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September 9, 2013

Black band can only spell names
of black street thugs, not white victims.
(ASU lost the game.)
The marching band at Alabama State University can spell one word, at least. The trombone-wielding marchers at the traditional black college took to the field at half-time during a football game against Jackson State University (another black college) and created a formation that spelled the name, "Trayvon."

There are other names the band could have spelled. Maybe at future half-time presentations they can show off their versatility.

Here are my suggestions to the band:

Spell C H E L L E W. Joshua Chellew was the white man who stopped by a Chevron gas station in Georgia where he was accosted by three black males who beat him them pushed him into traffic where he was killed.
Spell H U N N E W E L L. A young white working mother of five was alone at her job in a South Carolina bakery when two black males entered the store through a back entrance. In what has been called a thrill kill, the gunman shot Kelly Hunnewell to death. Take a close look at the face to the right. You will never see it again. She is dead. Her five children will also never see her again.

C O N L E Y may be easier to spell. Molly Conley was only 15 years old when a black man, identified as Erick N. Walker, shot her to death in another thrill kill according to authorities. Molly was two years younger than Trayvon and, unlike the angel-faced street thug, young Molly didn't attack anyone. Rather, Molly was one of several random targets chosen by Walker who was on a shooting spree in the Seattle suburbs, according to news reports.

Try spelling M A C H U S. Brenna Machus was only 20 years old when two black thugs abducted the young white woman from her job at Dollar General Store in Dearborn, Michigan. Days later her body was found two miles from the store. Lavere Bryant was charged with the murder, abduction and robbery. And while you're at it, try spelling O R L A N D O. Joey Orlando, 20, was also murdered by Bryant while he was "shopping". Joey, like Brenna, was an employee of the store.

B O H A N N O N is another two-for-one spelling you can try. Brothers Matthew (19) and Andrew (24) were shot dead by black thugs as they sat in their pick-up truck in a restaurant parking lot. Avery Damone Wood was arrested for the murders. He was also charged with robbery. While your weeping for Trayvon's mother, you may also want to shed a tear for the mother of the Bohannon brothers.

Did I mention that, like Trayvon, none of the above were armed when they were killed? That seemed to be important to the media. They repeat it so often I began to think his first name was Theunarmedtrayvon.

Another name you can't add is Z I M M E R M A N. He was the one who was armed and able to defend himself.

The above black-on-white murders were committed or reported the first two weeks in July, 2013 while the nation was affixed on the George Zimmerman trial. Maybe you were distracted.

If you have trouble spelling any of the above, here are few other victims of violent black crime to choose from.

Date    Crime    Victim
2013-09-05 MACE ATTACK, BEATING, ROBBERY Unnamed man, 82
2013-09-04 ROBBERY, MURDER Lawrence Howse, 54
2013-09-04 KNOCK-OUT, MURDER Jeffrey Babbitt, 62
2013-09-02 MOB ATTACK, ROBBERY NYPC officer
2013-08-28 MOB ATTACK Ginger Slepski
2013-08-27 RAPE Amelia Rudolf, 97
2013-08-26 BURGLARY, MURDER Fannie Gumbinger, 99
2013-08-26 ASSAULT Andy Sweeney
2013-08-26 ASSAULT tiny toddler
2013-08-25 MURDER BY MOB Richard Daughenbaugh, 40
2013-08-22 ASSAULT unnamed victim
2013-08-22 ASSAULT unnamed victim
2013-08-22 MURDER BY MOB Delbert Belton, 88
2013-08-22 HAMMER ATTACK unnamed hot-dog vendor
2013-08-20 MURDER Christopher Lane
2013-08-16 ROBBERY/MURDER Habib Hajimirzaei
2013-08-15 GUN CRIME unnamed victim
2013-08-15 MOB ATTACK unnamed man
2013-08-12 GUN SHOT WOUND Deloy Dupuis, 64
2013-08-12 MURDER David Santucci
2013-08-12 MOB ATTACK John Garland Redick (77)
2013-08-10 MOB ATTACK Ray Widstrand
2013-08-06 MURDER Alyssa Oakes
2013-08-06 BEATING/ROBBERY Gideon Hackett
2013-08-05 BEATING Unnamed
2013-08-05 TORTURE, MURDER Gary Nagy
2013-08-04 CARJACKING 2 women, 1 girl
2013-08-01 STABBING Natasha Martinez
2013-07-31 ASSAULT/ROBBERY Carre Ramirez
2013-08-04 CARJACKING 2 women, 1 girl
2013-08-01 STABBING Natasha Martinez
2013-07-31 ASSAULT/ROBBERY VCarre Ramirez
2013-07-31 PURSE SNATCHED unnamed 90 year old
2013-07-31 MOB ATTACK unnamed man
2013-07-30 MOB ATTACK T.C. Maslin
22013-07-29 SCHOOL BUS ATTACK 13-yr-old boy
2013-07-29 ASSAULT cab driver
2013-07-29 ASSAULT young mother
2013-07-28 MOB ATTACK unnamed man
2013-07-28 MOB ATTACK 4 victims
2013-07-27 MOB ATTACK unnamed victim
2013-07-25 SHOOTING elderly trucker
2013-07-22 2 MOB ATTACKS Austin Grills (15)
2013-07-19 HOMICIDE Stacey Moulton
2013-07-19 HOMICIDE Terri Moulton
2013-07-19 ASSAULT Zack Finkelstein
2013-07-19 RAPE 5-yr-old girl
2013-07-15 ASSAULT Georgia [withheld]
2013-07-14 MOB ATTACK Christopher [withheld]
2013-07-14 MURDER, ROBBERY Matthew Bohannon
2013-07-14 MURDER, ROBBERY Andrew Bohannon
2013-07-14 MURDER Joseph Orlando
2013-07-14 ABDUCTION/MURDER Brenna Machus
2013-07-12 MURDER Lina Lim
2013-07-12 MURDER Khin Min
2013-07-12 MURDER Pat Mahaney
2013-07-10 SHOT Father, children
2013-07-10 ASSAULT/THEFT 3 victims
2013-07-06 ASSAULT/THEFT Unnamed mom & child
2013-07-04 ASSAULT, THEFT Joe Stapf
2013-07-02 MURDER Molly Conley
2013-07-02 MURDER Kelly L. Hunnewell
2013-07-02 KNIFE ASSAULT 2-Yr-Old
2013-07-01 MURDER Joshua Chellew
2013-07-01 ASSAULT Cassandra Struve
2013-06-30 MOB ATTACK < young woman
2013-06-27 ASSAULT Hayley Aldridge
2013-06-26 HOMICIDE Amy Gibbins
2013-06-26 HOMICIDE Amy Gibbins' 5-yr-old son
2013-06-26 MOB ATTACK Unnamed Family
2013-06-26 MOB ATTACK unnamed boy
2013-06-16 MOB ATTACK unidentified victim
2013-06-16 MOB ATTACK unidentified victim


  1. The truth will set you free. There is a war against whites in this country, and it will not end well for the blacks.

  2. i wish that hnic would make it official by anouncing it so no onehas clouded vision (cnn,cbs,abc,etc)


  4. i dont understand why people dont just wake up one day and run all them shitskins right into the atlantic when the tide is going out.