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September 4, 2013

When Western culture collapses under the weight of multiculturalism and, subsequently, Marxism, who will be blamed for the fall?

Here are three hints from today's news.

• First hint...

The Venezuela government was embarrassed this week when the country's lights went out. Literally. 70 percent of the nation was left in the dark, including the Department of Energy that is ostensibly responsible for keeping the grid up and running in the energy rich, oil-soaked nation.

Venezuela's President Maduro promptly consigned the outage to sabotage from opposition.

• The second hint takes us to the (former) Motor City. 

Guess who is to blame for the demise of Detroit? Black crime? Or greedy white capitalists?

An article posted at reveals, "Capitalist orthodoxy is that some degree of failure is both inevitable and desirable (it’s called creative destruction)."

• Third hint...

With Barack Obama well entrenched in his second term as president of the United States, the nation remains deep in debt, on the verge of a foolish war in Syria, and plagued by runaway education and health care costs.

The blame for the America's mess is obvious: Republicans!

That is the opinion of a professor at Michigan State University. William Penn went on a rant during class time in which he consigned America's many failures on the Grand Old Party. A student recorded the outburst and made it available on the Internet.

As the walls of Western civilization continue to be encroached upon by Third-World invaders, our culture will reflect that intrusion through intellectual thermodynamics. That is, we'll collectively get dumber. Our expertise in everything from health care to power grids will diminish as Affirmative Action assigns trash collectors and lawn care technicians to engineering positions.

• Expect a mess from which we will never recover.

And who will be blamed? Us. White people. Those who steadfastly stand on the side of stark realism and sound the alarm.

Recall that earlier this year Jason Richwine published a well-researched article that documented the cost of immigration amnesty. That cost will be $6.3 trillion. The conservative Heritage Foundation fired Richwine for his daring excursion into the dark continent of political incorrectness. The National Review came to Richwine's defense. Oddly, that is the same periodical that canned John Derbyshire for making the same excursion a year earlier

• Let's back peddle four years.

In 2009 the world's economy stalled as the after affects of Jimmy Carter's ill-advised Community Reinvestment Act resonated around the globe like so many toppling dominoes. Brazil’s President Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva blamed that mess on “white people with blue eyes”. Black people, he added, should not have to pay for our white-peoples' mistakes.

Indeed, Jimmy Carter does have blue eyes, but the Brazilian was specific in using the plural. He was referring to all of us.

What he failed to acknowledge was the blue-eyed Carter's  motive for instigating the Community Reinvestment Act was to force the free market to lend money to brown-eyed black people so they could participate in the American Dream; since re-branded as "White Privilege."

That escapade didn't turn out so well as brown-eyed people failed to make good on their mortgage payments leading to crisis in the housing market.

• History repeats itself.

When we elect a brown-eyed president who runs the country in the ground, blue-eyed Republicans are blamed. When brown-eyed people can't figure out how to flip the switch to the power grid, images of blue-eyed saboteurs are evoked to take the blame. When an American city populated and controlled for decades by brown-eyed people with blue-brains who voted almost unanimously for brown-eyed Obama, blue-eyed capitalists are to blame.

And so it will be that when Marxist-driven multiculturalism manages to displace people with blue-eyes with those with blue brains, our world will tumble into the abyss of a new Dark Ages from which we will never recover. Western economies will collapse. Power grids will fail. Violent crime will prevail. There will be no recovery. White people will be blamed.

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  1. That's a bit pessimistic. We will NEVER recover! EVER!! GAME OVER MAN!!

    No, White people, once they have nothing left to lose, they will simply separate themselves from non-White people. Right now, too many White people think they have pensions coming or think the US dollar has some sort of value. Once reality is made apparent, they will start rebuilding, this time, without non-Whites.

  2. Easier to get away from your shadow than to escape blacks. They are parasites that will follow whitey to the gates of hell.

  3. "Guess who is to blame for the demise of Detroit? Black crime? Or greedy white capitalists?"

    To be fair, a lot of greedy white capitalists are the ones pushing diversity on the rest of us, so I would say both.