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September 16, 2013

"So what if Miss America is of Indian descent!"

Isn't that supposed to be the conventional response of post-racial cultural Marxism?

Not when there is straw to be spun into gold.
Media obsesses over race
of new Miss America
Nina Davuluri

The media just can't resist baiting us with taunts of race. And so is was that as Nina Davuluri was crowned Miss America that the liberal media endowed us with reminders that she is the first person of Indian descent to win the title.

Why is the liberal establishment so affixed on "firsts".

If a non-white person is 'the first' to do or to be something...

• It implies a history of white privilege and racism.
• It reminds us that white supremacy is being fracture which, in turn, implies that we have been a white supremacist culture. (We have not.)
• It baits racist comments from frustrated whites and non-whites who anonymously pretend to be white racists.
• It reminds the establishment that white clout is no longer a consideration (as if it ever were).

If the liberals, Marxist, multiculturalist, et al were truly pressing for a society free of racism, they would have simply reported that Nina Davuluri had won the event. Her Indian heritage would have been revealed in her inevitable biography as incidental.

In other words, race wouldn't matter to the media if multiculturalists and Marxists were sincere in their quest for a rainbow nation. They are not.

Only when a mob of black teens go on a rampage do the media determine it prudent to ignore racial identity.

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  1. She is no more 'Ms America' than I am, period.

  2. After seeing who the judges were and the type of questions asked, it was easy to see that a fix was to insure a affirmative action Miss America. It was a tacky spectacle of crassness in every way, not even close to the attempts at the elegance attempted in the past.

  3. Well, that's what happens when Jews run your country. Don't whine about "the media" without even having the guts to say who controls "the media".

  4. Affirmative action on looks. Affirmative action on forced minoritization of Whites. And just for the kicker, the MSM will call you racist if you dare notice their contempt for you.

  5. Indians are Caucasians, with dark skin. Pakistanis and punjabs are the australoid / negroids.

  6. America is just prepared for the dark race takeover, slowly but surely.