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September 11, 2013

Dr. Shiping Bao's attorney is planning a $100-million lawsuit against the state of Florida.

What does that have to do with white people? Everything!

Bao is the medical examiner who testified in the George Zimmerman trial. Apparently he thinks Trayvon was murdered and wants to punish the state of Florida for not punishing George Zimmerman.

After sifting through the details we arrive at this conclusion: White people who defend themselves against black thugs will have hell to pay. Such laws suits send a powerful message: "If you let white people get away with self defense, you will pay dearly!"

White people will simply not be allowed to get away with defending themselves when attacked by non-whites.

If Florida is forced to shift $100 million from its coffers to the accounts of Dr. Bao and his high-profile lawyer, other states will take notice. White victims of black crime will find themselves entrapped in a judicial system that prefers prudence over justice. Courts will consign innocent white people to life sentences rather than face mega-million dollar lawsuits.

If Bao doesn't win the suit, the problem still persists. There will be similar cases in the future, and other lawsuits designed to punish courts that serve justice to white victims.

There remains an alternative. Whites may use the same or similar strategies: Sue states that don't serve justice. As the face of America turns brown, it will also turn away from the judicial ethics inherited from our Euro-centric founders. We'll simply be outnumbered. Lawsuits, like those planned by Bao's attorney, will be favored and counter lawsuits will fail.

We will live in a culture where assaulting white people will actually be encouraged as a non-punishable crime. As a bonus, attackers may get windfalls from lawsuits.

Recall, for example, the black males convicted of brutally raping the Central Park Jogger sued New York City after their cases were vacated. Bernhard Goetz lost a law suit after he defended himself against an attack by black thugs on a New York City subway.

Recall that after six blacks brutally attacked a white classmate in Jena, Louisiana, thousands of blacks rallied in the support of the attackers. No white people, to my knowledge, rallied in support of the victim. The Jena Six were honored by the Black Entertainment Television (BET) network. Whites who exercise self defense are honored by no one and are often accused of racism by historical revisionists.

There are activist attorneys ready and willing to defend the forces of evil. Are there activist lawyers willing to defend justice for white assault victims? I'm aware of none.

White people are screwed.

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  1. What exactly is the basis of the suit?

  2. Pure publicity stunt. This guy is being forced into this by the Democratic powers that be via his liberal activist attorney. The case, presuming a sane and rationale Judge not on the takes sees it, should dismiss it and sanction the attorney for filing such a suit immediately. If s/he doesn't, they should be disciplined/impeached/voted out.

    This is further proof of the spirit of evil that is running rampant throughout our country today. America, Mystery Babylon, will be judged, and perhaps sooner than we realize.

  3. I watched the entire trial live on the internet. This guy was a total squirrel. I'm serious. I thought maybe he was retarded. I would bet money this lawsuit will get thrown out by the first judge who reviews the case.

    I'm not a lawyer, but I am ...

    The Engineer

  4. "If you let white people get away with self defense, you will pay dearly!"

    That was the entire premise of the mobs pushing for charges against Zimmerman. How dare he not only have the nerve to speak to Trayvon, but also have the temerity to save his own bacon with deadly force. Smashing someones head into pavement is attempted murder, and Blacks resent anybody who successfully immunizes themselves from their predation.