you twice, shoot that worthless ni66er dead if you can. Tell the police the ni66er was trying to rape/rob/murder you.
    These filthy ape ni66ers WILL get what's coming to them. This I can promise.

    1. Sir, you sound like an uneducated moron. Didn't your mother teach you, two wrongs don't make a right. Shoot only in self defense. And please clean up your language, you are representing civilized white people. Thank you

    2. You may indeed be addressing a, "false flag" when replying to, "Moron" and similar posts....Do not think for a moment there does [not] exist those willing to use the "False Flag" tactic to discredit truth...

  8. Check out this black-on-white murder in a hospital from two days ago:

  9. Black people you've had it easy monkeys, now back to your cage.

  10. Here's another one to add to your list:

  11. Here's one with the guy's picture:

  12. You should check out the blog

    This blog details crimes in a couple of Chicago neighborhoods.... lots of black on white crime every week!

  13. This is an update the killer got 4 years he may serve 2

  14. Blacks are lowlife people!

  15. Pavement Apes need to go back to the jungle!

  16. DailyKenn - You have done important work here. I hope it is appreciated by all.

  17. All you people are sick, Who are you to try and judge anyone. You do know that God will judge you for the slander that you put on other people that don't deserve that. Look in the mirror , there is a biggot ,and you don't believe that you are.God bless your soul. Maybe you don't have one. Peace be with you and yours.We all need help from God almighty to be the best we can be.

    1. So let me get this right...If one reports white-on-black crime, that's simply reporting the news and and deemed senseless acts of violence. But if black-on-white crime is discussed, then it's "racism?"

  18. The work you have done sir, cataloguing the crimes of black America, and the horrid effects of having a growing black minority in the US, deserves some kind of medal. Please sir, never cease, no matter your age, or your fatigue, exposing the nefarious nature of the American social Marxist oligarchy. I hereby bestow upon you the Platt Prize in honor of your steadfast commitment to enlighten your fellow human beings by researching no-go topics and taking "controversial" positions on important matters, no matter what forces have been erected around you to prevent you from doing so.

    1. You write very well. I wish I could put words together as well as you do.

  19. 1 mullatos with wasp last or first names can be counted as white
    2 hispanics with wasp names are counted as white
    3 %85 of al killings are never solved
    4 covictions on appeal are 'nt ever counted