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September 24, 2013

Will the term "media revision" catch on? 


What revisionists have done to history, the media is doing in real time: Altering our perception of reality. 

A child is born. During the delivery video cameras record the blessed event with permission of both parents. The unblinking eyes capture every moment of the newborn's life and record his every breath for the tenure of his stay in the hospital.

Even as the mother takes her bundle of joy through the hospital corridors and exits the facility the cameras keep rolling. They record the child's drive home and every moment of his early days.

Imagine that child were you!

When you reach age 95 the cameras are still rolling as a final breath leaves your worn and fragile body. It is then, and only then, that the cameras are turned off. 95 years, 34,699 days, 832,776 hours;  49,966,560 minutes are captured.

The video files are accessed by a future movie director who instructs his team of editors to review all 50-million minutes of your life. The team is further instructed to copy every word and deed of your life that would be considered errant in any way. When you lied, cheated, lost your temper or, as an adult, cut someone off in traffic; those video bits would be retained on separate video files. Several benign events from your life are also included. Captions and commentaries are added to be sure the viewers of this movie understand how utterly evil you really were during your 95 years.

The video clips are compiled into a feature-length movie. Moviegoers are appalled that such an evil human could have ever existed without being stowed away in a facility for people with evil minds. They are not aware that your good deeds, which out numbered your brief moments of bad behavior by 832,774 to two, were edited out of the production. Nor are they informed that the commentary that accompanies the benign episodes from your life are intentional distortions of truth at best and abject lies at the worst.

In reality you are a person of high moral character. The two-hour movie is a great distortion and a gross injustice to your memory. Two of 832,776 hours are projected on the screen. 832,774 hours are not. The content of the deleted hours revealed a person of compassion, a doting parent and loving partner, a patriot who valued honesty and integrity above all else; a person who made two hours of discernible mistakes over a 95-year lifespan.

But to moviegoers, you are the image of evil.

• Revisionism: Altering history in real time

The above scenario is an analogy that illustrates how revisionists distort historical reality. From the 237 years of our nation's history, they extract only those moments of flaws and failures, grossly distort them, then ignore the rest. Only on rare occasion do revisionists include benign episodes of America's past, but even then they add spin in the form of commentary to cast our beloved nation is a horrendous negative light.

Revisionists understand human psychology. They know that very few of us will read their revision objectively, let alone critically.

Those who are conscientious enough to question the narrative laid out before us by revisionists are shocked to discover their myth-making dishonesty.

Here are a few examples:

Black History They Don't Want You to Know
• What Oprah and the media won't tell you about Emmett Till
The Truth About The Tuskegee Experiments

What revisionists do to history, the mainstream Marxist media does in real time; hence the term, "revisionist media."

As Americans watched the unfolding episode of the Trayvon Martin tragedy, our hearts were tugged by images of an angle-faced black kid and the tears of his grieving mother. Media revisionists literally changed the narrative by doctoring a 9-1-1 recording. Media revisionists ignored stories of thousands of blacks who were murdered by other blacks, many of their victims being teens and children.

In their effort to spin a narrative of white racism, they ignored or downplayed the Hispanic ancestry of the man who killed Trayvon in self defense. Worst still, they wholly ignored news accounts of black-on-white violence. Many of those horrific events resulted in the deaths of whites and all were readily available from local news outlets.

You may view a partial list of recent violent black-on-white crimes here ►

The concept of media revision occurred to me in the 1960s when Walter Cronkite invested newscasts displaying hundreds of young anti-war students protesting at college across the nation. He ignored the thousands of students who ignored the protests and went to class. We see it today as we are informed of the dire consequences of global warming (recently renamed 'climate change') and the dire consequences of illegal immigration go unmentioned.

It transcends media bias. It alters our awareness and consequential perception of reality.

Some say that perception is reality and, in a sense, they are correct. To that end I pose this question: Do we believe what we see? Or do we see what we believe?

May we always be mindful that the mainstream Marxist media is in the business of revising history in real time to create a reality that doesn't exist.


A reader submitted this video:

Recent black-on-white crimes ► continually updated ]

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