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July 30, 2013

Nearly a decade after white people ended thousands of years of legal chattel slavery, Dr. David Livingstone concluded his trek across dark Africa with a message of hope and the gift of life. Quality medical care was as rare in Africa as the wheel. His motto, inscribed in the base of the statue to him at Victoria Falls, was "Christianity, Commerce and Civilization."
A 'long-eared' white man named
David Livingstone introduced
Western technology to
sub-Saharan Africa, ending thousands
of years of near stone-age existence
and saving countless millions of lives.

What Livingstone found during his travels was a continent stuck in time. Thousands of years had transpired without the inhabitants progressing beyond grass huts, tribal warfare, lip plates, and bathing their babies in urine. They had not learned to cultivate their land, domesticate animals, build bridges, or construct wood-frame homes. Time stood still. Had Livingstone stepped back in time ten thousand years he would have seen no difference in the naked black-skinned natives then as in the 1870s.

A mere 150 years after white people opened sub-Saharan Africa to the modern world of technology, one African -- Robert Mugabe -- stood before 40,000 of his black countrymen and, for two and half hours, lambasted the few white people remaining in his nation.

The dictator accused whites of stealing minerals from the land, but failed to mention that the very lives of those to whom he was speaking were owed to Western technology. The health care alone is more valuable than all the minerals that lay beneath Mugabe's feet.

He told the crowd not to fear whites, making a sarcastic reference to our long ears. Mugabe characterized the imposition of Western culture as an evil thing. He never mentioned that the faces on the currency used in his nation -- the United States dollar -- are white men with "long ears." Nor did he mention his own failed Marxist policies had destroyed his nation's economy, forcing him to scrap his hyper-inflated dollars for American money.

Robert Mugabe's glasses and fine
clothes are the innovations of
long-eared white people.
The technology to build the sports stadium where he spoke was Western innovation. The public address system that carried his voice to the far reaches of that stadium was the product of long-eared white innovators as was the harnessing of electricity that powered it and the hospitals and health care clinics in Harare, the capital city where Mugabe was speaking.

What white people stole from Africa were thousands of years of primitive living, short lifespans, inter-tribal warfare and the brutal slavery that it produced. Whites took away Africa's illiteracy and replaced it with schools and universities. Whites stole their dirt foot paths and replaced them with paved motorways and vehicles to run on them. Whites took their culture of naked bodies and clothed them. Then, whites bestowed countless billions of dollars in aid each year; far more valuable than the minerals mined from the dark continent.

If ignorance is bliss, then surely the followers of Robert Mugabe are the happiest people on the planet.

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  1. "The technology to build the sports stadium where he spoke was Western innovation, etc"

    Oh yes, this little chestnut. Firstly mathematics was a Babylonian/Egyptian invention and secondly, building new roads designed to strip the continent of it's natural resources was not a favour to Africans.

    1. And mathematics did not carry down to the Sub-Saharan African.
      New roads were not build just to strip the continent of it's minerals. In fact, road building started long before minerals were discovered. You can call it what you want -but a spade is a spade. And the fact that any African still survives today is as a result of the European coming here! Had they not, the African would have died out of either warring tribes, or disease, or malnutrition, or a combination of the above.

    2. You need to get a proper education. You so wrong on so many levels it's hard to know where to start. Africans in the region now call Zimbabwe where building complex religious and military monuments long before British colonists arrived. All besides the point though,if you despise Africa that much no one is stopping you from leaving. Most won't be sorry to see people with your attitude leave. You where never invited to come in the first place.

    3. You can start with this for example if you really have an interest.


  2. ▲ Shall I tell him? Or would someone else like to do it?

    I wait until 10:00 am EST; July 31

  3. Nice post. Have not thought about is this way before, but, being a citizen of the dark continent, I have often found myself defending our presence here.

  4. ref: Deleted comment, please note ▼

    COMMENTS: The use of vulgarities and pejoratives may result in your comment being zapped.

