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September 14, 2013

So how did popular news anchor Brian Carey become the latest victim of black-on-white racial violence?

Read on...

We instinctively knew when the story first broke: They're hiding something.

Brian Carey is a popular radio news anchor in New York City. 1010WINS claims to be the most listened to station in the nation.

When Carey showed up at the hospital via ambulance rather than the station's anchor desk, it was news that couldn't be ignored. We were told that he was the victim of a vicious beating, that he just may have known the guy who beat him, and the attacker was homeless.

We were not given the attacker's name nor description. Odd. You would think the media would want us to be on the lookout for the bad guy who whooped up on one of their own. But, alas, the liberal agenda rides shotgun and even their superstars are thrown under the bus rather than compromise the leftist narrative.

Carey got thrown under the bus. Or at least he was beaten so badly it appeared that he was run over by one.

Now that the spotlight has shifted, the news of Carey's crisis has faded a bit, and the arrest made the assailant's name public record, the media has finally done what they knew they eventually have to do: Release the identity of the bad guy who allegedly reduced the popular news anchor to a bloody mass of human meat. Yes, we have to say "allegedly."

Arrested was Anthony Elton, 48.

The story goes something like this.

Elton was paying Carey a visit when the twosome decided to order pizza. The pizza guy arrived, but the order was wrong. Elton ordered double cheese and the pie in the box only had single cheese.

Elton raged, the story goes. Allegedly. But rather than pound the pizza guy he vented his anger on New York's most beloved and respected radio news anchor who also happened to be Elton's gay lover. Or, if I dare correct the media, Elton's gay partner. There is a difference.

In a rare moment of honesty -- or maybe it was just a slip -- one news report claimed that Elton blamed the pizza screw up on racism. They messed up his pizza because he was black. The people who run the pizza store are obviously white racists who mess up the orders of black customers because they disrespect them; like the Swiss clerk who wouldn't show Oprah a $38,000 handbag.

So apparently, the story continues, Elton allegedly vented his anger on the first white person he saw. And that was Carey. That would cause us to deduce that the delivery guy may have been black.

What we have here is both social justice and poetic justice.

In the minds of liberal black hate groups, like the media, excessively abusing the bodies of white people by reducing them to hamburger with one's fists is social justice.

That one of their own was the victim of social justice is also poetic justice.

The media has been pounding into the brains of black Americans that they are the victims of white privilege, that whites hate them and that white racism -- not lack of initiative, talent, or intelligence -- is holding them down and causing the economic disparity that exists between blacks (except for Oprah who is the wealthiest woman in the world, hundreds of overpaid black athletes, black mega-movie stars who draw mega-million dollar paychecks, thugs who manage to make it as rappers, winners of the Affirmative Action lottery when the winning tickets are always the black ones, etc.) and whites.

Collectively, the media is a prime enabler of black-on-white hatred and, indirectly, a constant encourager of subsequent black-on-white violence. Some white media members think their liberal brains somehow makes them invisible to black thugs who instinctively detect leftist vibe emissions and are, therefore, exempt from black-on-white fist poundings. Those who follow black-on-white violence are familiar with the black female who uttered the words "White girl bleed a lot" after a black mob violently assaulted two white news reporters.

Lesson learned? Apparently not. Cry me a river.

All that brain pounding by white liberals into black noggins constitutes energy that must be spent (ref. Albert Einstein) and is channeled by physically pounding white people, none of whom are invisible.

And so it is that a popular news anchor became the latest victim of black-on-white racial violence.


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  1. "The media has been pounding into the brains of black Americans that they are the victims of white privilege",

    I realize you're providing an alternative viewpoint, even a tiny antidote, or, even 'the truth', but aren't you doing the same thing you accuse the rest of the media of doing?