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September 18, 2013

There is a crisis in Santa Cruz, California's government schools: A large percentage of black students are being assigned to 'S' classes (special ed) relative to white students who are assigned to 'G' classes (general ed).

Due to political correctness, otherwise known as abject denial or 'head-in-the-sand syndrome', educators are unable to notice that black students, on an average, have lower IQs than their white classmates.

In lieu of reality, another cause for the effect must be identified. The faux cause has been determined as white privilege, formerly known as 'racism'.

• Let's look at some hard numbers.

2 percent of Santa Cruz students are black and 38 percent of those are in special education. The state recognized that statistic. It issued an official statement: "Holy crap!" Actually the state used the term "significant disproportionality," but the meaning is essentially the same.

Hispanic students also face the same dilemma. 19 percent of Latino students prompted a "Oh crap!" alert from the state which is one level below "Holy crap!" or, again using their term, merely "disproportionality."

The base line to determine "no crap" proportionality is white students.

Only 12 percent of white students are special ed while 13 to 14 percent of other non-whites are in the S category.

• The high cost of diversity

Special education cost more money than general education on a per-student basis. In fact Santa Cruz schools invested "nearly $8 million last year, or 12 percent of its general fund, on special education," according to the local media.

The federal government requires government schools to track special education. The feds also are pressing to increase non-white immigration that will increase the percentage of students in special education nationwide and the subsequent high costs of trying to education them.

• Resolving the special ed crisis

Dumbfounded educators have considered their options to resolve the ethnic disparity in quality government-school education. Yes, I laughed out loud when I typed that.

The first is to slap the right fist into the left palm and shout, "This racial bias has got to stop!" The second option to slam both fists on a table top and shout, "This racial bias has got to stop!" The third option is to send the entire school staff (janitors included) to a Tim Wise seminar where, in unison, thousands of attendees slam their fists on tables while stomping their feet and shouting, "This racial bias has got to stop!" (Envision Hillary's "What difference does it make" outburst multiplied ten thousand times.)

There is a fourth option: Read The Bell Curve. That, of course, is anathema. Not even the all-powerful National Educators Association (NEA) teachers union can save you from getting fired.

Note that educators are more obsessed with ethnic disparity than with actually educating students.

• Dealing with the diversity disparity

 Income is relative to intelligence as revealed by 
SAT scores. Students with low IQs will earn less
after school. The economic disparity between 
blacks and whites is primarily an intelligence disparity.
Blacks still come out on top.
A black person with an SAT score of 981

can expect to earn $200,000 per year.
A white person with that score would
earn only $20,000 per year. 
When not pounding tables, government school educators wring their hands, worried that special ed students will not be able to compete in the private-market workplace that is oriented towards general-education quality students.

The ethnic divide termed "disparity" in government schools reasserts itself in post-graduation life. Former S students live in "the 'hood" and former G students take up residence in "whitetopia".

The real solution is to displace crap with reality. And reality is that there is no education nor economic disparity. There is only an intelligence disparity. The fact is that white people, on an average, are more intelligent than Hispanics (on an average) who are, in turn, more intelligent that blacks (on an average). To demonstrate this reality, note that black and Hispanic apologists do not understand the concept of "on an average."

• Kenn's solutions

Step one: First we grasp the principle that diversity begets disparity. Television commercials depicting inter-racial families do nothing to alter the reality that the American melting pot does more simmering than melting. Recall the recent outburst in Washington where a disgruntled former black employee vented his frustration by shooting up a Naval facility, snatching the lives of twelve workers.

For the fourth year in a row,
 100% of the seniors from
Urban Prep's Englewood campus
and the inaugural graduating class
from Urban Prep's West campus,
 have all been accepted to
four-year colleges and universities.
Step one: The immediate fix is to end forced integration. Black students demonstrably perform better academically when immersed in an all-black student body. This is made evident by the all-black, all-male charter school system in Chicago where 100 percent of the past four graduating classes were accepted into four-year colleges [source].

Homework assignment: Compare these racial and gender segregated schools with Santa Cruz schools. Then explain the term, "racist!" and why cultural Marxism hates Urban Prep Academies.

Step one: Repeal the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. Limit immigrants to people groups with average IQs of 100 or higher and whose cultural traditions reflect those of America's traditional culture. This will also resolve the 'press one for English' nonsense.

Step one: Create a black super-race. This is not rocket science. It's eugenics. Yes, I am aware that the word 'eugenics' is properly preceded by the phrase 'the now discredited science of'. However, within one generation the special ed problem will be resolved if blacks with IQs over 100 make lots of babies and blacks with IQs under 100 make few or no babies. This will involve financial incentives. Government force is never an option. However, the cost of volunteer eugenics is an investment that will pay huge dividends in both education and law enforcement.

Note that steps one, one, one, and one are to be initiated simultaneously.


U.S. Higher Education Deeply Stratified Along Racial Lines, Study Says

Special problem: State says too many of Santa Cruz's black students are in special ed

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  1. Recently a good friend of mine (a teacher at a majority black public school) told me about a very common " scheme " perpetrated by black parents. Basically it goes like this : a parent instructs their child to "act wild" ( though this usually happens without instruction) , eventually the parent gathers enough " administrative attention " to seek out the opinion of a " compassionate" physician who then diagnoses the kid with some " disability ". The parent sends forms to the school and once everyone is in agreement that the child is "disabled " the parent submits all necessary paperwork to SS and upon rubber stamp approval the parent begins to collect a disability check for their child.

    Apparently, many, many black children are classified as "disabled ".

    So, now there are lib-prog hand wringers pointing at white privilege rather than black fraud?

  2. Chicago Urban Prep is a scam. Their attrition rate is terrible. Only 57 percent of incoming freshman graduate and test scores are abysmal. Only 20 percent of the school's students even meet state standards:

    On testing for college readiness, the scores are even worse. Reading: 12 percent, Math: 6 percent, Science: 4 percent.

    So how is it that this school boasts a 100 percent graduation rate and full acceptance to college? They simply kick out any failing students and they get colleges that are sympathetic to their agenda to accept their students despite the fact that they are woefully unqualified. It's just a PR stunt to make Blacks and Lefties feel good inside.