    When in 'my house' please respect my protocol and decorum. Ad hominem comments are not allowed. We respect your thoughtful, mature and intelligent discussion.

    This is not the place to engage in a pissing contest of childish insults.

  5. "Harare, Zimbabwe", LOL, it will always be Salisbury, Rhodesia to me.

    1. Well, you'll die, eventually.

  6. You really know nothing of African culture prior to the white mans arrival in Africa, do you? Try educating yourself from books not written by people who didn't understand African culture.

    You fail to understand that the simple african mud hut, primitive as it may be, is cooler in summer and warmer in winter than designs typical of european descent.
    That the africans were living in harmony with the land, rather than stripping large swathes of a very diverse plant life to plant a single plant for a single purpose.
    That their culture and lifestyle didn't need to employ policemen.
    You also failed to mention in your article how the white man brought disease that previously didn't exist in Africa.

    You conveniently over look that the same white people who came to colonise Africa were running from disease ridden cities in Europe that often that raw sewage running down the street just inches from their front doors.
    How the cities were so poorly designed, over populated and unhygienic that the black plague, bubonic plague, great fire of London all wiped out large sections of the populations because of the conditions present.
    That peasant life in Europe meant hunger and homelessness often.

    You claim that when Livingstone arrived "They had not learned to cultivate their land, domesticate animals,..." and yet cattle were the measure of wealth in most of sub saharan Africa. And agriculture was founded in Africa.
    There is quite a lot of ignorance, in general, in this article. In the future you might want to do some research before you spout your ignorance.

    Your descriptor under the main banner leads me to question all the things it states when I compare that to the majority of your writings.

    And, Monroe Ficus, it was never Salisbury. The whites gave it a name when that are already had one. Your pipe dream of Salisbury Rhodesia will continue to live on; in your head.

    1. Ha ha ha, and you conveniently overlook that Sub-Saharan Africa has been a colossal failure on almost every measure of human progress:

      Great literature? Africa had almost no written languages and contributed NOTHING to world literature, in fact, besides a few classics here and there from East Asia, India, and the Middle East, the greatest writers that have ever lived have been Europeans.

      Science? Africa has made NO SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTIONS to science. Astronomy? None, Physics? None, Zoology? None, Biology? None.....need I go on?

      Architecture? The beloved single-story mud hut.Surely a wonder that measures against the cathedrals that were built in nearly every city in Europe by 1500. By the time European exploration began arches, columns, domes, etc were already thousands of years old in the West.

      Medicine? ?? It is true that medicine was still primitive in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries, but in Africa? Even today, in the 21st Century, 'witches' are still lynched in many African nations for 'causing' disease! Last witch executions in Europe ended almost 300 years ago, shortly after the discovery of the microscope. Native African medicine is entirely based on superstition and the populations are dependent on foreign aid for the most elementary care.

      How about transportation? Where are the great African inventors? The wheel? steam powered ships and trains? The internal combustion engine? aircraft (of all types). Spacecraft? In fact, almost all transportation infrastructure built in Africa was erected during the colonial era or under the direction of whites later on. After the Imperialists left much of it has deteriorated because the natives have no idea on how to keep it maintained.

      What about political systems? Africa was famous for despotism. Ashanti, Dahomey.... places where mass human sacrifice was carried out until the late 19th century. Africa supposedly did not need police, but if one fell into the hands of one of these kingdoms you were either sold into slavery or sacrificed.

      Need I go on and on. This is like shooting fish in a barrel.

      Your typing on a computer in an Indo-European language. You likely have a phone and air conditioning. If you have a toothache you head to a dentist that's trained in Western dentistry. When you wish to study your wonderful superior Africa you look into books printed with technology solely created in Europe with no input from Africa.

      And when trying to compare Elizabethan England to Africa, remember that the open sewage and epidemic diseases are describing the Africa and Haiti of TODAY! Not 500 years ago.

    2. Thats a dumb thing to say ! Everything africa had your ancestors stole. The people, the diamonds and the minerals that supply america and you say they did nothing ! LOL I pray for all those who hate and continue to make racial remarks. There is no place for you in the book of life.

