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September 13, 2013

The narrative goes something like this:

We're all the same. Race is only skin deep. Psychologists who research intelligence variations are lying. Race is, we conclude, a social structure, not a biological reality.

So what's wrong with that? I ask.

After all, homogeneity is a good thing. It's the glue that holds Western Civilization together.

The problem is apparent: It's a lie. We not all the same. There is no 'rainbow' coalition. More accurately it is a coalition of oil and water. We don't mix. We fight. [source]

The two-faced nature of multiculturalism is even more apparent when we compare the idioms they use to crease our gray matter with their nonsense.

Perhaps the most familiar is the abject lie: Diversity is our strength.

Another, already cited, is: Race is a social structure.

It's weird. On the one hand they strive for a diverse culture but, on the other hand, they strive for sameness (termed "social justice" or "equality"). It's a tough sell. But using the power of social psychology and delivering it through educational venues and in heavy doses of media content, they are successful in convincing us that we can and should be diverse and, simultaneously, the same.

The coarse truth is: Multicultural Marxism doesn't want a rainbow coalition. It doesn't want unity. It is vehemently opposed to homogeneity. It doesn't mind if we fight among ourselves, as long as economic parity is achieved. Once that is accomplished, the Marxist doctrine presumes, the motive for fighting (economic disparities) will be gone and there will be peace, love, and harmony. In the meantime, the white devils must be subdued. And we are being subdued.

• Multicultural Marxism requires a fractured, divided, population fraught with infighting to create a population they can control. A united people, particularly those steeped in Western Culture ethics, will depose Marxism and opt for free markets and less government. We saw that happen during the Reagan-Thatcher years and again when the walls of Berlin came tumbling down.

That scenario is untenable to Multicultural Marxism. The influx of Arabs into Europe, Hispanics into America, and Africans into Australia appears to be by design; a design that is intended to assure the Reagan-Thatcher phenomenon never again occurs. The strategy is to color the voting pool with people who will support Marxist concepts. No wonder liberals despise black conservatives.

• Multicultural Marxism not only finds it necessary to displace our united Eurocentric culture with diversity, it also requires that white people be psychologically subjugated lest they come to their senses and assert themselves as a homogeneous people that will create a renaissance of the American dream, of European exceptionalism, and preserve the innovation of the technological revolution.

The media has psychologically predisposed white people to accept cultural diversity as if it were homogeneity even as the word "diversity" is framed by their lips and reverberates from their vocal chords. We are also convinced that white homogeneity is somehow the cause of diversities flaws.

• Multicultural Marxism doesn't care about non-white people. Rather, it exploits them for its own advantage. To that end multicultural Marxism bears the abusive spirit of slavery we all despise.

Some suggest that America has always been a multicultural, multiracial society. That, of course, is true. When our nation was founded 80 percent of countrymen were white and 20 percent were black. There was also a significant Indian population with whom we strived to cohabitate. The flaws of diversity were apparent, but the impact of European exceptionalism was sufficient to overcome most of those flaws.
Western exceptionalism ended
thousands of years of savage
intertribal Indian warfare. Yet
we are portrayed as aggressors.

• Multicultural Marxism wants us to believe otherwise. Its strategy is to convince us that our impact as a people group has always been negative and harmful.

• Multicultural Marxism wholly ignores the technological revolution that enhanced the lives of the entire human race and they refuse to attribute that unprecedented accomplishment to free markets empowered by white innovation.

• Multicultural Marxism want us to pretend we are the same, that is why it exploits feminism as a gateway to Marxism. It wants us to remove conventional gender roles and to fit the Marxist agenda of sameness.  In short, it wants us to behave unnaturally. (Even as I type I am listening to the television blaring in the living room. I hear a woman character asserting her aggression while the male actor follows the script and backs away. We are learning by example.)

• Multicultural Marxism employs historical revisionism to rewrite American history, casting white people in the role of oppressors and the cause of diversity's flaws. It never acknowledges that thousands of free black families over the decades were, themselves, slave owners. If refuses to acknowledge the brutality of American Indians to themselves and to others.
Stand Watie was the
last Confederate general
to surrender to the Union.
He was also chief of
the Cherokee Nation which
voted to support the

• Multicultural Marxism ignores the fact that archaeologists have discovered that one of four pre-Columbian Indian males died violent deaths; likely killed by inter-tribal warfare. It demonizes white people by intentionally failing to acknowledge that white people in America successfully ended thousands of years of inter-tribal atrocities among Indians. It recasts the successful efforts of white Americans to educate millions of Indians as "cultural genocide". No wonder liberals refuse to tell us that the Cherokee tribe voted to support the Confederacy during the Civil War and that their chief, Stand Watie, was a Confederate general; the last general to surrender to the Union. [source]

• Multicultural Marxism fails to admit that Africans brought to America as slaves were previously enslaved in Africa under deplorable conditions and, that while immoral, the transfer of slaves from African slaveholders to white slaveholders was a significant benefit to those slaves who were provided health care, housing, and sustenance. No wonder liberals refuse to tell us that thousands of blacks actually fought on the side of the Confederacy during the Civil War and that the first officers in America's military history were Confederate soldiers. Nor will they tell us that the first slave owner in American history was a black tobacco farmer named Anthony Johnson.

• Multicultural Marxism wants non-whites to celebrate their unique ethnic culture while punishing whites who do the same. It hypocritically demands that people of European descent accept the cultural rainbow even as it encourages non-whites to embrace their ethnic and cultural distinctives.

Korean, Chinese, or Japanese?
Don't ask, or you'll be
labeled a racist@
• Multicultural Marxism want us to eschew racial differences, to feign offenses where none are intended and none exist. It would have East Asians display outrage when asked about their ethnicity. The question, "Are you Korean, Japanese, or Chinese," they are taught, is a revelation of deep-seated and latent racism emitting from the vile and evil souls of the white questioner.

• Multicultural Marxism doesn't care that, once Western Culture is displaced, the world's civilization, including all people groups of all ethnicities, will plunge into a new Dark Ages from which it will never recover while only East Asians, using technology learned from Western Culture, may thrive.

• Multicultural Marxism refuses to acknowledge that it embraces true racism; that its impact on Western culture will ultimately do irreparable harm to those people groups it is exploiting in its effort to displace white innovation.

Is multicultural Marxism madness? or meanness?

It is both.

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  1. forgot to mention that the originators of Cultural-Marxism and the chief practitioners of it's employment in the west are JEWS.

  2. Multicultural Marxism is one of the subtle strategy of Freemasonry / Illuminati to control the whole world

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