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September 10, 2013

This content was written earlier this month and published for a different venue.
It has been revised and annotated to fit the context of a discussion on Western culture. 

Feminism is prescribed by the left as an antidote for sexism. It isn't.

Rather, feminism is a portal to cultural Marxism that, in my opinion, challenges Christian morality and tradition but, more importantly, influences Western culture with its critical views of child bearing. That, in turns, is made manifest in the demise of Western culture via decreased child birth. (See statistics below).
Misogynist Marxism projects its
hatred for traditional families
onto 1950s housewives. 

Feminism is abused as another 'us-vs-them' agitation strategy so critical to the Saul Alinksy-style agenda designed to disrupt and undermine Western culture.

If one presumes feminism is about feminism he/she is sorely mistaken. Human differences are anathema to Marxists whose social, cultural and economic models are based on a misguided concept of equality. What can be more different than sexes? Cultural Marxism, therefore, embarks on a feminist agenda to convince women to discard those things that differentiate them from men, baby-making being one of them.

The feminism of the suffragettes and, possibly, even that of Margaret Sanger has been hijacked for the purpose of exploitation through agitation, as taught by Alinksy. That's not to say the feminist agenda is wholly corrupt. Who would balk about equal pay for (truly) equal work? It is to say that cultural Marxism is exploiting feminism -- good or bad -- to advance their misguided agenda to achieve social and economic parity.

To that end Marxists are keen on misleading through mislabeling, hence the term 'feminist' to mislabel 'self hatred and disrespect.' One need only to read commentaries by contemporary feminists who hold "the 1950s housewife" with misogynous contempt to realize that feminists are, in reality, anything but.

The woman who mows the grass and makes her husband do the laundry may not think of her leveled playing field as being cultural Marxism, but it is. Do-it-yourself television programs commonly feature female construction workers and sports programs seem almost obligated to hire women to comment on passes and touchdowns. But the truth is, those lugging lumber out of Menards back lots are almost exclusively males and those couch potatoes that litter the sofa with chips and beer cans on Monday nights are the same who reach for the shaving cream on Tuesday mornings.

Again, cultural Marxists are obsessed with removing distinctives that give individuals or people groups advantages over others. It is to that end that the terms racist and sexist were devised, later to be replaced with the more cognitive and descriptive white privilege and male privilege. While conservatives may be well advised to address the same matters that lure women to feminism, they must also be careful to take note of the Marxist wolf beneath the feminist sheep clothing and speak to the wolves, not the the sheep.

Here are the statistics from various sources.

A fertility rate of 2.11 children per woman is required for a culture to maintain itself for over 25 years. No culture has ever reversed a 1.9 fertility rate and a 1.3 fertility rate is statistically impossible to reverse. The fertility rate in France in 2011 was 2.03, Britain was 1.98, Germany was 1.36, Spain was 1.36, Italy was 1.41, Poland was 1.30, Belgium was 1.84, Netherlands was 1.76, Sweden was 1.90, Norway was 1.88, Switzerland was 1.52, and Austria was 1.42.

Consider that those statistics include people groups not of European descent; women who traditionally have high birth rates. Explicitly, Europeans -- the gatekeepers of conservative Christianity -- are being displaced, both by immigration and by birth rates.

In other words, Western culture is self-destructing. Unless there is a reversal, or another growing culture embraces Christianity, the need for apologetics will end. In 2008 the fertility rate among the member nations of the European Union was 1.60. If, in fact, no culture has ever reversed a consistent fertility rate of 1.9, traditional Christianity will disappear as a byproduct of the cultural shift.

The combined population of 27 nations of the European Union was 503.7 million in 2012, an increase of 1.3 million compared to the prior year. The increase is due to immigration, an estimated 90 percent of which is Muslims. As the ethnic European population declines, the Arab population increases.

The fertility rate among Muslims in France in 2007 was reported to be 8.1. Areas of Southern France, where 30 percent of children under the age of twenty are Muslims, boasts more mosques than churches. It has been predicted that one in five French citizens will be Muslims in 2027. France is predicted to be an Islamic republic in 2047. The Muslim population in Britain grew from 82,000 in 1977 to 2.9 million in 2010 and is projected to be 5.5 million by 2030 according to The Guardian.

In the Netherlands, 50 percent of parents of newborns are Muslims. Half of that nation's population is predicted to be Muslims in 2023. One of five Russians are reported to be Muslim.

50 percent of parents of newborns in Belgium are Muslims as is 25 percent of the population. Additional statistics by nation may be viewed here.

Some foolhardy Christians imagine God is sending the mission field to them while failing to realize that they are not the missionaries. They are the mission field.

If there were a Satan, I would suspect he was waging a war of diversion by fooling Christians to defend themselves against The Enlightenment while the dark forces of Islam invaded from the rear. Suffice it to say that the fate of Christendom is being determined by demographics, not by a debate between Richard Dawkins and Alister McGrath, who, in the not-too-distant future, may find themselves hanging side by side.

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  1. This is an excellent essay and one of the best explanations on how the Left is using Feminism to destroy not only the American family but the family in Europe and thus, destroying Western Civilization. If one couples Feminism with abortion and homosexuality, then there is a three pronged attack on Western Civilization. In looking at the birthrates for the United States and European countries, one must calculate the number of those newborns who will be lost to homosexuality. Feminism tells women they can have it all and those that do have children have them at a number, usually two, that will not sustain the population. This is not a racial issue because the population throughout the world is falling for all educated people who live by the live by the principles of Western Civilization.

    I am afraid that is but a voice in the wilderness.