  7. Dear Author. Not only are you factually and historicaly incorrect about Africa. You are ignorant of the fact that the your great ancestors the Greeks actually learnt everything they know about civilization from the Africans of Egypt. You learnt, philosophy, medicine, agriculture everything from Africa. You left Europe because it was uninhabitable, nothing grows there and your ancestors were being abused by royalty. So you just came to interrupt people who were leaving peacefully and think you are doing us a favor. The fact is the Caucasians are African people who wondered too far north and got stuck in the cold mountains where all he knew was how to pillage and destroy. Now we welcome you home and you accuse us of being primitive. You are the one who can learn about how to be HUMAN, not the other way round. But still we show you compassion and tolerate your arrogance. But i know not all whites are like you the author, you are a special breed that lives in your own virtual reality that justifies doing evil, enslaving, humiliating and killing Africans in the name of "civilizing them" shame on you. Your day of judgement will come.

    1. Still explain, how can Egypt have taught Europeans about all that civilization, but seems to have forgotten to teach Sub-Saharan Africans about it? Of course, you know as well as I do that there is no hard evidence that any significant contribution to the West was made by Egypt. In all the thousands of pieces of papyrus found there is not a hint of anything like Greek philosophy, medicine, etc. that resembles anything in Greece. In fact, nothing in Egypt resembles anything in Africa south of the Sahara desert. Where are your monumental temples? What about writing? The wheel? What is most characteristic of your ancestors is they lacked these things. It is interesting that you claim the white man knows nothing except how to pillage and destroy, but whence the great cities, art, literature, science, technology, and so one that are the sole creations of the white race? An airplane can carry bombs to demolish your mud huts, but they can also carry people all over the planet. What have your people contributed that is so helpful to many millions around the world? We're waiting.

    2. Sub-Saharan Africa, not Africa.

      Ancient Egyptians would today be recognized, both visibly and genetically, as Europeans.

      I hold no animosity, disdain or dislike for black Africans. I do, however, take exception when racists like Mugabe misrepresent the role whites played in Africa; particularly their refusal to appreciate the great contributions and sacrifices Europeans made to black Africans. White are still making great contributions and sacrifices. IMHO there should be a continent-wide White Appreciation Day on March 19 each year to celebrate their good fortune.

      March 19 is David Livingstone's birthday.

    3. Who told you were not civilized? So civilized is killing everything and everybody you come into contact with? Everywhere white went in the Americas, Asia, Africa, and ocean of blood followed. Building a plane does not make you civilized. Your own ancestors say this and know (look up Homer) who visited Egypt and described the people there. Europe brought nothing to the world except copying and destroying. You are insane to think Egyptians were from Europe, why did Alexander break all the noses of the sphinx, why do the Pharoas have dreadlocks? By the time the next wave of colonization had started Africans had already left Egypt 2000 years before that because of invasions from Greeks and Romans. And let me point out that just like the modern world not everyone lives in developed urban areas, some lived more rural than other, some have more resources than others. But i dont know why i waste my time with you who have so much hate in your hearts and feel superior to every other human. Nobody is better than anyone, and we will continue to show you this compassion until you open your eyes to the evil ignorance inside you. And of course i know not all whites are evil, just like i am not saying all blacks are good. I dont hate anyone, but i dont appreciate my people being spoken of like apes. Even the title of this blog makes no sense, "intelligence disparities?" lol this is a joke i am done wasting my energy.

    4. Anonymous White MaleAugust 2, 2013 at 11:45 PM

      Ha ha ha ha....Are they still teaching these lies in Afrocentric studies in college?
      This has been debunked so many times, a black should be ashamed to bring it up, since it shows what lying losers and inferior minds they are and have. Of course, negroes are incapable of shame, since it requires a degree of self- knowledge to experience this emotion. And when some one brings up these lies, shows how and why they are lies, what happens? Do blacks correct they disinformation they have been feed? no, they scream "raycism", since in the end, that's the only card they can use.


