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September 12, 2013

I saw this headline on and thought I'd drill down a little to get the details.

These lights are now illegal because
they may offend Muslims.
What I found were web sites in German that required translation. Using Google's translation tool, this story emerged of the displacement of Western culture in the heart of Europe.
In Berlin-Kreuzberg Christmas is now forbidden - at least if it is to be committed in public places.

Christmas may only take place at home, so that religious feelings of others are not affected.
*Stop the tape! I wonder if Islamic practices, like peculiar clothing worn by Muslims, will be outlawed in public places? What about the red dot on Hindu foreheads? Banned in public? Or will this ban be applied only to festivities?
No April Fools: The district office of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg abolished Christmas.

The authorities do not allow Christmas celebrations more in public places or streets. A tree must be placed only in a central, previously assigned by the authorities place - reports the "Berliner Zeitung".

The festival ban was adopted by Green, left, and pirates.
*Sorry. Something lost in translation. I understand "Green" and "left" to be political persuasions. But pirates?
SPD and CDU were supposedly against the ban. Councillor Peter Becker (SPD) answered the protest against the public Christmas prohibition against the BZ as: "Why should religious festivals be celebrated in public?"

Here's the background of the Christmas ban: In August were asked to end of the Ramadan celebrations on the streets of Berlin. The reason? Noise complaints from residents. It made ​​the district office "short work" and banned all the same religious festivals - including Christmas, from "reasons of equal treatment."
*Yep. I sure Muslims are going to abide by that - once Christians are a minority!
Also, no so-called honor medals may be distributed to followers of religions. So who is Christian faith and has done an outstanding job his district, is based in the future yet. The "medals ban" is of course also for all religions. In spite of the Christmas ban other festivities may still take place if they are not religious in nature.

Thus, the "Beerfest" "Carnival of Cultures" and various fringe groups festivals are still permitted.
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