      Look, its a shame negroes are the dregs of humanity. But lies do not give you any credibility. If they make you fell better about your loser selves, you just show everyone else how useless you are as a race.

  8. lmfao all you idiots shut up, Africa contributes nothing and they and their powerful kingdoms of old started and profited from slavery and still continue to this day SO STFU all of you and your pious crap hole about how great Africa was...loooooosers

  9. Face it, if the evil white man had never set his evil foot on the wondrous glorious African continent, the Africans by now would have invented computers, cured cancer, been to the moon, and mars for that matter, and contributed countless works of great music, literature and art to the world. Whites, the scourge of mankind.

    1. Ha ha ha. So from the end of Egypt under the pharaohs until the first Portuguese ships arrived off the coast of Africa, several centuries passed in which Africa, free from evil whites, did absolutely nothing of note. Why is that? No literature, no computers, no airplanes, zilch.

    2. Europeans are 1-4% Neanderthal, Africans are pretty much 100% Homo sapiens (thinking man) genetically speaking. This might be a clue for you

    3. The people lived on the land and obey the laws of almighty. Neanderthals lived in caves and became the greeks that they call gods. The people didnt twist history. The european being who they are lie,cheated and stole families and erased there true idenity. Each black child is still named a slave in the ending.

  10. lol you can laugh now but your race is becoming extinct, Europe's population and sperm count is decreasing annually, look it up on the United Nations. Europeans are only good at stealing and destroying the planet, this you call contribution, poisoning rivers, killing everything? These ignorant posts are sign of your sign of extinction. You also think the whites who control the world economies and resources actually give a crap about you, but the powers that be don't care for any human, your own white brother chased you from Europe and we will chase the ignorant ones like you out of Africa. All you can do is curse, no sense coming out of your mouth. Soon there will be nowhere to hide. lol We will see who will have the last laugh

    1. You can fantasize all you want, but you Africans will rue the day the white man, your one and only benefactor, disappears. Who will pay for your illegitimate children? The Chinese? Ha ha ha. Look at Detroit. The city has been run by blacks for 40 years and billions of money siphoned from white taxpayers, and the city has collapsed into the most crime-ridden, depopulated dump north of the Rio Grande. African and Caribbean nations are the same. Blacks have the reverse Midas Touch. Everything they touch turns to crap. South Africa has declined from a First World nation to a Third World nation under ANC rule. I once read in the Economist that the new South Africa was an 'emerging economy.' Emerging from what? Civilization? You'll have to call the Chinese to help you.

  11. There is no doubt whites took from Africa, but what they gave back is priceless.

    I grew up in Africa (not SA) so this is a first hand observations of what whites brought to Africa:

    - the wheel
    - reading and writing
    - the concept of time beyond the seasons
    - medicine (muti/sangomas - witchdoctors -don't work)
    - hospitals
    - law beyond the diktat of the chief or headman
    - education
    - electricity (Africa is the Dark Continent for a reason)
    - building construction beyond mud huts
    - bridges (no bridges existed in Africa before whites)
    - numeracy (many Nguni languages did not have a word for numbers beyond eleven)

    I remember once watching Desmond Tutu speak in Mamelodi, Pretoria. Everything from his underpants to his shoes to the fillings in his teeth to his spectacles to the Christianity he argued for to the big black limousine he arrived in was directly or indirectly brought by the white man.

    Without that he'd still be living on the veld, vacantly herding cows and hunting animals for food.

    Some blacks in Africa have argued for land reparations and taxes. They have a point, but there should be reciprocation. I propose a technology tax on all blacks in Africa.

    I think one cent per wheel rotation should be OK so that whenever they use the wheel there should be a tax. It will probably balance out the land taxes pretty well. I say this in jest, of course, but the point I want to drive home is that when cultures collide there are gains and loses on both sides.

    Africa has gained immeasurably by the arrival of the white man. Vice versa, well.... I'm not so sure.


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